imageThe Burial Grounds
of Amos Sweet & Family

Amos Sweet – Came to Dryden from the east in the Spring of 1796,
a Revolutionary Soldier and a pioneer of Dryden, NY.
He died about 1801/1803, and with his family was buried directly across from the
old Dryden Springs Sanadarium.
There is no evidence of graves there now.
(Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY., page 246.)

Amos Sweet built the first house in the
Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY in 1797
He built a cabin 10ft by 10ft and lived there with his wife,
2 children, his mother and his brother.
Soon after 1801 Amos Sweet was taken sick and died,
his remains together with his mother and two of his children
were buried directly across the street from the Dryden Springs Hotel.
Another record states Dryden Springs Sanitarium.
Corner of Main and Mill Street.

The first settlement was commenced in 1797,
by Amos Sweet, on the present site of Dryden Village
(French's Gazetteer of New York)

Amos Sweet died ?

Mrs Sweet  ( his mother ) died ?

 Child of Amos Sweet (name unknown) died ?

Child of Amos Sweet (name unknown) died ?

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