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Evergreen Cemetery
Spencer, Tioga Co.  NY

Located  on Nichols Street in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY.
 From the light on Tioga Street Coming from a easterly direction turn right on
Main Street to Center Street (opposite the Presbyterian Church).
At the end of Center Street turn right.

Ylinen - Zimmer

(there are no X surnames)
Unknown surnames are listed as No Last Name at the bottom of this page.
Ylinen,          Eino J                                                         b. 1893 d. 1973
Ylinen,          Hilma S                                                        b. 1898 d. 1999
Yonkers,         Almyra M                                                       b. 1850 d. 1936

Youngstrom,      Aili S Ashland                                                 b. 1905 d. 1996

Zevetchin,       Michael                                                        b. 1926 d. --
Zevetchin,       Betty M                                                        b. 1928 d. --
Zimmer,          Henry F., New York Pfc 77 QM Co 77 Inf Div WW II               b. 07/13/1911 d. 05/28/1968
Zimmer,          Sadie A                                                        b. 1881 d. 1956
Zimmer,          George W                                                       b. 1873 d. 1958

No Last Name,    Charles Francis Jr.,                                           b. 06/1947 d. 07/1964
                 Next to Agnes Koponen & Charles H White
No Last Name,    Shirley Marie, No dates - next to Charles H White              b. 02/1946 d. 04/1957
No Last Name,    Judy, No dates-next to Carrie M VanAtta                        b.      d.
No Last Name,    Elizabeth, No last name or date - next to Martha Potter        b.      d.
No Last Name,    Mother, No dates-next to Rosa White Benton &Loring L Hull      b.      d.
No Last Name,    Leona, Next to Bessie VanEtten & Mildred L Hurlbritt           b. 1820 d. 1924
No Last Name,    Della,  Can't read dates/last name                             b.      d.
                 In ground-Next to Amanda Clark & Oliver Owen
No Last Name,    Catherine, Can't read dates/last name                          b.      d.
                 In ground-Next to Amanda Clark & Oliver Owen
No Last Name,    Our Babies, Can't read dates or last name                      b.      d.
                 Next to Marvin D Fisher & Oliver Watson
No Last Name,    Our Baby, -                                                    b. d.10/13/1873 ae 3 mo
                 No name-Next to May Bosley & Charles Stevens


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