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Family Sketch of Asa Bishop From Landmarks of Tompkins County, NY

BISHOP, Asa, came in the year 1810 from Marbletown, Ulster County, to what is now called Tompkins County and purchased several hundred acres of land. A portion of said purchase passed into the hands of his son, John BISHOP. The latter moved from Ulster County to occupy the land (something over a hundred acres) now lying n the vicinity of Caroline Depot, Tompkins County, then called the town of Catharine, County of Tioga. John BISHOP and his family made the trip by means of an ox team and wagon. The farm which had come into their possession was in the midst of a pine forest. There, on the banks of a small stream, they immediately set about building a log cabin (the ruins of which may still be seen). There they lived about two years when a new and more commodious log house was built on another portion of the farm. In about the year 1834 they erected a large frame dwelling house, which still stands but a few rods from the ruins of the old log cabin built in 1811. The family of John BISHOP then consisted of John BISHOP, wife and three children. Seven others were afterwards born to those two early settlers of Tompkins County.
Emeline BISHOP, one of the ten children of John BISHOP, has given us many an interesting incident of the early years of the present century. She could distinctly remember when Ithaca was almost in the heart of a huge pine forest. I well remember hearing her tell of the one little store the town of Ithaca possessed in the year 1816. Can remember her telling how she walked from her home through the forest, some six miles, in order to make some purchases from Ithaca's only store. This daughter of John BISHOP finally came into possession of the old homestead, where she lived until about two years since, dying at the advanced age of eighty-five years. Her life was a most industrious one. It might be said of her "that she knew no rest." She was often found at break of day busy about some household care, having toiled the whole night through. She was ever busy weaving or spinning, baking and brewing yet ever ready to lend a helping hand to the sick and needy. As she commenced in the pioneer days, so she toiled on active and energetic till almost the last day of her life. She married James MILLER in the year of 1840, and widowed by his death in 1885, she continued to live at the old homestead until her death two years since. Two sons survive her, one, Dr. C. D. MILLER, now living in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., the other, H. L. MILLER, into whose possession has fallen what remains of the old homestead, which entered the family, some eighty-four years ago.  Of John BISHOP's large family but one remains, Mrs. Delight SCHUTT, nearly eighty-four years of age.

1. Asa Bishop, born Aug. 23, 1752, in MA. died 1813,  son of Ebenezer & Lydia (Parker)  Bishop
Married, Rebecca Winchell, born 1750, daughter of Stephen M. & Maritje (Roosa)  Winchell

1.  James Bishop born about 1775 ,  Dutchess Co., NY
2.  John Bishop born Feb. 27, 1777, Dutchess Co., NY
3.  Peter Bishop born about 1779, Dutchess Co., NY
4.  Asa Bishop born about 1781, Dutchess Co., NY
5.  Lydia Bishop born about,  1783, Dutchess Co., NY
6.  Mary Bishop born in 1784, Dutchess Co., NY
7.  Titus Bishop born about 1787, Dutchess Co., NY
8.  Abigail Bishop born about 1789, Ulster Co., NY
9.  Rebecca Bishop born about 1791, Ulster Co., NY
10. Jacob W. Bishop born March  17, 1794, Ulster Co., NY
11. Melissa Bishop born ?, Ulster Co., NY

2. John Bishop, born Feb. 27, about 1774 in Marbletown, NY - died Dec. 5, 1862 at Caroline Depot, Tompkins  NY.
son of Asa & Rebecca (Winchell) Bishop.  Married before 1806 to Rhoda Austin, was born Dec. 7, 1787 in Berkshire, Mass., and died in Caroline, NY on March 1, 1880.   It is believed they are buried on their farm land located on Caroline Depot Road.  Other family members also could be buried there.  This family burial plot was located in the 1950's, but can not be located at this date (2001).
They had 10 children: Austin, Abigail, John James, Delight, Azubah Ann, Miles, Rebecca, Emeline, Eliza, Truman Bishop.

