The Family Of
John "Price" Cooper
Danby, Tompkins Co., NY

To be used as a guide only!

1.  JOHN " PRICE " COOPER, son of  [William], was born  1755 (per DAR marker) is thought to be the son of William & Sarah (Price) Cooper, he died July 6, 1827 at age 72 in South Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.  Headstone inscription in cemetery records state:
Cooper, Price Cooper "In memory of" d. July 16, 1827, ae 71yr. (I believe this to be in error) Probate papers state the 6th of July.

Per DAR papers he had resided earlier (around 1886) in Pawling, Ulster Co., NY.
COOPER, John Price - Danby Cem NY 15 - Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.1, p. Serial: 6924; Volume: 14 Revolutionary War Muster Rolls, 1775-83- COOPER PRICE PRIVATE Roll #13

New York Pensioners, 1835
County: Tioga Co.
Name: Price Cooper
Rank: Private
Annual Allowance: 96 00
Sums Received: 879.47
Description of service: Connecticut line
When placed on the pension roll: July 6, 1819
Commencement of pension: May 9, 1818
Age: 71
Remarks.: Died July 6, 1827
By 1790 Price and family were enumerated in Paulingtown, Dutchess Co., NY.   He served in  the Revolutionary War, inlisting Sept. 17, 1776 at Wilkes-Barre, in an endependent company.  On Jan. 1, 1777, he joined Co., C, 4th Conn., and appears on the return belonging to Capts. Ranson and Durkee's Companies.    By Jan. 1778, Price appears in 2nd independent company of 4th Conn, commanded by Lt. Simon Spalding from the town of Westmoreland, State of Conn., then later joined the Connecticut Line, led by Col. Durkee, and Capt. Samuel Ramson.    He was wounded in battle at Bound Brook, NJ April 13, 1777.  The Wyoming Valley/Westmoreland area which was claimed by Connecticut from 1755-1782, and were John Price Cooper lived at Wilkes-Barre.  This area is now a part of Pennsylvania.  Military files #658, Pension application #S43.349, and DAR papers, #601054.
Married soon after 1783.  From DAR records, Price's children are listed below.

Children by first wife who is believed to be Esther Cary, is thought to be daughter of Nathan & Mary (_____) Cary.
Esther Cary born 1757 died 1797 (per LDS records)

 2. (Price Cooper, Jr.) born 1780-1804 This name was in parentheses in DAR papers
19. Sally Cooper b.  married Nehemiah Sheldon
20. Mary Cooper b. abt. 1786  married David Ostrander, b. 1781
55. Alfred Cooper b. abt. 1793  married Eleanor Bush
65. John C. Cooper b. Apr. 1796  married Mary _________b. 1800
66. Esther Cooper b.  married Jonathan Smith
67. Sybil Cooper b.  married Euphestus "Festus" Doane
73. Henry Cooper b. Oct. 1786 married Chole McDaniels b. 1803
87. Alanson Cooper b. abt 1800 married Ann Bush b. 1811
1. John "Price" Cooper [son of  [William] was living in Tioga County, NY when he applied for a pension under the act of March 18, 1818.  That part of Tioga County later became a part of Tompkins Co., NY.  On March 18th 1818 Price Cooper age 62, provided in Tioga County open court a document concerning his pension, a listing of property in his possession: 1 old plough; 1 samll yoke of oxen,, 8 years old; 1 cow and 2 calves (small); 2 hogs; 5 pigs; 1 ox yoke of chain; 1 poor ax and hoe; 1 iron shovel; 2 old pitch forks; 1 old mattock; 1 old bush scythe; 1 old saddle; 2 old hay rakes; about 4 tons of hay; about 25 bushels oats; 1/4 acre potatoes; 1/2 acre poor flax; about 2 acres of corn, ordinary.  His debts were given as in promisary notes, book depts and judgements to total $70.50.  His occupation was given as laborer.  He had no wife and one son that was not named living with him who would be 21 the next May.  The clerk of the Tioga court valued the possessions on Sept. 9th 1820 as $92.74.
His DAR papers and probate records indicate his 2nd wife was named Elizabeth, maiden name unknown.  He has a DAR marker on his grave in the Old Episcopal Cemetery, South Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.    His name is listed on a bronze plaque in the Ithaca Post Office.  A listing "Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Tompkins Co., NY, gives his data as John Price Cooper, Grave marked by DAR Cayuga Chapter; 3rd Reg. Continental Line under Col. Thomas Craig.
1755 - 1827.

John Price Cooper died with out a written will, several people heard his last wishes.  William Nelson, a neighbor, in court said that he heard Price Cooper say to Henry and Alanson Cooper, " I want you to take my property and settle my affairs and permit my wife to live on the place and support her if I do not get well. "  John Cooper was also present at the time.  Price Cooper had been ill for 2  - 3 weeks, but he appeared to be fully rational and spoke deliberately.  John gave testimony saying, " I heard him say to Alanson and Henry to take his property and pay his bills and take care of the old lady and he wanted her to have support.  He said to Alanson, will you?  Alanson said yes.  The wife of Price was present."

Surragate Court, Tompkins Co., gives this information on the children of John Price Cooper's children:
Sally Shelden and husband Nemehiah Shelden
Mary Ostrander and husband David Ostrander
John Cooper
Esther Smith and husband Jonathan Smith
Alfred Cooper
Sybil Doane, Price Cooper's deceased daughter
Henry Cooper
Alanson Cooper
Lists wife of Price Cooper to be Elizabeth.  No mention of a son Price Cooper.

