McIntyre / McIntire

This family migrated from MA, to New Hampshire, Vermont to Tioga Co NY, Candor, Catatonk area.
Some migrated to Newfield, Tompkins Co., NY.





First Generation



1. McIntire.



     2     i.     Philip (1630-1719)



Second Generation



2. Philip McIntire. Born in 1630 in Argyllshire, Glen Orchy, Scotland. Philip died in Reading, Middlesex, Mass. in Dec 1719, he was 89. Occupation: Lumberman at the Lynn Iron Works.


Philip married Mary Nichols.


They had the following children:

     3     i.     Philip (1666-)

     4    ii.     Thomas (1668-1756)

         iii.     Daniel. Born on 20 Sep 1669. Daniel died on 7 Dec 1779, he was 110.


Daniel married Judith Pudney.


          iv.     Mary. Born on 3 Jul 1672.


Mary married Thomas Rich.


           v.     Sarah. Born in 1674.


Sarah married Joseph Pudney.


          vi.     Thomas. Born in 1676. Occupation: Housewright.


He did not marry Mary Moulton.


     5   vii.     Jonathan (1677-)

     6  viii.     Samuel (1682-1727)

     7    ix.     David (1688-1725)

           x.     Joseph. Born in 1686 in Reading, Mass.


Joseph married Lydia.


     8    xi.     John



Third Generation



3. Philip McIntyre. Born on 15 Mar 1666.


Philip married Hephzibzh Wooden.


They had one child:

     9     i.     Joseph


4. Thomas McIntyre. Born on 15 Oct 1668. Thomas died in 1756, he was 87.


Thomas married Mary Moulton, daughter of Robert Moulton & Mary Cook. Born on 2 Jan 1673.


They had the following children:

    10     i.     Obadiah (1705-1796)

          ii.     Thomas. Born on 1 Apr 1701 in Salem, Mass.


Thomas married Abigail McIntire.


    11   iii.     Nathan (1703-)

          iv.     Eleazer. Eleazer died in 1793.


Eleazer married Martha Pudney, daughter of Jonathan Pudney & Martha Green.



5. Jonathan McIntyre. Born in 1677 in Reading, MA. Occupation: Husbandman, overseer of the cattle for the North side of the Ipswich river.


Jonathan married Martha Kneeland, daughter of Edward Kneeland & Martha Fowler.


They had the following children:

           i.     Joseph.


Joseph married Deborah Russell, daughter of Ebenezer Russell & Deborah Hibbard.


          ii.     Lydia.


Lydia married John Leach.


    12   iii.     Martha


6. Samuel McIntyre. Born in 1682 in Reading, Massachusetts. Samuel died in Reading, Massachusetts in 1727, he was 45. Occupation: Joiner, carpenter.


On 15 Oct 1706 when Samuel was 24, he married Mary Upton, daughter of John Upton & Sarah Thompson, in Reading, Mass. Born on 25 Apr 1685 in Reading, Mass.


They had the following children:

    13     i.     Phineas (1718-)

    14    ii.     Amos (1720-)

    15   iii.     Timothy (1723-)

          iv.     Benjamin. Born on 14 Jul 1725 in Reading, MAss. Benjamin died on 3 Sep 1725 in Reading, Mass.


    16     v.     Benjamin (1727-)


7. David McIntyre. Born on 12 Jun 1688 in Reading, Mass. David died in Reading, Mass in 1725, he was 36.


David married Martha Graves, daughter of John Graves & Martha Kneeland.


They had the following children:

           i.     David.


          ii.     John.


         iii.     Solomon.


          iv.     Mary.



8. John McIntyre.


John married Elizabeth Daniels, daughter of Mercy Grant.


They had the following children:

           i.     Lydia.


Lydia married Josiah Ware, son of Nathaniel Ware & Mary Wheelock.