i. Austin J. Bishop, born Nov. 29, 1806 died July 10, 1870;  record is found of a Austin J. Bishop in Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline, this cemetery is a short distance from the location of where the Bishop Farm was located.  Inscription on headstone is as follows -  1806-1870

ii. Emeline Bishop born Oct. 7, 1808 died Nov. 5, 1892
married James F. Miller born Jan. 6, 1807 died March 8, 1885, he married 1st her sister Rebecca Bishop
Children:  Melissa was the daughter of her sister Rebecca Miller.
1850 Caroline Census records has the following:  (living with John & Rhoda Bishop - Miller, James age 44 years old, a Blacksmith; Emeline age 42; Melissa age 14; Harliegh age 7; Chauncey age 4; Miller, John age 21; 1860 Caroline Census records has the following: James Miller age 53; Emeline Miller age 52; Melissa Miller age 22; Harley Miller age 15; Chauncey Miller age 13;
a. Harley L. Miller, born 1843 died 1924, married Sarah Roe born 1846 died 1884;
married 2nd Eliza Thurston born 1849 died 1930.  Buried in Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY. 
He was living in Ithaca, NY by 1900 with his 2nd wife Eliza.
1. Ford Miller, son of Harley and Sarah Roe Miller, born abt. 1868.  Found in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY in 1900 is Ford Miller born Dec. 1867 married 3 years; wife Frances born Feb. 1868, O children.

b. Chauncey Miller, born abt. 1846

iii. Delight Bishop, daughter of John & Rhoda ( Austin ) Bishop, born May 17, 1810 in Ulster Co., NY died March 7, 1902 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY at the age of 91 yrs., 9 mos., 20 dys.  Her will was made on Sept. 18th 1896.  She wills her estate to dau. Melissa Keyser and a son Claire Schutt.  In 1900 she is living with Kisor,
Married Abram Scutt/Schutt, son of Jeremiah & Susanna (Fosburg) Schutt (Scutt) Abram was born May 27, 1803 - died May 29, 1856 age 53 yrs.   In 1840 living in Town of Caroline is found: Abram Scut with 2 males age under 5; 2 males ages 10-15; 2 females ages 10-15; 1 female age 30-40.  Delight and Abram are buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY (Headstone inscription says, Scutt)  Her obit. states she was buried in Schoonmaker Cemetery, (same as Central Chapel Cemetery)  Also buried in Central Chapel Cemetery is a Gilbert Scutt, 1834-1920 their son.  Gilbert Scutt is buried next to Delight Bishop Scutt.  Abram and Delight's headstones are very damaged.  They are broken and have fallen over, inscriptions are not real clear now (2003)  In 1870 Delight Schutt is living in Danby, her husband had already died, she is 61 yrs. old, with Jane Schutt age 24, Herman C. Schutt age 21, Clarence E. Scutt age 16 in her home.  In 1880 she is living in Danby, NY., age 70, with a son Clarence E. age 26.
Children - Emma; Jerusha; Sylvester; Gilbert; Chester; Charles William; James H.; Susanna; Theodesia Jane; Anna Marie; Herman Camp; Miraim; Melissa Lillian; Clarence Eugene)  In 1900 Delight is living with her daughter Melissa Kisor, Delight states she is the mother of 14 children only 11 living.

1. Emma Schutt, daughter of Abram & Delight Bishop Schutt, born Nov. 4, 1827 died Jan. 14, 1907, married Isaac Shurter Personius, son of David  Personius, Isaac was born February 26, 1809 in ULSTER NY, and died January 26, 1884.  They are buried in Quick Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY.

i. Zachariah Personius  b. November 4, 1844
d. June 12, 1864  Co. E. Heavy Artillery, buried in Quick Cemetery, Brooktondale, NY.

ii. Henry Personius, b. January 13, 1846 d. June 12, 1864  s/o I and E PERSONEUS Co. 4 109 Reg. N.Y.
Buried in Quick Cemetery, Brooktondale, NY.