Elizabeth (____________) Cooper wife of Price Cooper was married to him after 1818.  I would believe she was from around the Spencer, Tioga Co., NY, or Danby, Tompkins Co., area.

2.PRICE COOPER, son of John Price Cooper [ # 1. John Price - William ]  a record of Price Cooper found as being born 1789 in NY,  death 1857 in Buchanan, MI.  (one would wonder if this was a son of John Price Cooper, why his name was not mentioned in the records listed in the Surrogate Court, Tompkins Co., NY, at the time of his death in 1827?

This Price Cooper, is listed as having wife Lydia Chapman b. between 1780/1790, with children:  Unknown if this is correct for the amount of children born.

  3. Evalinda Cooper, born abt. 1812 married Warner Hooker in Angelica, NY abt. 1829,
      they moved to SW Michigan, in abt.the year of 1839, Warner died in 1848.
  4.   Cooper dau.,
  5.   Cooper dau.,
  6.   Cooper dau.,
  7.   Cooper son.,
  8.  Rachel Cooper,
  9.  Emily Jane Cooper,
10.  Catherine D. Cooper,
11.  Theodelinda Cooper,
12.   Unknown Cooper child
13.   Unknown Cooper child
14.   Unknown Cooper child
15    Unknown Cooper child
16.   Unknown Cooper child
17.   Unknown Cooper child

19.SARAH " SJALLY" COOPER ,daughter of John Price Cooper,# 1. John Price Cooper -William.  Listed in DAR application #487596.
Per LDS records she died August 11, 1841 in Lisbon, St. Lawrence Co., NY.
Married Nehemiah Sheldon, born 1780 died 1868, he married 2nd Sarah Russell.
a. Isaac Sheldon born 1813
b. John Sheldon born 1816
c. Elvira Sheldon born 1818
d. Peleg Sheldon born 1822
e. Johnson W. Sheldon born 1830

20 .MARY COOPER, daughter of John Price Cooper, # 1. John Price Cooper -William,  per DAR application she was born 1786 in Pawling, Ulster Co., NY and was married before 1807 to David S. Ostrander, born 1781.d. Feb. 24, 1860 age 79 yrs. Mary died October 8, 1849 age 63 yrs., 9 mo., 15 days,  at Gerry, Chataugua Co., NYshe is buried Gerry Hill Cemetery, Gerry, NY.
  • 1830 Census, Danby, Tompkins Co., for David Ostrander
  • 1 male under 5     [born 1825-1830] (David Jr. 1829)
  • 1male 5 under 10   [born 1820-1825]
  • 1 male 15 under 20 [born 1810-1815] (Jones abt this age)
  • 2 males 20 under 30 [born 1800-1810] (one Orry age 21)
  • 1 male 40 under 50  [age 49 (David Sr.)
  • 1 female under 5   [born 1825-1830]
  • 2 females 10 under 15  [born 1810-1815]
  • 1 female 40 under 50   [age 44] (Mary Cooper)

  • Children: Orry,David, William, Jones ?,  [ in a file at DeWitt Historical Society, papers stating,
    there were children: Harry, Jerome, Alanson born before David Jr. as well as several daughters.]  See below.

    21. Orrin "Orry" Ostrander,son of Mary Cooper and David Ostrander, born abt. 1807 at Oneida Co., NY, and died at Danby, Tompkins Co., NY Dec. 25, 1868.  Headstone appears to read: died Dec. 22, 1868 age 61 yrs., buried on the Orry Ostrander Farm Cemetery, Located on Smiley Hill in the town of Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.  Others buried in the family cemetery are Emeline, William, Julius, Mary A., dau. of George., Mary F., dau. of William, and David Spencer Ostrander.
    Orry Ostrander married Emeline Brock, born 1812 in Delhi, Delaware Co., NY., Orry and Emeline married before 1830.
    Their children were: David Spencer, William, George,  Phebe, Julius, Charles, Mary. Will of Emeline Brock Ostrander: died in Ithaca, NY, Feb. 22, 1875, age 63,  Probate, April 8th, 1875; son Charles H. Ostrander, Danby, NY., dau. Mary Banfield, Danby, NY., dau., Phebe Scott, Ithaca, NY.,  Son George Ostrander, son, William, deceased, left son, Spencer Ostrander, ae 14; Adm. Charles Ostrander and Charles Banfield.
    Another set of grave markers at Curtis Cemetery (Danby Rural Cemetery) for Orry Ostrander
    "Gone Home" Orry OSTRANDER died Dec. 22, 1868 ae 61 years
    "Depart weeping friends here we must lie till the resurrections"
     Emeline his wife died Feb. 22, 1875 ae 63 years.
     Julius, son of O. & E. OSTRANDER of Co. A. 109 Regt N.Y.S.V. died Nov. 22, 1864 ae 23 years
     William, son of O. & E. OSTRANDER of Co. I. 179 Regt N.Y.S.V. died April 23, 1865 ae 30 years

    22. Mary M. Ostrander, dau. of Orry Ostrander, b. abt. 1831 d. in Danby Sept. 17, 1892, age 61 yrs., 8 mo., 8 days., She married in Danby, NY., by Rev. Mr. Levi Pitts, Charles Banfield, born March 4, 1831 died Feb. 4,  1909, s/o Moses & Grace (Beers) Banfield.  They are both buried in Curtis/Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, Tompkins Co., NY,
    Children: Maggie, Polly, and Eloise
    23. Magdeline " Maggie" Banfield  dau. of Mary Ostrander and Charles Banfield, born Jan. 10, 1855 died Aug. 16, 1913, married Allen Grant of Dryden and had 7 children;  Bertha, Nora, Ida, Georgia, Charles, Perry, Locon.
    Believe he was the son of Allen & Sarah (Ford) Grant, they were living next door to each other in 1880, Danby, NY.

