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Rummer Farm Cemetery

photograph of cemetery
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Photo by JanMarie © 2005
Nov. 5th 2005


Also known as Willow Crossing Road Cemetery &
Carpenter Farm Cemetery.
Town of Harford, Cortland Co., NY, 
This area was once Town of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY

Located on Willow Crossing Road, near intersection of Willow Crossing and Cornell Lane.  Located on a small knoll, right side of road if traveling toward Purvis Road, from Cornell Lane.

Very Old Cemetery.  

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Headstones from this burying ground were removed in 1965 and placed in the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Dryden, they were removed from that location and placed back in the burying ground about 2003/04.  Records from the Old Pioneer Cemetery, noted these headstones were on the Kennard Carpenter Farm, Harford,
Cortland Co., NY

Inscription Headstone Photo Notes
Ann, wife of Gabriel Rummer, died Nov. 16, 1866, aged 73 yrs., 5 mo's 15 dys. Headstone Photo Record found of a Gabriel Rummer who married Ann Stephens, unknown if this is the correct graves for that couple.
 G.R. Foot marker Photo No headstone found, only footmarker - believe this is the grave of Gabriel Rummer, the footmarker is next to Ann his wife.  Gabriel died after 1860 when he is found in the Dryden census age 77 yrs old.
Martha, wife of Peter G. Rummer
died Jan. 11, 1828, aged 75 yrs
8 months
 Headstone Photo I need to return to burial plot for a better photo.
Peter G. Rummer,
May 16, 1810 aged 66 yrs
 Headstone Photo I need to return to burial plot for a better photo.
Barney Norwood,
Aug. 17, 1826  aged 44 yrs.
Headstone Photo

No other information
Olive, wife of Barney Norwood
died July 4, 1830 aged 47 yrs.
Headstone Photo No other information
Maria L., daughter of James M. & Martha
Marsh died Nov. 12, 1842
1 yr & 3 months
Headstone Photo No other information

Cemetery walked for headstone inscriptions Nov. 9th 2005
by JanMarie

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