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Old Presbyterian Pioneer Cemetery

Photo by Cathy Knauff
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Known today as the
"Old Pioneer Cemetery"
East Main Street
In the village of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY
Location: Directly behind the Presbyterian Church.
Going toward Virgil on Rt. 392, the Cemetery is on the left,
just before the Town Hall

Establishment 1830
Land given to Presbyterian Church
by Abram Griswold in 1830
Note: Abram Griswold born July 10, 1784 died Dec. 27, 1862
He married Margaret Givens born Dec. 2, 1788 died June 22, 1842

In the 1920's many headstones that were in this cemetery were removed and placed in
Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY.  Every attempt has been made to note those headstones.
Other headstones have been placed in this cemetery that were located on different burial grounds,
some of the burials here were removed to other cemeteries.  It is unknown which bodies were moved other than the
headstones we find in Green Hills Cemetery lying flat on the ground.

Notes are from my own research.
Please use as a guide only!

Allen, George R. d. March 16, 1846 aged 32 years

Headstone is broken, very hard to read.
Andrews, Sally  wife of Samuel Andrews,  d. Feb 11, 1831 age 51 yr 6 mo
Andrews, Samuel  d. Dec. 23, 1840 ae 72 yr, 2 mo
Baley, Joseph   d. June 9, 1825 age 82 yr 2 mo 29 d

Headstone has surname spelling of Baley.  b. March 22, 1747 (Church rec. state Joseph Baley)  [Rev. War Soldier] wife: Elsie Hasbrouck 1756-1846.  Joseph Bailey 2nd (1747-1825).  After enlistment and service of eight months in Capt. Daniel Whiting's Co.,  Col. Jonathan Brewer's Regt. of militia, Joseph Bailey 2nd enlisted in Jan. 1776 in Capt. Asa Barnes' Co., Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's Regt. in the Massachusetts Line for one year.  He served the full term of his enlistment and was discharged at Newton, NJ.  He continued to serve the army as a waggoner, serving in all, five years.  He was pensioned at Virgil, NY.  (Rev. War Pens. App. File No. W20663, National Archives, Washington, DC)
Baker, Catharine Amanda  d. Aug 12, 1825, age 3 mo
dau. of  David & Semantha (Ballard) Baker
Headstone not found in 2001
Baker, Favilla A. d. Mar 11, 1831 age 1 yr 2 mo 16 days, dau of David J. & Semantha (Ballard)  Baker
Note: David & Semantha are buried in Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY.  David J. Baker 1795-1890;  Semantha Ballard his wife, born May 9, 1804 died Jan. 15, 1891/92
Beem,             John d. Sept. 27, 1833 aged 54 yrs., 4 mo.
Bennet, Esther wife of Benjamin Bennet, d. Mar 5, 1833 aged 45yr 7mo 12 da

Bishop, George D. d. Jan 2, 1847, aged 2 yr 
son of Joel & Maria Bishop

Headstone not found in 2001.  [Moved to Green Hills Cemetery]
Note: 1850 Dryden Census: Bishop, Joel age 45, Maria age 42, Mary J. age 21, Almira age 18, Benton age 16,, Anna age 13
Brisbin, Carruth d. July 3, 1836, age 88 yr

Headstone found in next row after his wife.  Standing upright.  married first Christina ______?
Brisbin, Eleanor
d. Feb 8, 1844 ae 85 yr, 13 da 

Eleanor (McNaughton) b. 1759.  Headstone found lying flat on ground one row away from Carruth Brisbin.  Widow of John McCrea who died 1811
wife of Carruth Brisbin (2nd husband)

Bouton, Charles
In Memory of Charles Bouton who d. Sept. 21, 1844 aged 7 yrs., 6 mo., 24 dys, son of David & Buliett Bouton
Brown, Frances d. Aug 20, 1834 aged 1 yr, 4 mo.
dau of Moses C. & Frances Brown 
[Moved to Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY]
Brown, Dorcas died December 10, 1857,  no age
wife of Samuel Brown,
Headstone in bad condition - 2001
Brown, Harriet A. d. Nov. 29, 1834 age 13 yr 3 mo, dau of Samuel & Dorcas Brown
Brown, Mr. John died 1833 aged 54 years
Brown, Matilda died December 9, 1839 aged 11 years
Burlingame, Mariah Ann d. September 2, 1844 no age
dau of Asa & Margaret (Auringer) Burlingame

Carmer, Edwin d. April 12, 1851 aged 4 mo., ? days
son of C. & Jane Carmer

Carmer, Mary F. d. September 26, 1861 aged 16 yrs.,
daughter of O. L. & F. B. Carmer