    24.Polly Banfield., dau. of Mary Ostrander and Charles Banfield, born Sept. 19, 1859
    married 1879 Miller Meeker, child Reuben Meeker.

    25. Eloise ( or E. Louese ) Banfield,dau. of Mary Ostrander and Charles Banfield,born Jan. 5, 1866 d. Jan. 13, 1909 married 1892 Lewis Cooper  b. Aug. 18, 1867  d. Feb. 19, 1948, son of Festus & Almira (Hill) Cooper

    Charles Banfield  married 2nd Luicette Bouton.
    Charles, Mary and Luicette are buried in Curtis/Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, Tompkins Co.,NY

        26. David "Spencer" Ostrander, son of Orry Ostrander  born abt. 1838 d. Oct. 18, 1859 age 21 yrs., 2mo., 16 days.

        27. William Ostrander, son of Orry Ostrander, born abt. 1835 d. April 23, 1865 age 30 yrs.,  of Co., I, 179th Reg't  N.Y.S.V., taken prisoner.,William enrolled at Danby, Aug. 29, 1864, in Co., I., 179th Regiment, NY Volunteers, and died of fever contracted in the Civil War.  Mary Jane Ostrander declared for a widow's pension, Sept. 17, 1866, application #74250. Williams name is on the soldiers monument in Danby, NY.
        married Mary Jane Montogmery,  b. Dec. 1837, dau. of William  and Mary Jane Montgomery;
        Their children were; Mary, Spencer, George

          28. Mary Ostrander, daughter of William & Mary Jane (Montogmery) Ostrander
                d. Sept. 8th, 1862 age 3 yrs., 9 mo., 19 days;

          29. Spencer Ostrander, son of William & Mary Jane (Montogmery) Ostrander, born abt. 1833
                born Nov. 9, 1860.  1880 was living with his Aunt Phebe Ostrander Scott in Ithaca.
                His age was 20 and his occupation was a Dentist.

          30. George Ostrander, son of Orry Ostrander born abt. 1837,
                died July 1, 1897 age 59 yrs., 9 mo., 13 dys. 
                Married Elizabeth M. ( Van Ostrand ) who was born abt. 1842, d. June 28, 1885 ae 39 yrs., 9 mo., 7 dys.
                They are buried in Danby Rural Cemetery.

                 Their children:
            31.  Fred Ostrander, son of George & Elizabeth Ostrander, born abt 1866,

            32.  Mary A. Ostrander, daughter of George & Elizabeth Ostrander
                   who died Feb. 14, 1873 age 8 yrs., 9 mo., 19 dys., buried in Ostrander Farm Cemetery. 
                   Her name is also on the Ostrander monument in Danby Rural Cemetery.

            33.  Charles Ostrander, son of George & Elizabeth Ostrander,
                   born Oct. 1872  Charles OSTRANDER  1872-1914 - Minnie his wife 1874-1924

            34.  Ida M., Ostrander, daughter of George & Elizabeth Ostrander,  born 1876

            35.  Phebe Ostrander, daughter of George & Elizabeth Ostrander, born abt. 1877 died 1955.  She married Frank Hurlbert.
            Their children were:

    a. William B. HURLBERT
    b. Luella HURLBERT b: 1900
    c. Glen HURLBERT b: 1903
    d. Mary HURLBERT b: 1904
    e. Benjamin HURLBERT b: 1906
    f. Myrtle HURLBERT b: 1907

            36.  Terressa Ostrander, daughter of George & Elizabeth Ostrander born, abt. 1879.

            37.  Orry Ostrander, , son of George & Elizabeth Ostrander, unsure if this is their son,
                   he is buried next to them in Curtis Cemetery.   Orry OSTRANDER  1870-1930

          38. Phebe Ostrander dau. of Orry Ostrander, born abt. 1840,
          married Jabez R. Scott,b.  1837 d. June 4, 1875 son of John & Harriet (Banfield) Scott of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.,
          Phebe married 2nd when she was age 60,  Rev. Silvester Vose, a cousin.
          Note: Record from Landmarks of Tompkins Co., state the following:

          SCOTT, Jabez B., deceased, was born in Ithaca, January 27, 1837, was educated in Ithaca, and married Phoebe J., daughter of Orry OSTRANDER of Danby, by whom he had three children, a son and two daughters. Mr. SCOTT was at one time proprietor of the Farmer's Hotel, and afterward kept a wholesale and retail meat market in Ithaca. He was a Democrat and took an active interest in educational matters and the general events of the day. He was a well known citizen and a man of high standing in the town, well educated, and a good friend and neighbor. He purchased the Widow TOWNSEND farm of eighty-five acres, lying two miles south of where his son now resides. Mr. SCOTT died June 4, 1875.