iii. Chester Personius, born Sept. 27, 1847 died Dec. 5, 1929.  He married twice, 1st Angeline (Unknown) he married 2nd to Julia A. Personiuis, born July 28, 1850, died Nov. 14, 1930, daughter of Cornelius & Bulah Hallett Personius. 
Her mother died in child birth when having Julia on July 28th 1850.  Julia married 1st Edward Hall, and Chester a cousin to her 2nd.  Chester and Julia are both buried in Quick Cemetery, Brooktondale, NY.  He had at least one child Cory with his first wife, Angeline.
a. Cora Personius, daughter of Chester and Angeline Personius, born Feb. 28, 1877 died Sept. 10, 1887, buried in Smith Valley Cemetery, Willseyville, NY.

iv. Louis Personius

v. Eugene Personius, born abt. 1852 (this may be the Arthur Eugene Personeus buried in Quick Cemetery:
PERSONEUS, Arthur Eugene 1852 - 1928  Nettie SMITH his wife (wife of Arthur Eugene Personeus) 1855 - 1934

vi. Ezra G. Personius, born abt. 1866

2.  Jerusha Schutt, born May 27, 1830 died April 21, 1909, Danby, NY.  She married Richard Compton, who died Jan. 27, 1851 at the age of 26 yrs., Jerusha married 2nd married Charles Wesley Shaw, born 1820, died 1902.   1880 Danby; Charles W. Shaw age 62; Jerusha age 50; Melville D. age 20; Burtie L. 13 or 18; Hattie Amelia 3.

i.   Julia Compton born abt. 1851
ii.  Alvira Shaw born abt. 1856
iii. Bert L. Shaw, born abt. 1868
iv. Hattie A. Shaw, born abt. 1876, daughter of Charles W. & Jerusha Scutt, married April 2, 1895 to Charles W. Kisor, son of Charles N. Kisor and Phebe Robertson, born abt. 1869.
1. Gladys Kisor, daughter of Charles Kisor and Hattie Shaw. 

3.  Sylvester A. Schutt, April 9, 1832 died Sept. 23, 1916.  Married Alsine E. Crandall, born 1829 died 1910. 
They are buried in Caroline Grove Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY.

i.  Jane Schutt, born abt. 1857
ii. Thomas Schutt, born abt. 1860
iii. Louise Gertrude, born abt. 1859 died July 18, 1923
iv. George D. Schutt,  born 1862 died 1872
v. Warren G. Schutt born 1872 died 1872

4.  Gilbert Schutt, born Nov. 2, 1834 died April 12, 1920, married Sept. 9, 1857 to Marie McPherson, born July 4, 1839 in Ithaca, she died Oct. 23, 1900, at Crete, Ill.  No children

5.  Chester Schutt, born abt. 1836, must have died young

6.  Charles William Schutt, son of Abram & Delight (Bishop) Schutt, born April 16, 1837 in Caroline, NY.  Charles died May 29, 1924, in Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  He married Jan. 24, 1856 to Mary Ann Smith, daughter of          William & Polly (Vickery) Smith who was born June __, 1830 died March 21, 1902 - Mary Ann Smith married 1st    Philip Schoonmaker.  Philip her first husband died Nov. 20th, 1854 at the age of 29 yrs. He was buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY.  On the headstone of Philip the inscriptions states he left his father, wife and child.  Mary Ann must of had a child by Philip Schoomaker.

i. Ida Almina Schutt, daughter of Charles W. & Mary Ann (Smith) Schutt, born 1857, died Nov. 25, 1918 married 1883 to Frank P. Fletcher who was born 1864.
1. Edith May Fletcher, daughter of Frank & Ida (Schutt) Fletcher, born Sept 1, 1894
7.  James H. Scutt, born May 24, 1839 died March 8, 1924, married Lucy A. Seamon born 1842 died 1905
They are buried in Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.

i. Fred E. Scutt, born abt/ 1872
ii. Georgie M. Scutt, born abt. 1876 (female)

8.  Susanna Schutt, born August 1841 died 1842 (may be buried in the Bishop Family Plot in Caroline, NY.

9.  Theodesia Jane Schutt, born Sept. 9, 1843 died May 8, 1926, died in Harford, Cortland Co., NY.  She married William M. Riley, they married March 31, 1876, William died abt. 1900.