Carmer, Isaac d. Jan. 26, 1853, ae 101 yrs, 10 mo., 29 dy, 

Revolutionary War Soldier - Isaac Carmer (1760-1853)  Enlisted at Sandyston, NJ, March 1, 1776 in the Third Regiment of Sussex Co., NJ,  Militia.  He served under Lieutenants Aaron Westbrook and Daniel Depue, and Captains Peter Westbrook, Jacob Rosencrantz and James Broderick.  His active service consisted of short tours of duty, usually for one month, in each of the six years 1776 to 1781, inclusive.  He was pensioned at Dryden, NY.  (Rev. War Pens. App. File No. S864, National Archives, Washington, DC) Dryden Census 1850, Isaac was living with John Carmer, Isaac's age was 98 years old at that time.
Carmer, Leah  wife of Isaac Carmer, d. Oct. 27, 1846, age 93 yrs., 3 mo., 12 dy
(Leah Decker) Headstone not found in 2001.
Carmer, Daniel son of Abram & Elizabeth (Thomas) Carmer, d. June 30, 1855 aged 1 yr, 1 mo., 2 dy
Headstone not found in 2001
Carmer, Daniel W. son of Abram & Elizabeth (Thomas) Carmer, d. Sept. 1, 1843 age 3y 6m
Headstone in bad condition 2001
Carmer, Guisbert son of Abram & Elizabeth (Thomas) Carmer, d. Feb. 17, 1821 age 1y 4m

Carmer, Joseph T.  son of Abram & Elizabeth (Thomas) Carmer, d. Sept. 9, 1832 age 4y 2m

Carmer, Orlando L.  son of Abram & Elizabeth (Thomas) Carmer, d. Sept. 16, 1856 ae 31y 2m
Married Frances B. ______?  Headstone not found in 2001
Carpenter, Abner d. March 19, 1831, aged 87 years
Clark, Sarah wife of Calvin Clark, d. (____) 3, 1839 aged 24 yrs., 5 mo., 27 dy
Headstone not found in 2001.  Calvin Clark Jr. married Sarah Wier Jan. 17, 1839, a child named Sarah Delphine was born Nov. 18, 1839 to Calvin and Sarah.  Calvin married 2nd Anna Alvard in 1842, and married 3rd, Sarah E. Fitch in 1845.  Calvin was born Oct. 21, 1814 died Sept. 15, 1864 the son of  Calvin & Judith (Hathaway) Clark.  Calvin and his parents, wife are buried in Caroline Center Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY as follows: CLARK, Calvin,  d. Nov 12, 1869 ae 85y 5m; CLARK, Judith, wife of Calvin, d. Jun 28, 1848 ae 62y; CLARK, Calvin Jr,  1814 - 1864; CLARK, Sarah E., Wife of Calvin Jr  1814 - 1902
Cleveland, Sarah E.  dau. of Sylvanus & Theada Cleveland, d. Jan. 29, 1851 aged 6 yrs., 7 mo., 17 dy
(Sylvanus Cleveland - 1803 -1875)
Cole, Sebeh J. ?
daughter of Edmond & Sarah Cole, died Feb. 26, 1843 aged 2 yrs., 5 mo., 25 dy
Headstone hard to read in 2001
Cole, Sarah (Simons)  wife of Edmond Cole, d. April 11, 1846 aged 43 yr, 10 mo., 27 dy
dau. of Benjamin & Isabella (McWilliams) Simons. 1850 Dryden Census: Cole, Edmond age 50, Frances age 43, Lewis age 12, John age 3, Lavina age 1.
Cole, Eliza,  dau. of Henry & Polly Cole, died July 18, 1837 aged 20 yrs., 9 mo., 8 dy
Erected by A. J. W. C. Cole

Coleman, Sally Ann  Infant dau of Conrad P. & Sally Ann Coleman, d. Oct 23, 1840 ae 4 mo 10 dy

Coleman, Sally Ann wife of Conrad P. Coleman, d. Aug 22, 1840 age 24 yr, 3 mo.

Coleman, William  d. June 15, 1842  in the 83 rd year of his age
Cooper, George died 1819 aged 37 
[From Church burial records - believe this is same as below, 37 days and not years]
Cooper, George d. October 21,1819 aged 37 days
son of James & Ruth Cooper
This headstone is clear to read - age is 37 days.
Cooper, Harriet A. d. February 17, 1837 aged 16 mo
dau. of James & Ruth Cooper

Cooper, James F. d. March 14, 1834 aged 6 mo
son of James & Ruth Cooper
Note: George, Harriet and James F. Cooper are all listed on the same headstone.
Corbin, Adelia wife of Joseph E. Corbin, d. Jan. 20, 1845, ae 21 yr

Cramer, Horace R.  son of Wm & Jane (McCrea) Cramer,
d. March 11, 1843 aged 11 mo, 20 dy

Damon, Mrs. Sarah not legible not legible - found in 2001 - name only could be read - bottom part of headstone is missing.
(Will dated Feb. 5th, 1817, proven May 23, 1821)
Daniel, Orpha, wife of Herman Daniel, d. August 19, 1842 aged 38 yr, 5 mo., 11 da

