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Old Farm Cemetery

photograph of cemetery
Photo by JanMarie
Nov. 10th 2005
© 2005


Located on Harford Slaterville Road,
Town of Harford, Cortland Co., NY.
Believe this was the Edminster Farm property at one time.

Burial plot is located at the intersection of Harford Slaterville Road & Seamons Road, on the right side of road.  Cemetery is in the field, a large tree with a cross nailed on it is in the cemetery,
four posts on the out side of the cemetery.  Located near the Dryden Town Line.  Cemetery is not an active cemetery, and in very poor condition.

Many headstones in this cemetery are no longer in any condition to be transcribed.  It also appears there are unmarked graves where no trace of any headstone remain.  Every effort was made to record as much of the inscriptions as possible.
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Name Photo
Notes: Please use as a guide only
Asa Son
Asa &
Anna Edwards
died Oct. 10, 1828
aged 18 years
Record of Anna (Amy) Barnes married Asa Edwards. The Amy Barnes that married Asa Edwards was a sister to Mary Barnes that married Henry William Edminster, both daughters of Lemuel Barnes & Rebecca Bement.  See second headstone photo, taken by George Chevalier
M. A. E.
Foot marker only.  
Broken off Headstone
Unavailable Broken off Headstone
_________ ?,
age 4?,
24 dys

Headstone broken, and very faded
Unavailable Headstone is unreadable
Unavailable Headstone is unreadable, too faded
Unavailable Footmarker only found
Unavailable Footmarker only found
Lucy Ann
 daughter of
& Lucy
died June 2,
1843 aged
6 yrs., 9m


Headstone is broken, only part of headstone remains.  Headstone was leaning up against a tree.  View second headstone photo, taken by George

Henry Edm_____
Ma_  31, 18??
aged 56 yrs.,
& 6 ?
Unavailable This headstone is broken and is pieces, not all of the headstone was found.  LDS records: Henry William Edminster, son of Henry William & Roba Howland Edminster died Mar. 31, 1852 in Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  See below for Edminster family notes.  
son of
Henry & Mary
Sept 29, 1858
aged 15 yrs
3 mo., 6 dys
Andrew Edminster, was born 1843, son of Henry William Edminster and Mary Barnes.
Edminster Genealogy states he died Sept. 29, 1859 at Harford and was buried there. 

Sarah R.
wife of
John D. VanNatta
Sept 21st 1849

age 26 yrs.,
2 mos., 16 dys

Buried with her infant child at her side.  See phone of the bottom of her headstone where the inscription states her babe by her side.  Another headstone photo
son of
Howard & Lucy
March 18, 1824
aged 5 yrs.
Three children of Howard and Lucy Edminster are on the same grave marker.  Inscription has after Andrew; Howard his brother, died Oct 25th 1825 age 4 months. Infant died June 1816 age 6 dys.
his brother
died Oct 25th 1825
age 4 months
See notes under Andrew, son of Howard & Lucy Edminster above.
Infant brother
June 1816
age 6 days
image See notes under Andrew, infant child of Howard & Lucy Edminster above
Broken Headstone, no inscription
Unavailable Broken Headstone, no inscription
M. C. R.
Unavailable Footmarker only M. C. R.  No headstone was found for this person.  Note: May be the grave of Mercy Cole Rounsevell, she was the grandmother of Orrin Ronsville, buried next to this grave.  Mercy was born Jan. 1, 1750 died April 13, 1821.  She was the wife of Philip Rounsevell of Freetown.
son of
Ebenezer & Sally
died Sept. 16, 1828
Unavailable Headstone is broken, with no other part of marker found with age inscription. Ebenezer Rounsvill married Sally Rounsvill.  See below for notes on Rounsvill family.  

Apr. 18, 1850
age 30 yrs.
10 mo., 12 dys
Charity Edminster, dau of Henry William & Roba Howland Edminster, married Noah Simmons, this may be a son of Charity's. This cemetery is on the corner of Seamons Road.  Name change could be Simmond, Simmons, Seamons?  There are other burials next to Howard, with only foot - markers on their graves. Found buried in the Old Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Town of Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY is Noah Simmonds d. Dec. 16, 1863 age 89 yrs., his wife Chariety E. died Aug. 6, 1858 age 76 yrs.
Unavailable Field Stone only, no inscription
Unavailable Field Stone only, no inscription
Unavailable Headstone broken off at base, top half not found
James Lewis
son of Reuben & Nancy
died ___ ?, 1850
aged 3 yrs.,
4 mo's & _dys. 
Not found in other records.  Found by George Chevalier, Town of Harford, NY Historian.  Photo taken by George Chevalier.
Note: 1850 Harford, Cortland Co., NY census: Simmons, Reuben 45, Nancy 44, Hannah 16, Margaret 16, Charity 11, George 8, Emma J. 5, James L. 2.