10. Anna Marie Schutt, born Feb. 28, 1846 died abt. 1917, she was living with Jerusha Shaw, her sister in 1860, Danby, NY.  She married J. Henry Slater, born 1843 died 1898.  He served in the Civil War.  Anna married 2nd George Northrup born 1842 died 1913., he was married 1st to Viola (_____) b. 1841 d. 1900.   They are buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.  Per the cemetery records, Anna was buried next to George with no marker, but a headstone in the same cemetery for J. Henry Slater has her name and birth date with no death date listed.
i. Charles Slater born 1867 died 1918, married Cora J. Humiston, daughter of Horace & Jane Hewitt Humiston, buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.

11. Herman Camp Scutt, born July 28, 1848, died March 25, 1925, married Ella A. Reed born Sept. 6, 1857 died Nov. 21, 1937. (her headstone states she was born 1858)  They are buried in Caroline Grove Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY. [His obit: Dated Saturday, March 28, 1925 - 
Herman Schutt, 77 years old, died at this home in Dryden, Wednesday.  He was survived by his wife and four sons; Archie and Clifford of Dryden, Earl of Brookton and Leo of Ithaca, two daughters, Mrs. Earl Lundis of Dryden and Mrs Mynederse Hunter of Ithaca; two sisters, Mrs. Jay Riley of Harford, and Mrs. Charles Edmonds of Ithaca, and a brother, Charence of Dryden. The funeral was held yesterday.  Burial was in Caroline]
i.   Archie E. Scutt born abt. 1876, Found in Willow Cemetery, Dryden, NY is: Archie Schutt, buried 1942 on lot 17-14, with Henrietta Schutt, buried on the same lot buried 1942 age 76yrs.  Tompkins Co., Draft Reg. cards lists; Archie Ellias Schutt born July 17, 1875.  1910 Dryden census; Archie A. Schutt age 34; married 7 yrs., wife Henriette, married twice, 5 children, 5 living.  Archie has a step son living with them Burton Post., with Pearl Schutt age 4.  1930 Dryden census; Archie D. Schutt age 53, married at age 25; Henrietta wfe age 63, married at age 25;

ii.   Earl D. Scutt, born abt. 1878 died 1953 married Ada B. born 1882 buried in Quick Cemetery,
Town of Caroline, NY. 
Tompkins Co., NY Draft Reg. cards lists; Earl David Schutt, born Dec. 15, 1879.

iii.   Mildred E. Scutt, born abt. 1882, she may be the daughter who married Earl Lundis of Dryden, NY.

iv.  Pearl D. Scutt, 1884-1894 Caroline Grove Cemetery

v.   Alice M. Scutt, born 1887 died 1969 married Mynederse Hunter, buried in Caroline Grove Cemetery.

vi.  Leon H. Scutt, born Dec. 1892, Tompkins Co., NY Draft Reg. cards lists; Leon Herman Schutt, born Dec. 25, 1892. 

vii. Clifford A. R. Schutt born July 6, 1895 died Aug. 1969 age 74 yrs., Married Georginia E. (____), born Aug. 16, 1896 died Feb. 1, 1995 buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY Lot 4-06.  In 1930 he is living in Dryden, NY;
1. Lloyd H., Schutt born abt. 1920
2. Arleen N. Schutt born abt. 1922
3. Jeanette Schutt born abt. 1924
4. Joyce M. Schutt born abt. 1925
5. Mailynn Schutt born abt. 1929

12. Meriam Schutt, born June 18, 1850, must have died young, may be buried in the Bishop Family Plot.

13. Melissa A. Schutt,
daughter of Abram & Delight (Bishop) Schutt, born born Dec. 22, 1851 died 1943
Married Wm. K. Keyser/Kisor, born 1846 died 1913 or 1918.  Surname spelled Keyser in will of her mother, Kisor on census records.  1900 City of Ithaca Census, Delight is living with her daughter: Wm. K. Kisor age 53, born Aug. 1846; Melissa Kisor, wife born Dec. 1851 age 48 yrs., they had been married for 30 yrs. and they had no children, Delight Schutt age 90 mother in law, born May 1810.  Found in Quick Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY is William 1846 - 1918 (death year for him may have been 1913; Melissa A., his wife 1851-1943.   Melissa married 2nd to Charles Edmonds.