Davison, Edward  d. Dec 20, 1855, age 68 yr., 4 mo., 5 dy
Delamater, Francis A.  d. Jan. 10, 1842, aged 29 days 
(Worden's record) son of; Henry A. & Alice M.Delamater
Delamater,    Francis A.  d. Jan. 10, 1842 aged 29 days 
Headstone not found in 2001. (Mr. Sandwick's records)
son of Henry A. & Olive M. Delamater
Delamater, Gerritt Smith d. Oct. 10, 1846, aged 9 mo., 11 days
Dodge, John W.  d. June 15, 1848, aged 19 yrs., 3 mo., 5 dy
Not found in 2001 - son of Ira & Sally (White) Dodge. Moved to Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY.  Other children of Ira & Sally died early: Anna Dodge born Nov. 9, 1814 died July 30th, 1815
Clarissa Dodge born April 25, 1827 died Aug. 1836, they also could of been buried here?
Dunks, Flavilla  daughter of B. & C. Dunks, d. October 21, 1846 ae 19 yrs.
B & C Dunks could be Benjamin Dunks and Catherine Furguson?
Dunlop, John A.  son of Thomas & Margaret Dunlop, d. October 2, 1842 aged 14 yrs., 6 mo.

Eaton, Sally   d. Jan 27, 1858 age 70 yrs 1 mo 3 da
wife of Thomas Eaton 
Note: Thomas  Eaton is buried in City Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., with his first wife Phebe.  He died 13 July 1859 at Ithaca,Tompkins Co., NY
Ellis, George D.,  Infant son of Oren & Sarah (Bowlby) Ellis, d. September 28, 1843 no age
Not found in 2001. 1850 Dryden Census; Ellis, Oren age 33, Sarah age 33, Orin E. age 11, Charely age 10, Elon age 7, Sarah R. age 5, Albert age 3, Gustence age 6 mos.
Fay, Calvin
b. Jan 16, 1793  d. Aug 9, 1818  aged 25 yr
Headstone is broken. 
Ferris, Nathaniel son of Riley & Mary Ferris, died March 5, 1843, 20 years Headstone found in 2001, not other record of this headstone was found by other recordings.  This headstone is lying flat on the ground, a very clear inscription.
Fulford, David d. October 2nd, 1829, aged 69 yr.
1820 Dryden Census: David age 45 + and wife 45+
Fulford, Lucy wife of David Fulford, d. Feb 10, 1843 aged 75 yr 6 mo 24 dy
Headstone not found in 2001
Givens, Amos K.
d. May 19, 1840 aged 49 yrs., 4 mo., 26 dy

Headstone not found in 2001. son of Samuel & Jane (King) Givens.  He married Naomi Stout
Givens, Sarah E.  dau of Nelson & Eliza Givens, died December 24, 1843 aged 1 yr., 5 mo.
Nelson's wife was Eliza Ann Courter
Givens, Seward son of Nelson & Eliza Givens, died May 24, 1855 ae 10 yrs., 7 mo., 24 dy

Headstone is in bad condition 2001.  Nelson's wife was Eliza Ann Courter.  Dryden 1850 Census: Givens, Nelson age 38, Eliza A. age 35, Marvin age 14, Smith age 12, Alonzo age 10, Sewart age 6, Charles age 3, Emmet age 1, also in household, Carter, Esther age 62
Givens, Catharine  daughter of Samuel & Jane (King) Givens, d. March 1, 1830 aged 43 yrs., 7 mo.

Godard, Henry son of Nathan & Deborah H. Goddard , d.  January 31, 1815 aged 4 yrs, 6 mo., 9 days,
Another  inscription also found in Green Hills Cemetery, with surname spelled Goddard, on this inscription it states he was the son of Nathan & Deborah H. Goddard.  [note: Nathan and Deborah are buried in Green Hills Cemetery]
Godfrey, Caroline A.  daughter of Philo & Sally Godfrey, died January 11, 1832 aged 1 yrs., 9 mo.

Headstone is broken 2001.  1850 Dryden Census: Godfrey, Philo age 46, Sally age 42, Maryette age 18, Marion age 15, Sarah age 14, Harriet age 10, Charles age 7.  Note: Sally Godfrey died Feb. 6, 1870, per will of Sally her husband was still living at that time, children listed; Harriet Ashley; Charles P.; Janette Givens; Martha; Frances M.; Sarah Galgher.
Green, Luana D.  daughter of E. S. & C. Green, b. Dec. 19, 1845 d. Mar. 6, 1847, 

(Eralbon Green & Cordelia (Coats)  Record is found of this same burial in Green Hills Cemetery.  Buried next to her in Green Hills is also; Green, Eraldia S., d/o E.S. & C. Green  1849 -1849
Green, Eralbon, d/o E.S. & C. Green  d.  1849 
Griswold, Mary
wife of Edward Griswold, died March 18, 1856 aged 57 years
Mary (Tyler)
Griswold, Sarah J. daughter of Edward & Mary Griswold, d. July 20, 1848 aged 17 yrs.

