John & Peleg Ellis
Two brothers John & Peleg Ellis, sons of Gideon & Elizabeth Ellis, were among the first settlers in Dryden, NY.
They were originally from Rhode Island, but had settled in Herkimer County, New York.
Peleg traded his Herkimer County property for lot no. 84, originally assigned to Dr. Samuel Cook, a surgeon in the war.

Peleg Ellis came to survey his land, the area surrounding the intersection of Ellis Hollow and Ellis Hollow Creek Roads, in 1799.
1. John ELLIS was born 22 May 1771 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, and died 10 Apr 1846 in Dryden,Tompkins Co., NY.  He is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NYHis headstone insciptions: John Ellis Esq., died April 10, 1846 aged 74 yrs., 10 mo., 19 dys (he is buried in the Old section of the cemetery)  He was the son of Gideon ELLIS & Elizabeth ARNOLD.  He married Rhoda RATHBURN Bef 1800 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, daughter of Joshua RATHBURN & Elizabeth UNKNOWN.  She was born 19 Apr 1774 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, and died 11 Jul 1819 in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.  Rhoda also is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.   He married 2nd the widow of Jacob HILES Abt 1844 in Dryden,Tompkins Co., NY.   

John Ellis was known as King of Dryden.  He was also a Judge in Tompkins Co., N

Children of John ELLIS and Rhoda RATHBURN are:
    i. James ELLIS was born 10 Feb 1792 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 25 Apr 1854.  He married Elsie THOMAS. She died 1813.  He married Nancy HART.  She was born 27 Sep 1796, and died 15 Apr 1866 in Bath, Steuben Co.,NY.
    ii. Betsey ELLIS was born 16 Oct 1793.  She married James McELHENY.
   iii. Nancy ELLIS was born 26 Jul 1797 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 16 Mar 1830 in Dryden, Tompkins Co.,NY.  She married John SOUTHWORTH 1816.  He was born 26 Sep 1796 in Salsbury, Herkimer Co., NY.
   iv. Charlotte ELLIS was born 22 Sep 1799,  died 14 Jul 1819 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY.  buried at Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY. Headstone inscription: Charlotte, 3rd daughter of John Ellis, Esq., died July 14, age 19 yrs., 9 mo's 22 dys.  She married Charles HART.
    v. Ira ELLIS was born 2 Mar 1802 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 11 Nov 1849 at the age of 47 years old in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.   He is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Town of Dryden, NY.  He married Sarah UNKNOWN.
    vi. Amelia ELLIS was born 3 Jun 1804.  She married Mahar WIGTON.
    vii. John ELLIS was born 19 Sep 1806 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 1881 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY.  He married Catherine BoiceShe was born May 1818 in, Tompkins Co.,NY.
a. Marian Ellis b. abt. 1839
b. John Ellis Jr. b. abt. 1842
c. Henry C. Ellis b. abt. 1844 married Mary L. Towner
d. Jason Ellis b. abt. 1847
e. Benjamin  Ellis b. Nov. 30, 1849 who married Ella Harter
    viii. Willet ELLIS was born 29 Nov 1808 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 16 Sep 1863 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY. Married Mariah Hiles.  Willet is buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.
    ix. Peleg ELLIS was born 10 Jul 1811 in Dryden,Tompkins Co., NY.  He married Jane UNKNOWN.  They had a son Gideon who died Feb. 26th 1840 age 8 yrs., buried in Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.
    x. Lydia ELLIS was born 8 May 1814 in Varna,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 21 Oct 1883 in Varna,Tompkins Co., NY.  She married Warren D. ELLIS, son of Peleg ELLIS and Ruth DAWLEY.  He was born 1820 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co., NY.

2. Peleg ELLIS was born 9 May 1775 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI,  died 9 May 1859 in Ithaca,Tompkins Co., NY. He was buried 1859 in Ithaca Ellis Hollow Cemetery,Tompkins Co., NY.  He was the son of Gideon ELLIS &  Elizabeth ARNOLD
He married Ruth DAWLEY 17 Mar 1796 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI,  daughter of Michael DAWLEY & Mary MOORE. 
She was born 13 Feb 1777 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, died 7 Oct 1870 in Ellis Hollow, Tompkins Co., NY.