14. Clarence Eugene Scutt, born May 17, 1854 died Feb. 5, 1941.  Married Josephine A. Ross born abt. 1875 died March 17, 1931, she was not living with Clarence in 1930, he was living with his daughter Carrie Cotterill in Dryden.  Josephine was living in Trumansburg 1930 with their other daughter Helen D. Raymond.  In 1910 they were living in Candor, Tioga Co., NY; In 1900 they are found living in Covert, Seneca Co., NY.  She was the daughter of Mr. & Harriet Ross.  Harriet Ross age 70, mother in law to Clarence was living with them in Candor, NY in 1910.
i. Helen D.  Scutt born Jan. 31, 1900 died Nov.  18, 1987 at the age of 87 yrs, Trumansburg, NY.  Married March 2, 1923 to Harrison Raymond, born June 30, 1902 died August 24, 1969 at the age of 67 yrs.  They are buried in Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., NY in Lot 1459.
1. Josephine A. Raymond
2. Glenn Lewis Raymond
3. Donald Edward Raymond
4. Harrison Raymond Jr.
5. Child Raymond

ii. Ruth Scutt, born abt. 1902

iii. Alfred Scutt, born abt. 1904, This may be the Alfred L. Scutt buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, who died 1987 age 83 yrs.  Lot 19-22; Married, Iva May (____) buried in same lot is Iva May Schutt, who was buried 1962 age 54.

iv. Carrie L. Schutt,  born March 7, 1907, died Jan. 18, 1995 in FL, married Ernest R. Cotterill, b. July 3, 1902 in Virgil, NY.  He died May 8, 1990, died in Tavares, FL., both buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY, Lot 14-28.  Their children (may be more) Lewis R, born abt. 1926; Clyde E. born abt. 1927; Clinton E., born abt. 1927.  Clarence Schutt was living with them in 1930.

iv.  Rebecca Bishop,  born Sept. 19, 1813 died after 1837 and before 1840, married James F. Miller, born Jan. 6, 1807 died March 8, 1865.  Rebecca died before her fathers probate in 1862, she was deceased at that time.  She left a child Melissa Miller.   After the death of Rebecca her husband James F. Miller, married 2nd Emeline Bishop her sister.   James F. Miller is buried in Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline.  I believe Rebecca may have been buried on her family's property in the old John Bishop Burial Plot.

a. Rebecca Miller, born Jan. 20, 1837 died Sept. 16, 1865

v. Abigail Bishop, born Feb. 1, 1815  - died ? (after 1877) married Jacob W. Reed, born about 1811 he died abt 1876.
1860 census Town of Caroline, NY has the following: Reed, Jacob age 49; Abigail age 45; Rhoda age 18; Hiram age 17; Leonard Reed age 15; Cynthia age 13; Antonette age 11; Orpha age 9; Angeline age 7; Alice age 5; Nelson age 4.
Note: A Leonard S. Reed is found married to Mary E. Evans, they lived in the Town of Caroline, NY - Their daughter Alice Reed married Nov. 29, 1899 to Merlin E. Snyder, son of George & Mary (Williams) Snyder

Helen C. Reed b: Abt 1837
Rhoda Reed b: Abt 1841
Hiram C. Reed b: 8 APR 1842 in Caroline,NY
Leonard S. Reed b: MAR 1844 in Caroline,NY. married, Mary E EVANS b: Abt 1851
their children:
i.  Ernest Reed b: Abt 1872
ii. Charley Reed b: Abt 1873
iii. Alice Reed b: Abt 1875 in Caroline,NY
iv. Bertha Reed b: Abt 1878
v. Howard L. Reed b: Abt 1879

Cynthia Reed b: Abt 1847

Medora Antionette Reed b: Abt 1849

Angeline M. Reed b: Abt 1850 in Caroline,NY, She married June 29, 1886 to George E. Vandermark,  He was born Abt 1854 in Caroline, NY.