Griswold - See notes
I is possible that all the following burials listed in Green Hills Cemetery were first in this cemetery. No proof - Griswold,  Margaret, w/o Abram Griswold,  d. June 22, 1842 age 54yr 6m 26d; Griswold, Abram,  d. Dec. 27, 1862 age 78yr 5m 17d; Griswold, Charles,  b. Feb 19, 1793 d. Mar 19, 1834; Griswold, Harriet A.,  b. Apr 8, 1830 d. Nov. 11, 1849
Guile, Rachel
wife of Martin Guile, d. Jan. 25, 1833 aged 19 yr, 10 mo., 16 dy

Rachel (Oakley) 1st wife of Martin Guile.  Note: Martin married 2nd Catherine Tuttle, & 3rd  Alice A. Dixson, Martin and other wives are buried in Hinsdale Cemetery, Cattaraugus Co., NY
Gile,  Alice A.,  1856 - 1923; Gile,  Martin L.,  1811 -6-13-1901;  Gile,  Catharine, 1811 - 12-6-1877
Guile, Charlotte    wife of Andrew Guile d. Dec. 17, 1848 aged 75 yrs.
Charlotte (Curtis) dau. of  Israel  II & Abigail (Mallory) Curtis
Record found she was married 1st to Lebbeus Ball Jr., who died 1802, in Pompey, NY
Guile, Andrew  Not found - see notes

b. 1774 d. February 19, 1852, son of John Guile & Freelove Aseneth Elliott.  Family records state buried in the  Old Dryden Cemetery. No headstone was found.  Note: Record is found of a Andrew Guile burial in Hinsdale Cemetery,Cattaraugus Co.,NY Guile,  Andrew born 1774 died 2-19-1852 Hinsdale Cemetery is where Martin Gile (Guile) is buried (son of Andrew & Charlotte)
Guile, Almeda M.,  dau. of;Martin & Catherine (Tuttle)  Guile, died Feb. 5, 1841 aged 6 yrs, 6 mo., 15 dy
Note: Martin Guile was the son of Andrew & Charlotte, see above (Rachel Guile) for burial location of Martin and Catherine.
Guile, Merit R. d. April 19, 1846 age ?
Note: born 1816, son of: Andrew Guile & Charlotte Curtis
Hale, Sarah J. dau of George R. & C. M. Hale, d. May 22, 1847 aged 2 yrs., 7 mo., 13 dy

Hale, George H. son of George R., & C. M. Hale, d. July 21, 1846 aged 23 days

Hait/Hart, Mary  wife of Jesse B. Hait/Hart?, died April 25, 1842 aged 36 yrs.

Hammer/Hummer,      Jacob 
d. Apr 7, 1830 age 67 yrs., 1 mo., 13 days
Surname could be Hammer or Hummer
Harris, Martha P. d. April 15, 1839 aged 22 yrs.
daughter of Charles & Rebecca Harris
Haskins, Esther M.,  daughter of Aaron & Amelia Haskins, d. November 24, 1842 aged 7 mo., 26 dy

Haskins, Jacob d. October 28, 1846 aged 43 years
Head, Mary wife of Smith Head, d. Mar 21, 1846 in her 72nd  year

Head, George W. son of Smith & Nancy Head, d. Jan. 24, 1843 aged 2 yr

Hiles, Robert son of Leonard & Nancy Hiles, d. Oct 26, 1826 age 1yr 10 mo
Note: Leonard Hiles died May 24, 1856 his widow was Nancy (McKee) Nancy wife of Leonard Hiles was the daughter of Robert McKee per probate records of Robert McKee
Hoaglin, Richard  son of Timothy & Jane Hoaglin, d. June 12, 1841 aged 2 yrs., 1 mo., 2 dy

Horton, Benjamin son of Benjamin & Celestia Horton, died February 19, 1850 aged ?

Hulslander, John d. June 27, 1829 aged 27 yrs., 4 mo.
born Feb. 28, 1801,  in Orange Co., NY the son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Cox) Hulsander
Hurd, David  d. Sep 20, 1826 age 26 yr 2 mo 2 da
Hurd, Ruth wife of Daniel Hurd, d. Oct 28, 1825 age 17yr 6mo 17dy
daughter of James & Martha Hurd
Hurd, Ann Adelia daughter of James & Martha Hurd, died 1834, aged 6 yr
James W. Hurd died Jan. 18, 1857 per Intestate records: Martha was still living in 1857.  Intestate record; James H. Hurd, widow Martha, dau., Laura E., wife of Benjamin Griswold, grandchildren, James age 7, Francis age 10, both Hurd, grandchild Ella Givens, age 5, all grandchildren of Milford, Mich.
Johnson, Andrew Jackson son of Joseph & Christeen Johnson, died March 13, 1835 age 7 yr 5 mo 28 dy

Lampheer, Gustavia daughter of Hiram H. & Mary Lampheer, died 1840 age 2 yrs.