    17    ii.     Samuel



Fourth Generation



9. Joseph McIntyre.



    18     i.     Richard


10. Obadiah McIntyre. Born in 1705 in Salem, Mass. Obadiah died in Charlton, Mass in 1796, he was 91.


Obadiah married Sarah Upton. Born in 1710. Sarah died in 1803, she was 93.


They had the following children:

           i.     Samuel.


    19    ii.     Jesse (1743-)

         iii.     Mehitable.


Mehitable married Daniel Alexander.



11. Nathan McIntyre. Born in 1703.


Nathan married Jemima McIntire.


They had one child:

    20     i.     Nathan


12. Martha McIntyre.



           i.     Edward.



13. Phineas McIntyre. Born in 1718.


Phineas married Mary Carroll.


They had the following children:

           i.     Naomi.


          ii.     Sarah.


         iii.     Edee.


          iv.     Phineas.


           v.     Perley.


          vi.     Jacob.



14. Amos McIntyre. Born in 1720.


Amos married Sarah Severance.


They had the following children:

           i.     Daniel.


Daniel married Irene Hurtchinson.


          ii.     Ephraim.


         iii.     Ebenezer.


Ebenezer married Susanna Russell.


          iv.     Jacob.


Jacob married Phebe Hutchinson.


           v.     John.


John married Mary Hutchinson.



15. Timothy McIntyre. Born in 1723 in Middletown, Stafford, NH. Religion: Baptist  Church Of Goffstown, NH.


On 10 Jun 1747 when Timothy was 24, he married Ann Towne, daughter of Nathan Towne & Phoebe Curtis, in Andover, MA. Born on 28 Mar 1727 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass. Ann died on 11 Oct 1811, she was 84.


They had one child:

    21     i.     Timothy (1749-)


16. Benjamin McIntyre. Born in 1727 in Reading, Mass.


Benjamin married Experience Elliott. Born on 12 Apr 1730 in Middleton, Mass.


They had the following children:

    22     i.     Hezekiah

          ii.     Benjamin.


Benjamin first married Martha McIntire, daughter of Solomon McIntire & Anna Wood.


Benjamin second married Mary Ray.



17. Samuel McIntyre.


Samuel married Hannah Blake, daughter of James Blake & Ann Bullard.


They had one child:

           i.     Mary.




Fifth Generation



18. Richard McIntyre.



    23     i.     Nathaniel


19. Jesse McIntyre. Born in 1743.


On 13 Dec 1768 when Jesse was 25, he married Martha Lamb, daughter of Ebenezer Lamb & Ann Green, in Charlton, Worcester Co, MA.


They had the following children:

           i.     Amasa. Born in 1774 in MA. Amasa died in Ontario, Canada in 1807, he was 33.


          ii.     Solomon.


         iii.     Chloe.


          iv.     Martha.


           v.     Charlotte. Born on 26 Mar 1780 in Charlton, Mass. Charlotte died in Wolford, Greenville Co. Ontario on 4 Jan 1851, she was 70. Religion: Wesleyan.


Charlotte married Samuel Rose.


          vi.     William.


         vii.     Lucy.



20. Nathan McIntyre.


Nathan married Jemima Eames.


They had one child:

           i.     UNNAMED.



21. Timothy McIntyre. Born in 1749 in Amherst, NH. Religion: Baptist Church of Goffstown, NH.



    24     i.     Samuel (1767-)

    25    ii.     Timothy (1773-1844)


22. Hezekiah McIntyre.



    26     i.     Micha



Sixth Generation



23. Nathaniel McIntyre.



    27     i.     Hosea A.


24. Samuel McIntyre. Born in 1767 in Lyndeboro, NH. Occupation: Farmer.


On 23 Apr 1795 when Samuel was 28, he first married Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Ephraim Jones & Sarah Green, in Washington, Orange Co. VT. Born on 27 Jan 1775 in Weare, Hillsborough Co. NewHampshire.


They had the following children:

           i.     Sally. Born on 5 Sep 1797.


