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Purvis Farm Cemetery

photograph of cemetery
Photo by JanMarie © 2005
Nov. 5th 2005

Also known as Tanner Farm Cemetery, also known as Willow Crossing Cemetery and Cotterill Farm Cemetery.
Town of Harford, Cortland Co., NY, 
This area was once Town of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY

Located on Cornell Lane, off Rt 38, on Cornell University property.
Cemetery is on left hand side of road, if traveling toward Willow Crossing Road, burial plot is right next to the road.

Many of the headstones are in poor condition. 

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Name Date(s)/Age Inscriptions/Notes
Unknown ? Headstone defaced, no inscription left
Unknown ? Field stone marker only, no inscription
Tanner Huldah, dau of Erastus & Betsey Tanner, died Oct. 30, 1841 aged 2 months See below for more information on Erastus &Betsey Tanner. View headstone
Unknown ? Marker is unreadable
Tanner A? _____ L?., dau. of ___________Tanner, died Feb. 20, 18__, aged 1 yr. Headstone is very hard to read. May be a child of Erastus & Betsey Tanner, the name looks like it starts with A, with middle name starting with L., unsure if this is correct.
H. A. H. Footmarker only, no headstone found for this person.  In an earlier record of 1948 the headstone of Almerain Hays was recorded as being buried in this cemetery.  Inscription read: Almerain Hays, died July 8, 1842, age 18 yrs., 3 mo's.  Believe this to be the grave of Almerain.
Culver Victoria, daughter of George & Mary Culver, died May 18, 1858 or 1868 aged 4 yrs, 1 mo.
1860 Harford, Cortland Co., George Culver age 35, Mary age 33, Emma V. age 2, John S. age 2/12. In 1880 Harford, Cortland Co., NY Census: George Culver age 55 - Farmer - born NY - father born NJ - mother born NY - Mary his wife age 53 born in NY - father born NY - mother born NY - Lizzie, dau age 18 - John son age 20 - Willie son age 12, with Burdelle Lorence age 18 living in same household. LDS records: George Culver, son of Simon B. & Betsey Vincent Culver, married Mary M. Lason, their children were: Viola, John, Lizzie, Willie. George and Mary Lason Culver are buried in Virgil Rural Cemetery along with their other children: George W. Tanner b. 1824 d. June 13, 1916; Mary M. Lason his wife b. 1826 d. 1898.
Effie May, daughter of M. H.  & Caroline Culver d. Aug. 21, 1842 age 1 ?m
Front row, almost illegable, and broken.  This record is from a recording in 1948 by Frank Place.
Hattie E., daughter of M. H. & Caroline Culver, died Nov. 15, 1873 age 19 yrs. ?
Headstone is no longer found.  This record is from a recording in 1948 by Frank Place.
Unknown ? Field stone marker only, no inscription.
Haskell Catherine S., dau of Benjamin & Sabra Haskell, died Feb 17, 1859 age 7 yrs., 3 mo., 4 days no other information
Payson Abigail M., died May 3, 1849 age ? yrs., ? mo's, 27 dys Could be Rayson, headstone is very hard to read.
Lason Sarah H., wife of Rev. A. A. Lason, died May 3, 1858 age 28 yrs, 5 mo's 7 dys.
inscription may not be correct, very hard to read. Looks like A. A.
Haskell Benjamin B., born Oct. 4, 1806 died May 22, 1885 View monument- A Flag was placed on his grave. 1880 Harford, Corland Co., NY census:George DeMarille age 29, b. NY, father b. MA, mother born MA. Hannah his wife age 44: Benjamin Haskill (father-in-law) age 72 born NY, father born MA, mother born MA: Sabera Haskill (mother-in-law) age 66 born MA, father born NY, mother born MA
Haskell Sabra his wife born July 14, 1815 died Mar 13, 1882 View monument  In 1860 Harford, Cortland Co., NY: Benjamin Haskill age 50, Sabre ae 43, Benjamin ae 22, Sena ae 18, Josiah ae 15, Lucy ae 14, Mary ae, 10, Caroline ae 5.
Tanner Erastus died Dec. 12, 1846 aged 53 yrs Erastus Tanner Sr. LDS records: Erastus Tanner, born Nov 28, 1791 in Mass. He d. Jan 12, 1846, at Harford, Cortland Co., NY, he was the son of George Tanner, married Elizabeth Morse Hays. They married abt. 1827, she was married 1st to a Mr. Hays. Elizabeth Morse was the dau. of Simon & Hannah Morse. Children of Erastus and Elizabeth Morse Tanner were: Caroline b. Oct 1828 d. April 1845; Erastus Jr born Nov. 15, 1832; Harriet born abt 1834; Hannah Elizabeth born abt. 1837; Huldah born Aug. 1841 died Oct 30, 1841; Irene Augusta born Jan. 6, 1846; Anna Maria born Nov. 3, 1851. Erastus Jr. married Helen Marian Haskell.
Tanner George died Sept 19, 1820 aged 63 yrs View headstone - Revolutionary War - DAR records lists his place of burial as Purvis Farm Cemetery, Town of Harford, Cortland Co., NY. His headstone is still in very good condition. LDS records: George Tanner born 1757, Richmond, Washington Co., Rhode Island, son of George Tanner and Mercy Wilcox. George Tanner married Mrs. George Tanner born abt 1760. LDS records state his children were: Salina b. 1781 d. 1847; Erastus 1791-1846; James 1794-1867; Ashel b. 1796; Polly 1802-1855; Relief born 1804; Maria b. abt 1806; Ester born 1808.
Tanner Caroline, dau of Erastus & Betsey Tanner, died Apr. 16, 1845 aged (part with age is buried in ground) dau of Erastus & Betsey Morse Tanner, born Oct 1828. View headstone
Earlier record states age was: 16 yrs., 6 mo's, 11 dys.

Cemetery walked for headstone inscriptions November 4th 2003
by JanMarie & Cathy Knauff
Updates for this cemetery were donated by George Chevalier, Town of Harford Historian.

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