Lampheer, Mary M. daughter of Hiram H. & Mary Lampheer, d. 1842 age 2 mo.

Larrabe, Elias d. April 14, 1847 aged 84 yrs

Elias Larabee (1762-1847)  Revolutionary War Soldier ,served in the Fourth Regiment of New York Continental Troops.  He drew by ballot Lot No. 49 of Dryden for his military service.  He was pensioned under the Act of 1818.  (Rev. War Pens. App. File No. W20403, National Archives, Washington, DC) He drew by ballot lot, land # 49 Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. Convicted of man - slaughter & sentenced to 14 yrs in State Prison, for shooting (by mistake) Amasa Barnes in 1825, received  parton for his war history.

Larrabe, Cornelia wife of Elias Larrabe, died August 12, 1851, no age

1850 Dryden Census:  Wilcox, Lyman age 51 born MA, Mary (Larabe) age 52, Harriet age 32, Elias age 27, Almira age 15, Living in same household, Cornelia Larabe age 87. From Intestate records; Children: dau, Catherine widow of Peter Rummer; dau. Martha deceased wife of Lawrence Lawson; Judah wife of Joseph Sherwood; dau. Sally wife of S. M. Baldwin; dau. Delia wife of Jacob Vanderpool; dau. Betsey wife of Daniel Carrington; Mary wife of Lyman Wilcox.

Larabee, See Elias Larrabe

Lewis, Ira Oscar son of William & Phebe Lewis, died Sept. 23, 1833 age 3 yr 5 mo 11da
Note: his father, William Lewis was the son of  William Lewis & Margaret McLean
Lewis, Margaret dau of James & Celia Lewis, d. Jan 19, 1823 age 3 yr 9 mo
Headstone is broken - 2001.  Note: James was the son of William Lewis & Margaret McLean
Lewis, Oliver D. son of William & Phebe Lewis, died  Apr. 23, 1833 age 8 mo 3 da
Note: his father, William was the son of William Lewis & Margaret McLean
Lewis, Sally d. Apr 6, 1833 age 23 yrs.,  7 mo.

dau of James & Celia (Coleman) Lewis.  Note: James was the son of William Lewis & Margaret McLean
Lewis, Mr. William d. March 3rd, 1829 ae 75 yr

(b. Aug. 13, 1754-1829)  Rev. War, enlisted for 9 months, abt. the middle of March, 1776, in Town of Shawangunk, Ulster Co., NY in Capt. John Hardenburgh's Co., Col. Ritzma's Regt., New York Line of the Continental Establishment.  William Lewis was in the Battle of White Plaines.  (Rev. War Pens. App. File No. W20443, National Archives, Washington, DC)  Probate records: Wife Peggy Lewis, daus., Catherine, Peggy, Charity; Sons, James, John, William.  Exs. Edward Hunting, Simon West.  Note: William Lewis married Margaret McLean, who was born Oct. 19, 1759 died July 25, 1837, she also could be buried here?

Lewis, Oliver  M. son of John & Margaret Lewis, d. May 3, 1829 age 5 mo 23 days
Note: John Lewis was the son of William Lewis & Margaret McLean
Lounsbery,  Bowen  son of Newton & Belona Lounsbery,
d. Dec 19, 1829 age 2 yr 6 mo 25 dy
Not found in 2001
Lormor, Robert Sr.  d. Aug 7, 1847 aged 52 yr or  58 yr
Moved to Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY
Lum, Henry
In memory of, Henry Lum, who died December 10,1824 aged 78 years 

[another headstone in Green Hills Cemetery, with wife  Patience who died June 28, 1843 aged 78 years]
Luther, Susan wife of A. C. Luther, died _______1850 aged 34 yrs. 
Not found in 2001. [moved to Green Hills Cemetery]
Luther, Susan C. wife of Rev. H. E. Luther, died 1850, aged 84 yrs.
Not found in 2001
Luther, Mary A. adopted daughter
died August 22, 1842 age 3 yrs.
Not found in 2001
Martindale, Emily M. dau of William & Eliza Martindale, died  Sep 14, 1842, age 21 yr