          39. Julius Ostrander  son of Orry Ostrander, b. abt. 1841  d. Nov. 22, 1864 age 23 yrs., of Co., A, 109 Reg't  N.Y.S.V.  Buried on the Ostrander Farm Cemetery.  His name is on the soldiers monument in Danby, NY.
          40. Charles Harvey Ostrander son of Orry Ostrander,  b. March 13, 1845, died in Danby, Sept. 10, 1914 at age 69 yrs., old.
          Married Oct. 23, 1867 1st at age 23,   Rebecca A. Scott,  born Jan. 27, 1845 d. Feb. 26, 1902  daughter of Lewis Scott of Ithaca.  Charles married 2nd at Newfield, NY., Genette Sincebaugh, a widow, she was the  dau. of Isiah & Lydia (Linderman) Sincebaugh.  Children by Rebecca:
            41. Emma L. Ostrander, dau. of Charles & Rebecca (Scott) Ostrander, b. Sept. 19, 1868, died Feb. 3, 1930 in Ithaca, NY.  Married Sept. 8, 1892 to Franklin Douglas Smiley, born Nov. 18, 1869 died July 25, 1944 in Ithaca, NY.  He was the son of Zebulon E. & Fannie A. (Jennings) Smiley.
    a. Charles Ostrander Smiley, born March 12, 1895 died Sept. 5, 1898

    b. Jane Eleanor Smiley born Nov. 5, 1899, died Oct. 26, 1975 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She was married to Leslie B. Townsend, son of Clifford E. & Ella M. Bower Townsend, he was born Sept. 7, 1897 died Nov. 6, 1990 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    c. Fanny Smiley born Jan. 27, 1902, died April 23, 1996 in Saratoga, NY., she married George N. Mack, born Nov. 29, 1900, died June 3, 1956.

    d. Paul Smiley born July 6, 1904, died Aug. 8, 1951, married Grace Roberts, born unknown, died 1950 in Ithaca, NY.

            42. Jennie M. Ostrander, dau. of Charles & Rebecca (Scott) Ostrander, born Dec. 20, 1870 d. Aug. 13, 1952. 
            She married Arthur W. Beardsley, son of Henry S. & Hattie A. McPherson Beardsley, born Jan. 9, 1871, died 1929, Arthur was a merchant and an undertaker of Danby.  They are both buried in Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY.   
    a. Emma Louise Beardsley, born 1903, married John A. McLauglin, lived in Danby, NY
    i. Frances McLaughlin
    ii. Arthur McLauglin
    iii. Leland Mc Lauglin was a Pvt at Fort Riley Kansas, at the time of his grandmother Jennie's death.

    b. Mary Beardsley, married Mr. Martin and lived in Ithaca, NY.  She was not listed in her fathers obit., but she was listed in her mothers.  Her mother died after her father.

            43. Mary D. Ostrander, dau., of Charles & Rebecca (Scott) Ostrander, born Nov. 20, 1877 d. June 13, 1975 at Crawford, NJ, married Mar. 5, 1902 Frank A. Martin, b. June 20, 1880 d. July 2 1938 in Ithaca.   Mary D. Ostrander and her husband Frank A. Martin are buried in Curtis/Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY

      44. David Ostrander Jr.,  son of David and Mary Cooper Ostrander, born Feb. 20, 1829 in West Danby, Tompkins Co., NY, died May 6, 1899 in Gerry, Chautauqua Co., NY, buried in Gerry Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., NY.,
      Married Maria A. Fargo born April 17, 1833.
      Their children were; Egbert, Obed, and Charles.
        45. Egbert S. Ostrander, son of David & Maria Ostrander, born September 6, 1854
        Married September 23, 1875 to Celestia Johnson born September 27, 1853, the daughter of Benoni and Sallie Maria (Miller) Johnson
          a.) Forest Egbert Ostrander, born February 25, 1877;  married Marion Austin.
          b.) Fort Leroy Ostrander, born January 31, 1886; married Alice Freeman.
          c.) Alton C.Ostrander, born July 6, 1892; married Cecelia Anderson.
        46. Obed Ostrander, son of David & Maria Ostrander, born September 1861 - died 24 March 1927
        Married  Edith Brown born Jan 3, 1862
        Burial: Gerry Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua County, New York

        47.Charles Ostrander, son of David & Maria Ostrander b. 1869
        Married Ida E.  (_________) born 12 May 1869

      48. William Ostrander, son of David and Mary Cooper Ostrander born October 4, 1818 in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY, died October 13, 1897 in Gerry, Chautauqua Co., NY., buried in Gerry Hill  Cemetery.
      Married Sobina B. Matthews, children: Ralph and Judson Ostrander.

      49. Jones Ostrander, unsure a son of David and Mary, all seems to point to this, but this still needs to be proven,  he lived near Orry Ostrander, born about 1819,  lived in Town of Danby, Tompkin Co.,  NY,  Died Aug. 12, 1884 aged 69 yrs., buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Also known as the Danby Congregational Cemetery, located on Bald Hill Road, Danby, Tompkins County, New York
      Married 1st Mary Ann (______) died July 14, 1851 aged 32 yrs., 2 mo., 10dys.  Buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Also known as the Danby Congregational Cemetery, located on Bald Hill Road, Danby, Tompkins County, New York
      Married 2nd Marcia T. Carpenter, who died Nov. 6, 1895 age 64 yrs.  Buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Also known as the Danby Congregational Cemetery, located on Bald Hill Road, Danby, Tompkins County, New York
      Will of Jones Ostrander, of Danby, Tompkins Co., NY., died 1884, widow  Marcia Ostrander, Heirs; Dwight H. Ostrander, age 40 yrs., Louise Ostrander age 27 yrs.,  real property, 3,000, personal, 800.  Dwight got house occupied by Dwight, he must pay Marcia $200.00 annually for 5 equal payments.  Wife Marcia - rest of real estate, including residence of Jones and real  & personal property.  Children: Dwight, Louise, Louie.