Orpha L. Reed b: Abt 1851

Alice Reed b: Abt 1855

Nelson Reed b: Abt 1856

vi. Miles Bishop, born Sept. 1817 died ?  (still living in 1880, living with his sister Emeline Bishop in 1880)
1860 he is living with his parents, John & Rhoda Bishop, his age is 35 years old and he is listed as an Idiot.  He may also be buried on the old Bishop Farm.

vii. Eliza Bishop, "Ann Eliza"  born July 31, 1819. On the old family homestead is buried Ann Eliza Bishop wife of Isaac Longcoy, who died June 26, 1843 age 23 years, 1 mo., 26 days.
She is buried on the old Bishop farm, headstone inscriptions stated she was the wife of Isaac Longcoy.
married before 1842 to Isaac Longcoy, he married 2nd to Mary (____)

a. Francis M. Longcoy 1843 - 1904 married Martha Jane Lawton 1841 - 1930, daughter of Arial M. & Angeline Austin Lawton. Buried in Quick Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY

viii. John James Bishop, born Sept. 9, 1822, he died after 1892, married abt. 1843 to Abigail Ann Tallmadge, born abt. 1820.  They lived in Danby, NY

a. Gilbert Bishop, born about 1843, may be the one that married Phebe (_____) born about 1845, they lived in Owego, Tioga Co., NY.  They had Aaron W. born abt. 1869.  In 1900 they had Susan L. Bishop b. Sept. 1891 living in their home.

b. Truman Bishop, born abt. 1845, he married Anna L. (_____) they had Lizzie, born abt. 1886 and Leona, born abt. Oct. 1897

c. Elizabeth Mary Bishop, born about 1850, she is listed as Mary E. in some census.  She was still a single women living with her parents in 1892, her age was 42 yrs.

ix. Azubah Ann Bishop, daughter of John & Rhoda Austin Bishop,  born Nov. 20, 1825 died 1891, married before 1862 to Alfred Gould, born 1831 died 19091860 Caroline Census records states the following: Gould, Alfred age 29; Azuba age 25; Alice age 2; also living with them are Bishop, Austin age 53 and Francis Longcoy age 18. - Austin Bishop is a brother to Azuba and Francis Longcoy/Loncoy is a nephew, her sister Eliza's son.   Azuba & Alfred are buried in Cooper Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY
a. Alice M. Gould, born abt. 1858, she was still living at home in 1880 age 21.
Note: After Azuba died Alfred married second.  See marriage below.
Town of Caroline Marriages: GOULD
, Alfred 2nd. marriage; From; Brookton, NY, Born; Sladie, Seneca Co., age 61, Railroad, son of; Wm. GOULD & Maria MILLER, married; Sept. 5, 1893 Ellen J. Andrews Predmore, her 2nd. marriage; From; Brookton, NY, Born; England, age 46, dau. of; Joseph ANDREWS & Ellen PELL.   Ellen his 2nd wife is listed as mother of 4 children all living in 1900, Ithaca census.

x.  Truman Bishop, born March 4, 1829, died ?  Married ?

            Intestate papers - Tompkins Co., NY has the following:
John Bishop of Caroline, NY, died Dec. 6, 1862, Probate August 21, 1865
Widow, Rhoda Bishop
Son, Austin Bishop - Caroline, NY
Daughter, Abigail wife of Jacob Reed
Son, John James Bishop - Ithaca, NY
Daughter, Delight Schutt, Caroline, NY
Daughter, Azubah Ann wife of Alfred Gould, Caroline, NY
Son, Miles Bishop - Caroline, NY
Daughter, Rebecca Miller, deceased - left Melissa Miller
Daughter, Eliza Longcoy, deceased - left; Frank Longcoy
Emeline Bishop, wife of James Miller

Intestate papers - Tompkins Co., NY also has the following:
Austin Bishop, of Caroline, NY died July 10, 1870, Probate August 31, 1871
Mother, Rhoda Bishop
Sisters, Emeline Miller; Azuba Ann Gould; Abba Reed.
Brothers, Miles & John James Bishop
Sister, Delight Schutt, Danby, NY
Neph., Francis M. Longcoy, Watkins, NY.