Not found in 2001.  1850 Dryden Census; William Martindale age 56, Eliza age 52, John age 23 Edwin age 19, Almira age 16, Augusta age 14, Charles age 9.
McKee, James R. d. April 12, 1846 age 44 yrs. 
Not found in 2001.  (also record of headstone in Green Hills Cemetery)  Probate records: widow Sarah, son Oliver, age 10 yrs old on July 16, 1845
McKee, James d. Sept. 14, 1841 age 1 yr., 10 mo., 15 dys.,
Not found in 2001.  (record of same  headstone in Green Hills Cemete
McKee,        Margaret wife of Thomas Mc Kee , d. August 24, 1833 age 38 yr
(Record in Green Hills Cemetery of this headstone)
McLean, Irene dau of Hiram & Melinda Mc Lean, died  Nov. 13, 1828 age 2yr 8mo 15d

her mother was Melinda (Foote)
McLean, Melinda
wife of Hiram McLean, b. Feb. 21, 1800  d. Feb. 20, 1838 ae 38 yr.  First Native Born Child Born In Dryden

Melinda (Foote) AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WARREN FOOTE: Melinda (Foote) McLean wife of Hiram died of the consumption on the 20th of February, 1837.  1850 Dryden Cenus records: McLean, Hiram age 54 - Mary (2nd wife) age 44 - Warren age 16 - Helen age 14 - Conrad age 9. The ages for Warren and Helen would most likely make these two children son and daughter of Hiram & Melinda.   Melinda was the daughter of David & Irene (Lane) Foote, & granddaughter of: Rebecca (Barker) Foote Sanford, See below - Sanford, Rebecca
McLean, Trena daughter of Hiram & Melinda McLean, d. Nov. 13, 1828 aged 2 yrs., 8 mo., 15 days

Mead, Reuamy wife of George W. Mead, d. March 2, 1858 aged 38 yrs., 5 mo., 5 dy

Ment, Lucina B. d. July 14, 1838 age 25 yr 4 mo
dau of Asa & Clarisa Ment
Montgomery, Mr. Thomas F.  d. April, 1832 age 24 years
No day of death is written on headstone. The 4 in 24 yrs., is written backwards.
Niver, Sarah Ann daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Niver,
d. December ? 1851 aged 21 yrs., 4 dy
Headstone is in bad condition - 2001.  1850 Groton Census:
Niver, Charles age 58, Elizabeth age 56, Arvilla age 32, Margaret age 22, John age 26, Laura age 17.

Norwood, Olive

wife of Barney Norwood, d. July 4, 1830, ae 47 yrs.
Note: This headstone was found on the Kennard Carpenter Farm near Dryden Lake, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., and placed in this cemetery, in 1965. Burial are still at the Carpenter Farm.  Update: Removed again about 2003 and returned to the old burying ground in Harford.
Norwood, Barney d. August 17, 1826, ae 44 yrs. 
Note: This headstone was found on the Kennard Carpenter Farm near Dryden Lake, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., and placed in this cemetery, in 1965. Burial are still at the Carpenter Farm.  Update: Removed again about 2003 and returned to the old burying ground in Harford.
Patterson, Emily M. dau of James W. & Betsey S. Patterson, d. Feb 10, 1848 age 1 yr 4 mo
Headstone found in 2001 - very bad condition.
Pierce, Eliza
In Memory of Eliza, wife of Capt. George Pierce who died Sep 30, 1824 aged 36 yrs.
Phelps, Lydia daughter of Jedediah & Fanny N. Phelps, d. March 2, 1844, age 18 yrs., 10 mo.
Not found in 2001
Quimbey, Martha,  wife of Sylvester Quimbey, d. Nov. 15, 1853, age 27 yr, 11 mo., 16 dy
(Moved to Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY)
Quimbey, Sylvester d. March 1851 age 27 yrs.
(Moved to Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY)
Robson, Almeda dau of Elvin & Louis Robson, d. August 25, 1832 age 5 yr 4 mo

Rose, John H., son of A.J.& P.S. Rose d. Oct 3, 1835, age 9 days Not found in 2001
Rose, Lucy dau of A.J. & P.S. Rose
d. July 12, 1833 age 1 mo 4 days
Not found in 2001
Rose, Bemvilent S. son of Abraham & Phebe Rose, d. August 25, 1840 aged 1 yr., 1 mo., 5 dy

Rose, William son of Abraham J. & Phebe S. Rose
d. May 7, 1832, age 6 yr
Not found in 2001
Rummer, Addison, son of Nelson & Abigail Rumner, d. Oct 20, 1841, age 5 yr