        50. Dwight Ostrander son of Jones & Mary Ostrander born June 17, 1843 died  Feb. 19, 1911
        Dwight H.  OSTRANDER Co. A. 109  Regt. N.Y. Vol. died Feb. 19, 1911 aged 67 y'rs
        married Emma L. ELLIOTT born Oct. 27, 1844 died  July 11, 1913,
        they are both buried in  Curtis/Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY.
        A son found buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Danby, NY.
          50. a. Louie Jones Ostrander, son of Dwight & Emma OSTRANDER died Jan. 30, 1876 ae 2 y's 2 mo & 14 d's
          An obit found when he died: OSTRANDER, Locue J.  only child of Dwight & Emma OSTRANDER d. Jan. 30, 1876. Aged 2yr 2mo 14da
        51. Ida E. Ostrander living with Jones Ostrander 1850 age 1 year.  Dau. of Jones & Mary Ann Ostrander, Buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Also known as the Danby Congregational Cemetery, located on Bald Hill Road, Danby, Tompkins County, New York

        52.  Susan Ostrander living with Jones Ostrander 1850 Danby Census, age 7 yrs. dau. of Jones & Mary Ann Ostrander, died April 9, 1856 age 15 yrs., Buried in Danby Presbyterian Cemetery, Also known as the Danby Congregational Cemetery, located on Bald Hill Road, Danby, Tompkins County, New York

        53. Louise Ostrander dau. of Jones & Marcia Ostrander

        54. Johnny E. Ostrander, born 1859 died may 8, 1860 aged 10m 21 dys, son of Jones & Marica T. Ostrander.

      55. ALFRED COOPER son of John Price Cooper,# 1. John Price Cooper -William, born abt. 1793 in NY., died April 12, 1856 in Rivola, Mercer Co., Illinois. He is buried in the Cooper Farm Cemetery, Rivoli, Township, Mercer Co., Ill.,
      Married Eleanor Bush born abt. 1787, her headstone inscription reads d. 1859 age 72 yrs., 3 mo., 1 dy., this could be in error, she was still living in 1860 with her daughter, Sybil West and family.  She is not listed on the 1860 census as being one of the deaths in 1859. Children: Richard, Sybil, Price, Sarah, Cinthy Ann, Albert P., Katherine, Stephen, James.
        56. Richard Cooper son of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper, born May 10, 1816, d. July 17, 1895 married Ruth M. Lilly.

        57. Sybil Cooper, daughter of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper, born abt. 1818, married H. Riley West

        58.  Price Cooper, son of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper, born abt. 1820

        59. Sarah Cooper, daughter of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper, born abt. 1822, married Stokely M. Jones

        60. Cinthy Ann Cooper, daughter of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper, b. abt 1824, married Wm. W. Lilly

        61. Albert P. Cooper, son of Albert & Eleanor Cooper, born abt. 1828, married Martha Meeker

        62. Katherine Cooper, dau. of Albert & Eleanor Cooper born abt. 1829, married Thomas Middaugh

        63. Stephen Cooper, son of Albert  & Eleanor Cooper born Sept. 18, 1830 , Allegheny City, PA,
              married Lucretia J. Jeffreys

        64. James Cooper, son of Alfred & Eleanor Cooper ? born abt. 1835,
              no other information or proof, he may not be a son.
              He was living with them in the 1850, he could be a nephew?

      65. JOHN C. COOPER son of John Price Cooper, # 1. John Price Cooper -William, born April 1896 d. ?
      wife Mary (_________) born abt. 1800.  1825 Census, Danby, Tompkins Co., NY., John Cooper with two other males in house hold, one female under age 45 and two unmarried females under age 16.  One female had died the previous year.  This John is not living in Tompkins Co., in 1850 or 1860.  He was still in Tompkins Co., in 1827 when his father died.
      No other record has proven to be the right John C. Cooper, son of John Price Cooper.
      A John C. Cooper is found in West Candor Cemetery, Candor, Tioga Co., NY.  As follows, dates seem to fit. John C. Cooper d. Feb. 24, 1874, age 77 yrs., 10 months (making him born abt. 1796) Maria Cooper wife of John C. Cooper d. Nov. 6, 1875 age 72 yrs., 5 months, (making her born abt. 1803) Also buried in this cemetery: Cooper, Charlotte  1843 - 1930; Cooper, John H. 1842-1914

      Another John C. Cooper is found living in  Junius, Seneca Co., NY, and later at Tyre, Seneca Co., NY.  This John C. Cooper was born abt. 1896  died Aug. 24, 1874, was in the War of 1812, PVT. in Capt. J. Polen's NY Mil. and Capt. Moore.  He claimed on his war petition papers, he could not file here with his certificate of discharge for the reason that it was burned in his brothers house in New York City.
      Married April 6, 1826 at Junius,  Seneca Co., NY to Mary "Polly" Serven ( also known as Mary Servent) born June 18, 1801 died May 3, 1892.  Buried in Ridgewood Cemetery, Tyre, Seneca Co., NY or Dutch Ref. Church Cemetery, Tyre, Seneca Co., NY., both records of burial have been found, this could be the same cemetery.
      They had the following children: Maria, Sarah, Helen, Adeline, Catherine, William H., Harriet, James C., Phebe.