Sally married Frank Arnold Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel Blanchard.


    28    ii.     John Jones (1797-1889)

    29   iii.     Daniel Mason (1799-)

    30    iv.     Samuel Town (1801-)

    31     v.     James (1803-)

    32    vi.     Aaron Wells (1805-1864)

    33   vii.     William (1807-)

        viii.     Joseph. Born in 1810.



Samuel second married Ruth. Born in 1781 in Mass. Ruth died in Candor, NY on 30 Dec 1861, she was 80.


25. Timothy McIntyre. Born in 1773. Timothy died in Dunbarton, NH in 1844, he was 71.


On 13 Feb 1806 when Timothy was 33, he married Patty Colby, daughter of Archelaus Colby & Jemima Johnson, in Gofstown, Hilsboro, NH. Born in 1789, (1777) in Quincy, Norfolk, Mass. Patty died in Dunbarton, NH in Aug 1860, she was 71.


They had the following children:

    34     i.     Samuel A. (1809-1862)

          ii.     Jemima. Born in 1816.


         iii.     Sarah. Born in 1822.


    35    iv.     Johnson Colby (1827-)

           v.     William Whipple. Born in 1832.



26. Micha McIntyre.



    36     i.     Hammond



Seventh Generation



27. Hosea A. McIntyre.



    37     i.     Harvey M.


28. John Jones McIntyre. Born on 5 Sep 1797. John Jones died on 25 Sep 1889, he was 92. Buried in Catatonk Cemetery, Woodbridge.


John Jones married Betsy Williams, daughter of Hiram Williams & Abigail Ford. Born on 4 Mar 1800. Betsy died on 26 Dec 1889, she was 89.


They had the following children:

           i.     Elizabeth D.. Born on 5 Apr 1821. Elizabeth D. died on 23 Apr 1896, she was 75. Buried in Catatonk Cemetery.


Elizabeth D. married Henry Gaige. Born on 7 Feb 1813. Henry died on 7 Nov 1894, he was 81.


    38    ii.     Ira (1822-1917)

    39   iii.     William (?1823-1900)

          iv.     Harriet. Born in 1827.


           v.     Eliza. Born in 1830.


          vi.     Nancy. Born in 1834.


Nancy married Joseph Whitney. Born in 1831.



29. Daniel Mason McIntyre. Born on 25 Aug 1799.


Daniel Mason married Phoebe Morrison, daughter of Polly.


They had the following children:

           i.     James B.. Born in 1833.


          ii.     Speed. Born in 1840.



30. Samuel Town McIntyre. Born on 11 Mar 1801.


Samuel Town married Houck.


They had the following children:

           i.     John.


          ii.     David.


         iii.     Matthew. Born in 1825.


Matthew married Fanny Hamilton.



31. James McIntyre. Born on 3 Feb 1803.


James married Mary Curtis. Born in Pennsylvania.


They had the following children:

           i.     Elizabeth. Born in 1836.


          ii.     Levi. Born in 1838.


         iii.     Harriet. Born in 1839.


          iv.     Sophia. Born in 1841.


           v.     Celeste. Born in 1842.


          vi.     Alace. Born in 1846.


         vii.     George. Born in 1850 in Clinton, Iowa.



32. Aaron Wells McIntyre. Born on 5 Feb 1805 in Washington Twp, Orange Co.Vermont. Aaron Wells died in Winneshiek, Iowa on 28 Jul 1864, he was 59. Occupation: Farmer.


Aaron Wells married Emeline Bates, daughter of Stephen Bates & Elizabeth Gonsaulas. Born on 22 Dec 1810 in Tioga Co. NY.


They had the following children:

           i.     Martha. Born on 31 Jan 1837 in NY.


Martha married Omri Emery.


          ii.     Diantha.


         iii.     George. Born in 1829.


          iv.     Darius. Born in 1839.


           v.     John. Born in 1841.


          vi.     Melissa. Born in 1846.