Rummer, Peter d. July 3, 1835 age 53 yr., 3 mo., 13 days

Rummer, Juliett
daughter of Peter & Catherine Rummer, died Feb. 6, 1853 age ?
This headstone was not found in other recordings, standing in far right  back corner on the hill.
Rummer, Peter G. d. May 16, 1810, aged 66 yrs.
Rev. War Soldier - Note: This headstone was found on the Kennard Carpenter Farm near Dryden Lake, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., and placed in this cemetery, in 1965. Burial are still at the Carpenter Farm.  Update: Removed again about 2003 and returned to the old burying ground in Harford.
Rummer, Martha wife of Peter G. Rummer, d. January 11, 1828, age 75 yrs., 8 mo. 
Note: This headstone was found on the Kennard Carpenter Farm near Dryden Lake, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., and placed in this cemetery, in 1965. Burial are still at the Carpenter Farm.  Update: Removed again about 2003 and returned to the old burying ground in Harfor
Rummer, Ann wife of Gabriel Rummer, d. Nov. 16, 1866 aged 73 yrs., 5 mo., 15 dy  
1850 Dryden Census;  Gabriel Rummer age 67, Anna age 57, Phebe age 18.  Note: This headstone was found on the Kennard Carpenter Farm near Dryden Lake, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., and placed in this cemetery, in 1965. Burial are still at the Carpenter Farm.  Update: Removed again about 2003 and returned to the old burying ground in Harford.
Rummer, Sextus  died Feb. 27, 1833 age 15 yrs Not found in 2001
Sanford, Rebecca
In Memory of Rebecca, wife of Ezekiel Sanford, d. May 2, 1826, age 84 yr
(death date could be 1824 ?) Rebecca (Barker) born 1740 Conn., dau. of Uzal & Martha (Munson) Barker; Ezekiel Sanford was her 2nd husband.  Rebecca married 1st to Ebenezer Foote July 1, 1761; children were, Darius Foote, Simeon Foote, David Foote (Father to Melinda Foote Mc Lean), Uzel Foote, Lucy Foote, & Lola Foote.  Rebecca married Ezekiel Sanford January 1, 1781.  Ezekiel Sanford came from Chenango River to Dryden along with  Ebenezer Clauson (her son-law) & David Foote (Her son) & family, in 1798, settled near Willow Glen, he is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden. (Note Ebenezer Clawson married
Lola Foote born 19 JAN 1778 died 19 AUG 1844)

Seymour, Infant
Infant daughter of George & Minerva Seymour, d. September 1, 1843 age 3 yrs., 6 mo.

Seymour, Infant  Infant son of George & Minerva Seymour, d. December 13, 1842 age 5 dys.
Not found in 2001
Simons, Betsey dau of Benjamin & Isabel Simons, died 1817, aged 3 yr
Not found in 2001
Simons, Isabel dau of Benj. & Isabel Simons, d. Sep 24, 1838, age 28 yr, 10 mo., 3 days
[Note: Headstones for Benjamin & Isabel (McWilliams) Simons are found in Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, NY]
Sloan, Esther wife of Hugh Sloan, d. January 23, 1837, aged 77 yrs

Space, Margaret wife of Joseph Space, died October 27, 18__     no age
Headstone is broken, death year and age are broken off, dau. of Abram & Margaret (Givens) Griswold. b. 1822 d. Oct. 27, 1855
Stow, Rebecca  wife of Timothy Stow, died May ____, 18 __  no age
Not found in 2001.  Record found Polly Griswold, dau. of Edward & Asenath Hurd Griswold, b. 1786 d. 1849, married a Timothy Stow, unsure if this Rebecca was called Polly.
Tanner, Asenath wife of Abraham Tanner , d. Aug 2, 1830, age 34 yr
Note: Abraham Tanner married 1st Asenath Wakely 2nd Betsey Lum. 1850 Dryden; Tanner, Abraham ae 56 a groc., Betsey ae 46, James ae 29, Emely ae 22, Sarah ae 12, Laura ae 8.
Tanner, Abraham Francis son of Abraham & Asenath Tanner, d. July 2, 1832 age 7 yrs.
See above
Tanner, Mary A. daughter of William T.  & Mary Tanner, d. November 11, 1836 age 12 yrs., 3 mo.
Note: William Tanner married Polly West.  1850 Dryden;
William Tanner ae 58, Mary ae 48, Hannah ae 28, Adelphus ae 16, Abram ae 14, Marvin ae 4, Garrit S. ae 3
Teeter, Polly wife of Sly Teeter
d. June 5, 1841 age 25 yrs.
Not found in 2001.  1850 Dryden Census; Teeter, Sly ae 39 - Lecta ae 32 - Robert ae 16 - George ae 14 - Elizabeth age 14 - Mary ae 11 - Edward ae 6 - Sarn (male) ae 5 - Emily ae 2 months.  Record found of a Sly Teeter son of Henry & Wintchy (Sly) Teeter
Thompson, Mr.  Henry d. July 10, 1829, age 84 yr Henry Thompson, born Ireland Nov. 22, 1747 died Dryden, NY.,  his age must be transcribed wrong, his obit states he was 87, but that must be an error for 82.
Thomas, Benjamin C. d. Feb. 5, 1850, age 22 yrs., 6 mo., ? dys
son of Hiram & Mary Thomas [Moved to Green Hills Cemetery]
Topping, David d. November 23, 1824 in his 63rd year
Not found in 2001 - [from Church burial records] 1810 census records for Dryden; David Topping was age 45 + listed in his household, 2 sons, 2 dau., wf age 45 +
Trapp, Catharine B. wife of William Trapp, d. Feb 27, 1838 age 56 yr 9 m0 20 dy
William Trapp married Catharine B. Lewis
Trapp, Martha M. dau of David R. & Nancy A. Trapp, died Sep 15, 1847 age 2 yrs. 5 dy
David Trapp married Nancy Ann Bush
Trapp, William  d. Oct. 30, 1847 age 82 yrs. 5 mo. 24 days
age could be 72 years.
Tripp, Charles M. son of R. W. & Minerva Tripp, d. July 17, 1858 age 3 yrs.
[Moved to Green Hills Cemetery]
Rensselaer W. Trapp married Minerva Jameson
Tucker, Benjamin  d. January 9, 1850, aged 78 yrs., 10 mo, 5 days 
Tucker, Catharine wife of Benjamin H. Tucker, d. Mar 6, 1846 age 32 yr 1 mo 5 dy