They were known to be first settlers in what was to become the village of Ellis in 1799.  Mr. Z. Brown had settled a short distrance away, toward what is now known as Ithaca, NY.  The where Mr. Brown lives is known as the Ellis Hollow Road, just after the area known as Hibbards Corners.  Peleg was a captain of the early State Militia in Dryden.  He and his whole company volunteered when the War of 1812 broke out.   He was later commissioned as a Major of Infantry.  He was in the battle of Battle of Queenston.  He and his whole company were taken prisoner. There is a monument that can be seen from Lewiston on the American side of Niagara Falls.  He was awarded land, because of his involvement of being an officer. During his Army days, he made heavy use of intoxicating spirits.  It must of carried over into the rest of his life as it is recorded that he marched his imaginary troops up and down the Hollow.  In the years prior to his death, he gave up drinking and became very religious. 


Children of Peleg ELLIS & Ruth DAWLEY are:
    i. Mary ELLIS. born Dec. 11, 1796, Rhode Island died Nov. 21, 1892She married in Ithaca 1823 to Silas HUTCHINSON born abt. 1792, believed to be the son of Dr. Silas Hutchinson & Elizabeth "Betsey (Buell)They moved to Dodge Co., Wis., per will of her father dated 1859. 
    ii. Betsey ELLIS was born 24 Jan 1799 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died 3 May 1805 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY.
She is buried on the old homestead property in the Ellis burial ground,  which is located behind the Headwaters Home where, Peleg & Ruth Ellis lived.  Burial Plot was still there in the 1950's.  It is said that Peleg was buried here first and then removed to Ellis Hollow Cemetery,  which is a stort distance down the road.
    iii. Delilah ELLIS was born about 1799 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died Dec. 12, 1837 age 37 yrs., 10 months,  (she died the day she gave birth to her son Charles Freer Mulks) She married David MULKS, son of Moses & Catherine Whitaker Mulks,  b. 1797 d. June 10, 1864 aged 67 yrs., 1 mo., 11 dys.,  They are buried in Charles Mulks Cemtery, Slaterville Springs, NY on lot A-13
a. Maria Mulks b. Dec. 25, 1819

b. Chauncey Mulks b. Sept. 8, 1823 died Jan. 2, 1903 in Syracuse, NY. He married ? Jan. 1888

c. Franklin Mulks b. Sept. 26, 1825 d. May 30, 1871 in Ohio, he married Susan Spraque

d. Ruth Mulks b. March 3, 1827 (1850 she was still living at home) married Peter M. Latimer 2nd Mr. Fairlee
Buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery: Charles A. son of Peter W. and Ruth Latimer, d. Jan.  27, 1853 ae 1 yr., 4 mo., 17 dys. Our Little one's at rest, On the sweet saviors breast, A sweet being of love, A bright angel above.  Buried in lot A-13

e. Warren Mulks b. Apr. 8, 1829 d. Feb. 25, 1830 age 10 yrs., 19 dys.  Buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery.

f.  Washington Mulks b. Apr. 8, 1829 (twin with Warren) married Jane (____)

g. Kate Mulks, buried in Mulks Cemetery.  Inscription: Kate, dau. of David & Deliah Mulks d. Feb. 23, 1833 ae 1 yr.

h. Henry Mulks b. June 16, 1832  died July 25, 1853 age 21 yrs., 10 dys., buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery.

i.  Omar Mulks b. March 6, 1834 (1850 still living at home)

j. Charles Freer Mulks b. Dec. 12, 1837 d. Dec. 17, 1907 ae 70 yrs.  He is buried in Charles Mulks Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.  (his mother died when he was born)

David Mulks married 2nd to Maria McPherson 1818-1887, she was the widow of Samuel P. Ashley.              
Note: DAR records have listed 1819-1887 Maria McPherson, 2nd wife of David, married 1841 

   iv. Olive ELLIS was born Jan. 20, 1803 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY, died March 26, 1833Her headstone appears to be d. 1835, but her will was made Feb. 17, 1833 proved March 25, 1833She married James MULKS, born Jan. 8th 1801 died Feb. 26, 1833. They are buried in lot A-1 in Charles Mulks Cemtery, Slaterville Springs, NY.
a. Ellis Mulks b. Nov. 11, 1826

b. George Mulks b. 1827

c. Eliza Amelia Mullks b. ? died May 31, 1851, married John Thomas.  Her headstone inscription: Eliza Amelia, dau. of James M. Mulks, wife of John Thomas died May 31, 1861 age 29 years.  She is buried in Lot A-11, Charles Mulks Cemetery, Slaterville Springs, NY.          