      66. ESTHER COOPER daughter of John Price Cooper,# 1. John Price Cooper -William, born abt 1780-1800
      married Jonathan Smith born abt. 1790 -1800.  1825 Danby Census, 3 males, 4 females, 1 male 18-45, 1 female under 45, 2 unmarried females 16-45, 1 female under 16.   1830 Danby, Tompkins Co., NY census records: Jonathan Smith head of household, 1 male 15 under 20, 1 male of 40 under 50, 1 female of 10 under 15, 1 female of 20 under 30, 1 female of 40 under 50.

      67.SYBIL COOPER daughter of John Price Cooper,# 1. John Price Cooper - William, born? died before 1827, was deceased at time of her father's death. Married Euphestus "Festus" Doane.  Children: Listed as children of John Price Cooper's, deseased daughter at time of his death.  (He may have been the son of John Doane and Mary Buchanan.
        68. Sidney Doane
               Married Charlotte (_________)
              1830 Danby census lists Sidney Doane head of household,
              1 male under 5, 1 male over 20 under 30,
              1 female under 5, 1  female over 20 under 30.
              Buried in Curtis Cemetery (Known today as Danby Rural Cemetery, the following grave is found:
              Orsamus M. son of Sydney S. and Charlotte DOANE died Feb. 20, 1842 aged 13 yrs 7 mo & 20ds
              (This grave is located next to the Tallmadge family burials.

        69. Sally Doane, b. 1806 died 1891, married Jesse Arnold, born abt. 1811 d. 1880.  Buried Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, Washington Co., NY.  They are buried in Sec. F 114.

    a. Emily Sybil Arnold, born 1839
    b. David Eugene Arnold, born 1844

        70. Cynthia Doane
        Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, Washington County, New York
        Fowler, Cynthia Doane, b., d. 1851, sp. Wm. Fowler, par: Festus Doane, Sybil Cooper, Sec. B 143
        Fowler, Wm. P., b. 1801, d. 1876, par: Samuel Fowler, Elizabeth Milk, Sec. B 143
        Cynthia Doane had at least one son David Doane Fowler

        71. Franklin M. Doane
        Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, Washington County, New York
        Doan, Franklin M., b. 1810, d. 1871, par: Festus Doan, Sybil Cooper, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Sarah A., b. 1822, d. 1893, sp. Frank Doane, par: Alva Oatman, Aurilla Ames, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Franky Winfield, b. 1854, d. 1862, par: Franklin Doane, Sarah Ann Oatman, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Georgianna, b. 1846, d., par: Franklin M. Doane, Sarah Oatman, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Isabelle, b. 1851, d. 1932, sp. John Doane, par: Charles Hover, Elizabeth Archer, Sec. T 156
        Doane, James F., b. 1844, d., par: Franklin M. Doane, Sarah Ann Oatman, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Jas. W., b. 1859, d. 1901, par: Franklin Doane, Sarah A. Oatman, Sec. B 26
        Doane, John Wesley, b., d. 1916, sp. Isabella Hover, par: Franklin M. Doane, Sarah A. Oatman, Sec. T 156
        Doane, Orin W., b. 1851, d., par: Franklin Doane, Sarah Oatman, Sec. B 26
        Doane, Sybil Aurelia, b. 1849, d., par: Franklin M. Doane, Sarah Ann Oatman, Sec. B 26

        72. John Doane

        Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, Washington County, New York

              1850 Danby Census shows Lewis Beers age 40 with wife Maria age 33, with Charlotte Doane age 41
               and  Sybil Doane age 24 living with them.  This Charlotte Doane is most likely a wife of one of the above sons
               of Sybil Cooper Doane, and the Sybil Doane age 24 a granddaughter named after her.

        [Thank you Michael Huggins for updating some of the Doane family]

      73. HENRY COOPER,son of John Price Cooper,# 1. John Price Cooper -William, born abt. 1796  born in Conn.  Came to Danby, Tompkins Co. location in the year of 1815.
      d. Jan. 18, 1884 age 87 yrs., 3 mo.  He married Chloe McDaniels born abt. 1802 died Nov. 30, 1869 age 67 yrs., 6 mo.  Children, Festus, Lyman, Maria, Eliza, Phebe, dau., Listed in the 1865 Danby Census, they also had a granddaughter living with them, named Helen A. Evans.  1865 Danby census records has; Henry age 68, Chloe age 62, Helen A. Evans age 13 - granddaughter/ 1860 Danby census has; Henry age 61, Chloe age 57, Phebe age 27, Ida Evans age 9.  1825 Danby Census - has Henry Cooper with 2 sons, 4 daughters.  - Chloe's maiden name (McDaniels) was listed on the death cert. of her son Lyman Cooper.
        74Festus Cooper, son of Henry & Chloe (McDaniels) Cooper,
        born  was born in the Town of Danby , Tompkins Co., NY,
        June 27, 1823 died July 31, 1902
        married at the age of 28 years old to Almira Emeline Hill,  daughter of Andrew U.  & Louisa (Landon) Hill,  who was
        born June 5, 1824 Ulster Co., died Dec. 29, 1901, In 1867 Mr. COOPER bought the farm of 114 acres where he lived, known as the Josiah WELLS property, and he raised large quantities of hay and grain. Both buried in Curtis/Danby Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY
        Their children were: Lewis, and adopted Mary Louise who was born in Tioga Co., NY.
          75. Mary Louise Cooper, b. adopted daughter of Festus and Almira (Hill) Cooper.
          born April 19, 1864 in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY., died March 29, 1941
          married (LDS, married Feb. 21, 1888 at Sayre, Bradford, Pennsylvania) to John S. Mosher born Oct. 1856. (LDS records Seymour John Mosher b. Oct. 28, 1856) He died Jan. 28, 1936
          Children:  1900 census, Mary D.,  Cora C., Mary E., Florence A.,
          Family records:
          Elmira Lucinda, Cora Catherine, Mary Emeline, Florence Armeania, Charles Seymour, Nellie Edith.