Cemetery was walked for headstone inscriptions
November 4th 2003
by JanMarie & Cathy Knauff
(Pictures were taken
by JanMarie on Nov. 10th 2005)
George Chevalier, Town of Harford Historian also donated information and photos for this cemetery record.
Thank you George for making this record more complete.

Cemetery record was last updated on April 6th 2006

The following family notes are added here only as a guide and seem to be the families that are buried in this cemetery.

Notes on the Edminster family:
Henry William Edminster born abt 1749.  Revolutionary Soldier, He came to Harford, Cortland Co., NY in 1813.  He died abt. 1831 at the age of 82 years in Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  He was the son of William Edminsteire and Mary Paul.  He married January 13, 1780 at Middleborough, Plymouth County, Mass to Roba Howland, she died before 1830.  She was the daughter of Isaac & Katherine (Howard) Edminster.  I would believe Henry was buried in the cemetery listed above.
Their children were: Charity, Henry William 2nd, Howard, Unknown son, Hope, Judith.

1. Charity Edminster b. abt 1780 married Oct. 4, 1799 at Taunton Congregational Church to Noah Simmons of Middleborough, she may be the mother or grandmother, of Howard Simmon buried in this cemetery. 
Found buried in the Old Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Town of Berkshire, Tioga Co., NY is Noah Simmonds d. Dec. 16, 1863 age 89 yrs., his wife Charity E. died Aug. 6, 1858 age 76 yrs.

2. Unknown Edminster born between the dates of 1784-1789 died at Harford, Cortland Co., NY between the dates of 1830-1840.  He too may be buried in the cemetery listed above. 

3. Hope Edminster born before 1790

4. Judith Edminster born Nov. 17, 1790 died Jan. 10, 1858 in Harford, Cortland Co., NY. She is found buried in Harford Cemetery, Rt 38.

5. Henry William Edminster born Sept. 25, 1793  died March 31, 1852 in Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  He married before 1820 to Mary Barnes born Nov. 18, 1802, died Sept. 19, 1866 in Milo, Bureau Co., Ill., she was the daughter of *Lemuel & Rebecca Bement Barnes.
Their children: Judith, Roba, Reuben, Loretta, Orange, William Henry, John, Charles, Caroline, George William, Andrew, Austin, Lucretia

 1. Roba/Rhoba/Ruby Edminster, born abt. 1820 at Harford, Cortland Co.,  NY.
    She married 1839 to George Haskins, also of Harford, Cortland Co., NY.
    Their children were: LeRoy; William Wallace; Mary; Douglas; Almetta; Norton B.

 2. Reuben S. Edminster, born July 8, 1822, married Adelia Mc Cullough, they moved away.  Their children: Mary Jane; Howard Simmons; Austin Leander; Lois Lurana; Mandana; Herbert Loyal; Charles H.; with 2 child dying in infancy.

Judith Edminster, born abt. 1824 in Harford, Cortland Co., NY., died in 1908 in Harford, NY.  Married Norton L. Brown, son of Morris &  Matilda Holden Brown.  Norton was born in 1820 and died in 1910. They are both buried in the Harford Cemetery, Route 38, Town of Harford,   Their children: Charles J., who died Jan. 24, 1876 age 27 yrs., buried beside his parents; Richard; Deete Iona, married Mr. Chapman; Albie, married Mr. Wilcox;

 4. Loretta Edminster, born ? married Sewell Townsend, their children were: Fred; unknown son; unknown child; Mrs. Don Carlos.

 5. Orange Edminster, born abt. 1826, married Phebe De Maranville.  Their children were: Judith; Sylvia; Ellsworth E.

 6. William Henry Edminster, born abt. 1829, he married Martha Hatch, she was a sister to his brother Charles wife.  Their children: Ellen; Maude; Newcomb; Cora.  William Henry married 2nd to Hester ?, their children were: Emma; Myrtle; Etta; Nettie who died in infancy.

 7. John Edminster, born Aug. 30, 1832, married 1st Mary Ann De Maranville, their children: Orange; Josephine; John married 2nd to Mrs. Lilly M. Hutchins.  They had no children.

 8. Charles Barnes Edminster, born April 7, 1835, he married Maria B. Hatch, sister to Martha Hatch, wife of William Henry Edminster.  Their children: Charles Freemont; Llewellyn D.; Jessie; Mae; and two children died in infancy.

 9. Caroline Edminster, born abt. 1836, at Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY., married 1st Valentine Babcock; 2nd George Whitworth, by whom she had a child, Libby, who married Mr. Currier.

10. George William Edminster, born Sept. 20, 1840, married Sarah E. Blaisdell.  Their children: Frank Henry; Newell Grant; Bertha; Harry Dexter.

11. Andrew Edminster, born 1843, died Sept. 29, 1859 at Harford, Cortland Co., NY., buried on the Farm Cemetery.

Austin Edminster, born abt. ?