Tucker, Chloe wife of Benj. Tucker, d. Sep 13, 1828 age 49 yr 8 mo 5 dy

Tucker, Ruth Adelia child of Benjamin & Ruth Tucker, d. Oct. 10, 1838, age 3 mo 19 dy

Tucker, Ruth wife of Benj. Tucker,  d. July 3, 1838 age 37 yr
2nd wife of Benj. Tucker
Tuttle, Theodo son of Ebenezer & Lois Tuttle, d. May 27, 1820 aged 3 weeks 
[from Church burial records - per Mr. Sandwick]
Tuttle, Mai daughter of Ebenezer & Lois Tuttle, died July 30, 1820 aged 8 weeks 

[from Church burial records - per Mr. Sandwick]
Tyler, Laura wife of John T. Tyler, d. Aug. 24, 1857 age 58 yrs., 7 mo., 9 dy
1850 Dryden Census: Tyler, John age 54, Laura age 51, Clarissa age 30, Elizabeth age 22, John age 18.
Tyler, Abigail daughter of John & Laura Tyler, d. July 3, 1835, aged 12 yrs., 6 mo., 5 dy

Welton, Caroline wife of H. B. Welton, d. March 3, 1843 aged 34 yrs.,
VanPelt records state she was Caroline Goodrich.  She married Benjamin Welton, son of Elias & Hannah VanPelt Welton.   Benjamin died while visiting his brother in Wisconsin, Feb. 1853 at the age of 47, buried Rohlf Cemetery, Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin.  [Caroline was moved to Green Hills Cemetery] 
Note: Hezekiah Welton married 2nd Sophia Benjamin.

Wheeler, Rebecca
wife of Seth Wheeler, d. Feb 25, 1821 age 62 yr
Rebecca (Elliott)
Wheeler, Seth d. Sep 23, 1828 ae 72 yr, 
Revolutionary War Captain out of New Hampshire, and fought with Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga and also fought at Saratoga.
Seth Wheeler (1756-1828) served as private and corporal in 1778, in Col. Jonathan Chase's regiment of militia which marched to Ticonderoga from Croyden, NH, were he was born.  (D.A.R. Lineage Books, Vol. 70.) Seth's - his grave is marked with a Cayuga Chapter D. A. R. 1756 - 1828
Whitmore, John
In Memory of John Whitmore who, d. Sep 6, 1821, age 97 yr
White, Zilpha wife of Sylvester White, d. April 26, 1846 age 25 yrs., 5 mo., 19 dy

Wilcox, Elizabeth dau of Lyman & Mary Wilcox, d. Oct 7, 1838 age 1 yr 7 mo
The top of this headstone is missing - 2001.  Mary Larrabe married Lyman Wilcox.  See above Larrabe, Elias &  Cornelia
Wilcox, Lyman son of Lyman & Mary Wilcox, d. April 4, 1844 aged 4 yrs., 4 mo., 7 dy

The top of this headstone is missing - 2001.  Mary Larrabe married Lyman Wilcox.  See above Larrabe, Elias &  Cornelia
Wire, Mr. Dudley W. d. March 20, 1836 age, 25 yr., 8 mo., 2 dy
Wright, Charles J. A. son of Marvin P. & Rhoda Wright, d. July 24, 1841 aged 3 yrs., 4 mo., 4 dy

A list of names recorded from the stones in this cemetery Oct. 1901 is in the archives of the First Presbyterian Church of Dryden, NY.
This list contains 125 persons together with vital data.  Copied from their grave stone inscriptions by Mr. D. Paige Bartholomew.
There were over 100 more burials with out markers.

This record shows 170 burials, there are many buried in this cemetery with no record.


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