d. Cordelia Mulks married Eugene Schutt

e. Willie Mulks ? They may have had a son Willie -  Buried next to Eliza Amelia and Olive Ellis Mulks is a headstone with Little Willie, no dates. 

    v. Lydia ELLIS was Nov. 22, 1804 or 1805  in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co., NY.  died Oct. 15, 1888She married Benjamin AMES, born abt. 1801
   vi. Mahala ELLIS was born July 25, 1805 in Ellis Hollow, Tompkins Co., NY, died March 4, 1890 age 82 yrs., 6 mo., 16 days. She married Peter WORDEN. d. Mar. 11, 1875 ae 65yr 9moThey are buried in Ellis Hollow Cemetery, Town of Dryden, NY. (It appears that Peter was married twice, first wf. Statira Ford, 2nd wf. Mahala Ellis,  1850 Dryden Census lists Worden, Peter ae 41, Mahala ae 43, Laura ae 10, Mary ae 8, Estelle ae 4)
a. Laura Worden born about 1840
b. Mary Worden born about 1842
c. Estelle Worden born about 1846
   vii. Warren D. ELLIS was born Sept. 10, 1809 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY,  died Feb. 9th 1886He married Lydia ELLIS, daughter of John ELLIS and Rhoda RATHBURN.  She was born 8 May 1814 in Varna,Tompkins Co.,NY, died 21 Oct 1883 in Varna,Tompkins Co., NY.
a. Mary A. Ellis b. abt 1835
b. Sally A. Ellis b. abt 1840
c. Rhoda Ellis b. abt. 1846
d. Georgianna Ellis b. abt. 1857
   viii. Ruth ELLIS was born Feb. 29, 1811 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co., NY, died April 19, 1903 in Newark Valley, Tioga Co., NY.  She married abt 1834 to John F. KIMBALL. born Jan 25, 1811, he died Feb. 20, 1898 in Newark Valley, Tioga Co., NY. Information from Historical Gazetteer and Directory of Tioga Co., NY 1887. "John F. Kimball b. in Scotland, Conn., 1811 and came to Berkshire, Tioga Co., in 1835.  Locating on the farm where he now resides (1887) He married Ruth Ellis, daughter of Peleg Ellis of Dryden, NY".  They are buried in the Bushnell Cemetery, Newark Valley, NY, located on Wilson Creek Road, and the corner of Ketchumville Road.  Also buried in this same cemetery is Anson & Annie Kimball, this may be his parents.

Children: James P., Olive, Grace.
1. James P. Kimball , Surgeon and Major at West Point.
2. Olive Kimball
3. Grace Kimball (Mrs. Lorenzo Stannard)
    ix. Hulda ELLIS was born Sept. 16, 1813 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY.  She married May 31, 1846 to John C. ELLIS.
    x. Sarah (Sally) ELLIS was born Feb. 29, 1816 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY.  She married Marenus ELLIS.
Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY has the following:
Marenus Ellis buried 1886 age 73 yrs.  Lot 10-07
Sarah buried May 3, 1908 age 92 yrs., Lot 10-07
Amelia Ellis buried Nov. 11, 1931 ae 87 is also buried on the same lot as Marenus and Sally.
    xi. John J. ELLIS was born 27 Aug 1818 in Dryden,Tompkins Co.,NY, died 22 Jun 1893 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY. 
He married Loraine BOICE. She was born 13 Mar 1822,  died 15 Jul 1884 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY.
He married Lillie J. UNKNOWN.  b. Oct. 23, 1851 d. Feb. 8, 1890. She was born 23 Oct 1854, and died 8 Feb 1890 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY.
Children found are.
a. Jennie Ellis b. April 16, 1859 d. Jan. 29, 1876
b. Loraine Ellis b. Dec. 24, 1852 d. Jan. 14, 1853
   xii. Ann H. ELLIS  born abt. 1820, died 1900 in Ellis Hollow,Tompkins Co.,NY.  She married John M. SMITH 29 Jan 1843 in Tompkins Co., NY, he was the son of Isaac & Elizabeth Mitchell Smith.  They had a daughter Carrie R. Smith who died young, she is buried in Ellis Hollow Cemetery.  Ann and John are buried in East Lawn Cemetery, their daughter Carrie's name is also on the monument in East Lawn Cemetery.
a. Carrie R. Smith d. March 22, 1862 age 8 yrs., 4 mo.


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