13. Lucretia Edminster, born abt. 1844, unknown if she was their daughter of not.

6. Howard William Edminster, son of Henry W. & Roba Howland Edminster,  b. 1793/94, he was in the War of 1812, 17 Regiment (Mead's) New York Militia, Private, He married April 10, 1818 to Lucy Rounsville born abt. 1798 and believe to have died before 1870, Their children were:  Infant d. 1816, Howard, Andrew, Lucy Ann, Nancy.  In 1850 they are living in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY - Howard Edminster age 56 a farmer, Lucy age 52, Nancy age 22, with Edward Howard age 27 a laborer, and Wellington Howard age 4 living in the same household.  In 1870 Howard has moved to ILLINOIS, MILO, BUREAU CO., with his daughter Nancy Haywood. - Edward Haywood age 47 farm hand, Nancy age 38, Velma age 15, Charles age 9, Lucy age 7, Lucinda age 5, Howard Edminster age 76 retired farmer.
Their children;
1. Unknown Daughter, may be the
Infant that died in 1816 age 6 dys., buried in cemetery on the old farm. (see cemetery listing above)
2. Andrew Edminster, died March 18, 1824 aged 5 yrs., buried in cemetery on the old farm. (see cemetery listing above)
3. Howard Edminster, died October 25, 1825 aged 4 months,
buried in cemetery on the old farm. (see cemetery listing above)
2. Lucy Ann Edminster, died June 2, 1843 aged 6 yrs., 9m 9d, buried in cemetery on the old farm. (see cemetery listing above)
3. Nancy Edminster, born ? married Edward Haywood.

Notes on the Rounsville Family
Phillip Rounseville was born JUL 2, 1750, son of Phillip Rounsville & Hannah Jenney.  Phillip married 1775 to Mercy Cole, born abt. 1754 dau. of Abeil Cole and Anna Peirce.
Their children were:
1. Phebe Rounsevell, born abt. 1789 in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY
2. Robert G. Rounsevell, born abt 1799 died Apr. 30, 1866
3. Gamaliel Rounsevell, born Oct. 12, 1776, married Freelove Thompson

4. Philip Rounsevell born Feb. 7, 1779
5. Benjamin Rounsevell born Mar 25, 1792, married Delia Lawrence
6. Hannah Rounsevell born April 12, 1783
7. Phylena Rounsevell born Aug. 12, 1794
8. Abial Rounsevell born Sept 6, 1780, married Betsey Ashley
9. Ebenezer Rounseville born Sept. 21, 1785 d. July 22, 1870, buried at Green Hill Cemetery, St. Peter, Nicollet Co., MN.  He married Sally Oliver Rounseville, daughter of Abner Rounseville and Hannah Willard Oliver, she was born Jan. 6, 1790 died March 23, 1856 in Harford, Cortland Co., NY, and is buried in the Harford Cemetery, Route 38, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  Their children were: Phillip born Feb. 5, 1809, Aseneth b. abt. 1813; Cynthia born abt. 1815; Daniel T. born Sept 7, 1817; Orrin, who died Sept. 16, 1828.

10. Lydia Rounsevell born Dec. 3, 1787
11. Alden Rounsevell born Oct. 26, 1797, married Cornelia Ashely

Notes on Sally Rounsville Family
Abner Rouseville, born abt 1767 died abt 1828, son of Levi Rounsevell and Betsy Howland, married Hannah Willard Oliver, born abt 1771
Their children were:
1. Levi Rounseville born abt 1808
2. Rebecca Rounseville bon abt 1810
3. Lucy Rounseville, may be the Lucy that married Howard Edminster?
4. Sally Rounseville born 1790 married Ebenezer Rounseville, son of Phillip & Mercy Cole Rounseville, she died 1856, buried in Harford, NY.

These two Rounsville families were related. 
Philip Rounsevell and Mary Howland, see below.  They are the common ancestors of Ebenezer
and Sally, which makes them third cousins, once removed.

Capt. Levi Rounsevell was born 1739 died Jan. 3, 1815; Betsy Howland born Sept. 3, 1741 died March 6, 1774.
William Rounsevell was born Oct. 10, 1705 died Jan. 31, 1744; Elizabeth Macomber born March 15, 1715 died Jan. 3, 1815.
Philip Rounsevell was born May 1, 1677 Honiton, England, died Nov. 6, 1763, MA; Mary Howland born abt. 1673 died May 8, 1744.
William Rounsevell was born 1640, Honiton, England, died April 11, 1712 Honiton; Joanna (______) born abt. 1644.

*Note: Lemuel Barnes is buried in a North Harford Cemetery, Harford, Cortland Co., NY. Per Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots.  Believe his is buried in the Harford Cemetery, located on Route 38, Hartford, Cortland Co., NY.

Joel Morton Revolutionary Soldier is buried in the same cemetery as Lemuel Barnes, he is buried in Harford Cemetery, Route 38, Harford, NY.

Cheryl L. Bruno, sent in some updates on the Rounsevell family, she is willing to answer any question about the Rounsevell family. 
You can contact her at:

(Thank you Cheryl for your updates on the Rounsevell family)

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