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imageEvergreen Cemetery
Tioga Co., New York
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Located on Nichols Street in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY.
 From the light on Tioga Street Coming from a easterly direction turn right on
Main Street to Center Street (opposite the Presbyterian Church).
At the end of Center Street turn right.

Abbott - Avery

Babies - Butts

Camp - Cummings

Damp - Dzikiewicz

Eastham - Exo

Fanning - Fulton

Gale - Guptill

Haag - Hyers

Isaacson - Jylha

Kaartinen - Kutschera

Labor - Luuri

Mabe - Mynard

Natunen - Owen

Paddock - Pylkas

Radeline - Ryder

Sabin - Swayze

Taber - Uotila

Valentine - Vought

Wait- Wyak

Ylinen - Zimmer

Unknown Surnames

 July 7, 2000
Read by Ty and Kaye Kumpula
Typed by Karen Kumpula Woolever
 Records retrieved for this site by Dennis Whittaker
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