33. William McIntyre. Born in 1807.


William married Diana.


They had the following children:

           i.     Andrew. Born in 1832.


          ii.     Aron. Born in 1833.


         iii.     William F.. Born in 1836.


          iv.     Elizabeth. Born in 1838.


           v.     George G.. Born in 1841.


          vi.     John J.. Born in 1843.


         vii.     Isaac. Born in 1847.



34. Samuel A. McIntyre. Born in 1809. Samuel A. died in Goffstown, NH in Aug 1862, he was 53.


Samuel A. married Atlantia Flanders. Born in Vermont. Atlantia died on 29 Jul 1861.


They had the following children:

           i.     Jane. Born in 1833. Jane died in 1850, she was 17.


          ii.     John Dexter. Born on 27 Dec 1849 in Goffstown, NH.



35. Johnson Colby McIntyre. Born in 1827.


Johnson Colby married Elizabeth. Born in 1834 in Vermont.


They had one child:

           i.     Lois. Born in 1861 in New Hampshire.



36. Hammond McIntyre.



    40     i.     Walter Jefferson



Eighth Generation



37. Harvey M. McIntyre.



           i.     Lewis.



38. Ira McIntyre. Born on 7 Dec 1822. Ira died in Owego,NY on 12 Apr 1917, he was 94. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery.


Ira first married Mary Jane Campbell. Born in 1833 in Wisconsin. Mary Jane died in Owego, NY in 1858, she was 25.


They had the following children:

    41     i.     Frank O. (1852-1937)

    42    ii.     Elizabeth (1856-?1917)


Ira second married Lydia Miller Springer. Born in 1824. Lydia died in 1888, she was 64.


39. William McIntyre. Born  ? Nov 1823. William died in 1900, he was 76. Buried in Woodbridge Cemetery, Candor, NY. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Methodist.


William married Roxina (Roxy) Whitmarsh. Born  ? Apr 1826. Roxina (Roxy) died in 1910, she was 83.


They had the following children:

    43     i.     Charles F. (1845-1930)

          ii.     Susan Elizabeth. Born on 14 Feb 1848.


         iii.     William Ira. Born on 9 Sep 1857. William Ira died in At parents home. on 7 Jan 1921, he was 63.


    44    iv.     Fredrick Orrin (1868-1951)


40. Walter Jefferson McIntyre.



    45     i.     Harold Sydney



Ninth Generation



41. Frank O. McIntyre. Born in 1852. Frank O. died in 1937, he was 85.


Frank O. married Louise Hyatt. Born in 1859. Louise died in 1932, she was 73.


They had the following children:

           i.     Bessie.


          ii.     Lotta. Born in 1871. Lotta died on 19 Nov 1891, she was 20.



42. Elizabeth McIntyre. Born in 1856. Elizabeth died  ? Apr 1917, she was 61.


Elizabeth married Fremont Kirk, son of  & Eliza.


They had the following children:

           i.     Florence M.. Born in 1882.


          ii.     Grace H.. Born in 1886.


         iii.     Ralph R.. Born in 1887.



43. Charles F. McIntyre. Born on 22 Feb 1845. Charles F. died on 24 Nov 1930, he was 85. Buried in Catatonk Cemetery.


Charles F. married Lydia Alfreda Newkirk. Born on 13 Jul 1855 in Middleton, NY. Lydia Alfreda died on 5 May 1923, she was 67.


They had the following children:

           i.     Henry C.. Born in 1880. Henry C. died in Catatonk,NY on 27 Apr 1893, he was 13. Buried in Catatonk,NY.


          ii.     Anna E.. Born in 1881. Anna E. died on 22 Dec 1904, she was 23.


Anna E. married Krum.