          76. Lewis E. Cooper son of Festus & Almira, was born Aug. 18, 1867 died Feb. 9, 1948 age 80 yrs.,
          he married E. Louese Banfield (or Eloise) born Jan. 5, 1867 died Jan. 13, 1909, daughter of Charles & Mary (Ostrander) Banfield, Lewis E. Cooper married 2nd Nettie (?) Teeter, she was married first to a Mr. Teeter. Children by first wife:

            77. Ada Cooper, dau. of Lewis & E. Louese (Banfield) Cooper 1898-1987
             married Lewis Swayze;

            78. Nora Ethel Cooper, dau. of Lewis & E. Louese (Banfield) Cooper,
            born Jan. 5, 1900, died Sep. 8,  1901

            79. Mildred E. Cooper, dau. of Lewis & E. Louese (Banfield) Cooper 1905 - ?
             married Edwin Nesbett 1898-1956;

        80. Lyman Cooper, son of Henry & Chloe (McDaniels) Cooper,
        born abt. 1828 d. Feb. 7, 1891 age 63 yrs., 6 mo., 22 days.  Married Esther A. VanGilder, born abt. 1837 d. April 26, 1928, she was the daughter of William & Lydia VanGilder, per the probate record of Lydia VanGilder, Esther Ann Cooper was listed as a daughter and Adm. of her estate.  Lyman and his wife are buried in South Danby, Old E. Church Cemetery.
        Note: there is an headstone for  Esther Cooper in Evergreen Cemetery, Spencer, Tioga Co., NY - as follows: VanGelder,  Esther Cooper   b. 1838 d. 1915 - if one died in 1915 and record of another one's death in 1928, then this may not be the
        correct Esther Cooper married to Lyman Cooper.
        Their children were:
          81. Eva L. Cooper, daughter of Lyman & Esther A. (VanGilder) Cooper,  born abt 1855

          82. Carrie Anna, daughter of Lyman & Esther A.(VanGilder) Cooper,born abt. 1862.

          83. Carrie B. Cooper, daughter of Lyman & Esther A. (VanGilder) Cooper,
                born abt. 1862 - 1864 could be the same as #82 Carrie Anna

        84. Maria Cooper,  daughter of Henry & Chloe (McDaniels) Cooper

        85. Eliza P. Cooper, daughter of Henry & Chloe (McDaniels) Cooper born 1835 died 1921
        married William H. Mabee born 1841 died 1909.
        Both Eliza & William are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Spencer, Tioga Co., NY.
        Headstone inscriptions states Maybee.

        86. Phebe Cooper, living with them, 1860 unsure if she was a daughter. 1860 she was 27 years old.

      87.ALANSON COOPER, son of John Price Cooper, # 1. John Price, - William,  born 1800, died May 14 1867, married 1838 Ann Bush, daughter of Richard & Ruah (Platt) Bush, Ann died Aug. 24, 1877 age 66 yrs.,
      Their children were:
      John James, Sarah Louisa, Minervia Ann, Charles Alanson, Maria E.
      Children listed are from the Intestate papers of Alanson Cooper filed in the Tompkins County Court House, Ithaca, NY.
        88. John James Cooper,son of Alanson & Ann (Bush) Cooper, #87 Alanson, #1 John Price, William,  b. 1841 was residing at Town of Caroline, at time of mothers death.  (1880 he was living in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY)
        Married July 17, 1865 Sarah L. Miller daughter of William & Sarah V. Brundage Miller. 1880 census states the following:
        John J. age 39; Sarah L., age 31; Ada May, age 13; Anna, age 11;
        Miller, age 9; Sarah, age 6; May, age 1.
        Records have been found where the following children were married:
          a. Ada May Cooper, born March 12, 1866, married Earl S. Peet born abt. 1866;
          b. Annie Louise Cooper, born Feb. 10, 1868, married Stephen Ryder;
          c. Miller Alanson born Dec. 11, 1870, married Mary Monroe;
          d. Sarah Eleanor Cooper b. Jan. 21, 1872 married Foster E. Kelly;
          e. Mary Edna Cooper, married Linsey Murdock;
          f.  Archibald Alanson Cooper married Edythe Cooper.