Tompkins Co NY, REED, Jacob W - Caroline N-405
In a Surrogate's Court, held in and for the county of Tompkins, at the office of the County Judge, on the 9th day of March 1876.

Present Marcus Lyon County Judge and Surrogate.
In the matter of proving the Last Will and Testament of Jacob W. Reed Deceased.
AN INSTRUMENT, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Jacob W. Reed, bearing date the 11th day of October 1875 was produced in open Court, and shown to each of the persons sworn as witnesses, as herinafter mentioned.
Tompkins County, ss:
Benton Reed and Hermon D. Reed being first duly and severally sworn, in open Court, and being severally and duly examined upon their several corporeal oaths, each for himself doth depose and say, that he is a subscribing witness to the last Will and Testament of Jacob W. Reed late of the Town of Caroline in the County of Tompkins, and State of New York, deceased; that the said Jacob W. Reed deceased, did, in the presence of each of these deponents, subscribe his name at the end of the instrument in writing, which is now here shown to this deponent, and which purports to be the last Will and Testament of the said deceased, and which bears date on the 11th day of October 1875. That the said deceased did, at the time of subscribing his name to the instrument as aforesaid, declare the same to be his last Will and Testament and this deponent did thereupeon subscribe his own name at the end of said instrument, as an attesting witness to the execution therof, at the request of the said deceased, and in his presence; That the said deceased, at the time of so subscribing his name to said instrument as aforesaid, and publishing said instrument as aforesaid, was upwards of twenty-one years of age, and a citizen of the United States; that he appeared to be, and deponent believes he was, of sound mind, memory and understanding, and not under any restraint, and as deponent verily believes, in all respects competent to devise real estate; that each of these deponents saw the other sign his name to said instrument in the presence of the said deceased.
Benton Reed (L.S.)
Hermon D Reed (L.S.)
Sworn and examined before me, Marcus Lyon (L.S.) Surrogate.

Which said Will is in the words and figures following, to-wit: "In the Name of God Amen. I, Jacob W. Reed of the Town of Caroline, County of Tompkins, NY being of sound mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, that is to say: First: After all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, I give and bequeath unto my wife Abigail Reed, all my property, both Real and personal without any reserve whatever; Likewise I make, constitute and appoint my wife Abigail Reed to be executrix of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affix my seal, the Eleventh day of October, in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five.
Jacob W. Reed L.S.
The above written instrument was subscribed by the said Jacob W. Reed, in our presence, and acknowledged by him to each of us; and he at the same time declared the above instrument, so subscribed to be his Last Will and Testament; and we, at his request, have signed our names as witnesses unto, in his presence and in the presence of each other and written opposite our names our respective places of residence.  Benton Reed - Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY;  Hermon D. Reed - Caroline, Tompkins Co.

Tompkins County, ss:
It appearing upon the proofs duly taken in respect to the Last Will and Testament of Jacob W. Reed late of the Town of Caroline in the County of Tompkins, and State of New York, deceased, at the said will was duly executed, and that the said Jacob W. Reed, deceased, at the time he executed the same, was in all respects competent to devise real estate, and not under restraint; the said last Will and Testament, and the proofs and examinations relating thereto, are hereinbefore recorded by me, pursuant to the provisions of the Revised Statutes; and I certify the the foregoing is a true record of said last Will and Testament, and of the original  proofs relating thereto.   Dated the 9th day of March 1876.  Marcus Lyon (L.S.) Surrogate.

Note: Benton Reed married Maria Roe, they had a daughter Cora Reed, age 41 yrs old in 1901, married Feb. 27, 1901 Melvin R. Lynch -  a farmer son of Isaac Lynch and Nellie A. Turk.

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