    46   iii.     Ethel L. (1888-1941)


44. Fredrick Orrin McIntyre. Born on 12 Jan 1868 in Catotonk,Tioga CO. NY. Fredrick Orrin died in Newfield, NY on 28 Jun 1951, he was 83. Buried in Woodbridge Cemetery, Candor, NY. Religion: Methodist.


Fredrick Orrin married Alice Mae Miller, Taylor. Born on 3 Oct 1865 in Catatonk,Tioga Co.NY. Alice Mae died in Newfield, NY on 13 Feb 1940, she was 74.


They had the following children:

    47     i.     Roy Fredrick (1895-1951)

    48    ii.     Blanche (1901-1966)


45. Harold Sydney McIntyre.



Tenth Generation



46. Ethel L. McIntyre. Born on 21 Aug 1888. Ethel L. died on 1 Nov 1941, she was 53. Buried in Catatonk Cemetery.


On 31 Oct 1906 when Ethel L. was 18, she married John J. Wagner. Born on 8 Mar 1886. John J. died on 26 May 1955, he was 69.


They had the following children:

           i.     Fred.


          ii.     William.


         iii.     John.


          iv.     Hazel.


           v.     Mary.


          vi.     Esther.


         vii.     Helen.


        viii.     Betty.



47. Roy Fredrick McIntyre. Born on 6 Oct 1895 in Candor,Tioga Co.NY. Roy Fredrick died in Newfield,NY on 16 Jul 1951, he was 55. Buried on 19 Jul 1951 in Wood Lawn Cemetery, Newfield,NY. Occupation: Machinist. Religion: Methodist.


Roy Fredrick married Mabel Irene Taggart, daughter of William H Taggart & Laura (Mae) Smith. Born on 5 Oct 1904. Mabel Irene died on 8 Apr 1961, she was 56.


They had the following children:

    50     i.     Ray B (1924-1987)

    51    ii.     Hazel May (1926-1994)


48. Blanche McIntyre. Born on 25 Sep 1901 in Catatonk,Tioga Co. NY. Blanche died in Newfield, NY on 11 Jun 1966, she was 64. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield, NY.


Blanche married Elmer Tichenor. Born in 1902. Elmer died in Newfield, NY in 1960, he was 58.


They had the following children:

    52     i.     Richard

          ii.     Fred.


Fred married Lena.


         iii.     Bud.


Bud married Lena.



49. Harold Reid McIntyre.



           i.     Stuart A..




Eleventh Generation



50. Ray B McIntyre. Born on 11 Nov 1924 in Ithaca, NY. Ray B died in Newfield,NY on 13 Aug 1987, he was 62. Buried on 16 Aug 1987 in Wood Lawn Cemetery,Newfield,NY. Occupation: NY Telephone Co. Installation and K-Plan repair technician. Education: Newfield Central School Graduate, US Navy Radio School. Religion: Protestant.


On 30 Jun 1951 when Ray B was 26, he married Barbara Jean Laughlin, daughter of Leon M. Laughlin & Marguerite Anna Teeter, in Newfield, NY. Born on 23 Dec 1921 in Ithaca, NY. Barbara Jean died in Machias, Cattaraugus CO. NY on 29 Oct 2004, she was 82.


51. Hazel May McIntyre. Born on 12 Mar 1926 in Newfield, NY. Hazel May died in Newfield, NY on 20 Nov 1994, she was 68. Buried in Newfield Wood Lawn Cemetery. Occupation: Hairdresser. Education: High School. Religion: Protestant.


Hazel May first married Lawrence T Peet. Born  ? Oct 1918.




Hazel May second married Elmer J. VanOstrand. Born on 19 Feb 1923 in Ithaca, NY. Elmer J. died in Newfield, NY on 25 Sep 1991, he was 68.


52. Richard Tichenor.


Richard married Living Eaton, daughter of Myron Eaton.


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Elaine's grandfather migrated to Newfield, NY and her father was born there.  She also born in Newfield, NY
    Elaine thought some other researcher may like to view this family record.
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