        89. Sarah Louisa Cooper ,  daughter of Alanson & Ann (Bush) Cooper, #87 Alanson, #1 John Price, William, b. 1843 died Nov. 16, 1931 age 88 yrs., 6 mo., 11 days.  Sarah married Charles H. Slocum, who died Oct. 21, 1912 age 71 years.
        Both are buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

        90. Minervia Ann Cooper, daughter of Alanson & Ann (Bush) Cooper, #87 Alanson, #1 John Price, William,went by name of "Annie M." b. 1848, married James L. Baker, b. Feb. 2, 1847 in Montogmery, Orange Co., NY, son of Jermiah Melford Baker and Mary J. Helms, came to Enfield in 1853 they had a child that died young, could be the son born abt.1880. May of had another son named Burt T. Baker born Feb. 1874 ?
        Source - Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY -
        Biography of JAMES L. BAKER

          Prominent among the younger members of the bar of Tompkins county is James L. Baker. Mr. Baker is descended from one of the earliest pioneers of the western part of the town of Ithaca. This pioneer was James Baker, great-grandfather of James L. Among his children was Lawrence Baker, who had a son named Jeremiah Mulford Baker, who was the father of James L.
          The mother of the latter was Mary J. Helms, of Montgomery, Orange county, N.Y. There was a family of six children, all but one of whom are living; four of them are sons.
          James L. Baker was born in Montgomery, Orange county, on the 2d of February, 1847. Six years of his life were passed in his native town,  when in 1853 his father removed to Enfield, Tompkins county, and purchased a farm of William Jewett, which has ever since remained as the homestead and still remains in possession of members of the family. His father died in October, 1882, and his mother in August, 1883.
          James L. Baker attended the common schools until he was eighteen years of age, when he entered the Ithaca Academy and there continued his studies until he was twenty-one, teaching a part of each year to earn the needed money to pay the expense of his education. He first taught in the oil region of Pennsylvania, and after that in districts in this county. He had early determined upon law as his life work and began his studies in the office of Beers & Howard. He was an ardent and earnest student and was admitted to the bar  on the 9th of February, 1871,  having previous to that date entered the Albany Law School from which he graduated after his admission to practice, in May, 1871. Mr. Baker is one of that large and honorable class of professional and business men who was forced to rely upon his own efforts to reach the goal which his ambition desired. As before noted, a large part of the expenses of his education, both in school and as a lawyer, he provided for himself. When he graduated from the law school he found himself in debt.
          Returning to the office of Beers & Howard he continued reading until January 1, 1872, when he opened an office in Ithaca.  He has ever since practiced alone, with the exception of intervals when he employed a salaried partner. This last mentioned fact is an indication of one of Mr. Baker’s strongest traits of character – self-reliance. While his practice has been of a general character, it has been and now is, very large, and has embraced cases of importance; but he has never felt impelled to share the responsibilities of his business with others. He has a modest and justifiable confidence in his own ability of safely represent the interests of his clients; and it is perfectly proper to state that his success has warranted his course of action. He holds the reputation of his profession high and is ever watchful of his own good repute. His industry is untiring and he never spares himself in the preparation of the cases entrusted to him. It is therefore not a marvel that he has been unusually successful in building up a large practice.   Mr. Baker is a consistent Republican in politics. He was chosen village attorney for the last time before the organization of the city government, and was the first city attorney. He has also been special county judge and was a prominent candidate for the office of county judge in 1891.
          Mr. Baker is a conspicuous member of the Order of Knights of Pythias, which he entered in 1874, having been a member of Cascadilla Lodge since that time. He is a past grand chancellor of the State of New York, and past supreme representative.
          Mr. Baker was married in 1878 to Annie M. Cooper, of Trumansburg, formerly of South Danby, daughter of Alanson Cooper, one of the old and most respected residents of that town.

        91. Charles Alanson Cooper,  son of Alanson & Ann (Bush) Cooper, #87 Alanson, #1 John Price, William, b. May 7, 1848 d. Dec. 25, 1933, lived in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY,
        Married Jan. 21, 1874 in Danby, NY., Mary Louise Ellis 1844-1904; they had a son Ellis B. Cooper, was living in Arcale, NY, in 1933.  Charles and Mary Louise are buried in South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY. 1880 Census, Danby, NY., show Saloma Ellis age 58, Charles A. Cooper agee 28 son in law, Mary L. age 26, daughter.  Charles and Mary are buried next to this Saloma Ellis.

          a. Ellis B. Cooper, son of Charles Alanson & Mary Louise (Ellis) Cooper.

        92. Maria E. Cooper,  daughter of Alanson & Ann (Bush) Cooper, #87 Alanson, #1 John Price, William,
        born abt. 1839, lived in Ulysses, Tompkins Co., NY,
        Married John J. Teeter,
        children; may be more ?

          a. Ellery A. Teeter, son of John J. Teeter & Maria E. Cooper.
          Married Jan. 24, 1884  Emma K. Banfield daughter of H. P. & Mary A. (Kelsey) Banfield.

      93. Harry Ostrander, thought to be a son of David & Mary (Cooper) Ostrander, born12 Jan. 1807 in Danby, Tompkins County, New York
       Died 12 Sept. 1867 in Gerry, Chautauqua County, New York.
      Married to  Belinda or Helina (________)  born  Feb.  1811

      94. Jerome Ostrander,  thought to be a son of David & Mary (Cooper) Ostrander,  born 28 July 1813 in Danby, Tompkins County, New York
      Died 30 March 1888

      95. Alanson Ostrander,  thought to be a son of David & Mary (Cooper) Ostrander,  b: Dec. 1824 in Danby, Tompkins County, New York
      Died 17 April 1911.

    Census Records
    Probate records, Tompkins County Clerk's Office, Tompkins Co., NY
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    Records of Martha K. Cooper
    DeWitt Historical Society
     Cemetery records - Danby, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY
    Landmarks of Tompkins County
    South Danby Cemetery Records

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