1.  Thomas Maynard -
birth place, Sandhurst, County of Kent,  England, born May 5, 1796, died Nov. 27, 1873,
buried at Caroline Center, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY ;
number of brothers and sisters,
3 brothers, Wm., James, Frank,
2 sisters, Sarah (Helmsley) and Milicest? (Rainley):
Thomas married Mary Ashdown born May 7, 1796 died Feb. 7, 1859.
Thomas emigrated to America in the year of 1835.
Their children:

        a.  Thomas Maynard Jr., born at Hawkhurst or Goudhurst England,
              born April 9, 1820, son of Thomas Maynard and Mary Ashdown.
              Sisters 2
              (Jane married George Hooper and Mary who married ________Stephens),
              Brothers 1
              (Wm.1838-1864) (from family records)
              Thomas married Elizabeth Tayleure b. ? died April 1896
              Date of death for Thomas Maynard; October 24, 1899; Age 79 yrs.;
              Place of Interment,  Corning, NY.

Caroline Center cemetery inscriptions dates could be incorrect from old readings
on headstones:
Maynard,        Mary, wife of Thomas Maynard                    1798 - Feb. 7, 1859
Maynard,        Thomas                                                          1796 - 1873
Maynard,        William, son of Thomas & Mary  d. Sept. 10, 1860 ae 31y 26d
Obit., for Thomas Jr.
Died at the Masons Home, Thomas Maynard an old and well known former resident of this city,
died Oct. 24, in the Masonic Home at Union.
Charles Tayleure, of this city, his brother-in-law, received notice of his death thursday,
and he has gone to attend the funeral in Corning where Mr. Maynard's wife was buried three
years ago last April.  The deceased was for many years employed in the machine shops of the
Lackawanna and Lehigh railroads in Ithaca and was about 80 years old.
He leaves no descendants.  Local masons say that Thomas Maynard is the first of
their's  who has died at the Masonic Home at Uitca.
          b.  Jane Maynard,  daughter of Thomas and Mary Maynard
               married George Hooper,
               their children were:
              1.  Mary Hooper
              2.  Susan G. Hooper b. 1848  married James Thomas; children: Carrie & Fred
              3.  John Hooper
              4.  Harriet Hooper  born? died April 1, 1915 married George Sharpe,
                   they had a son and a daughter.
              5.  Carrie Hooper born 1857 d. Sept. 26, 1905

         c. Mary N. Maynard   b.          d.          Married Samuel L. Stephens

            Could be this Mary Stephens listed in Caroline Center Cemetery:
            STEAVENS,  Dewitte, son of S.E., d. May 3, 1876 ae 23y 1m 25d
            STEAVENS,  Mary M. wife of Samuel, d. July 27, 1861 ae 34y 9m 17d
            STEAVENS,  Samuel, Apr 12, 1820 - Jan 20, 1903
They also had a son Horace Stephens/Stevens born abt. 1855 died Dec. 31, 1938 (per LDS records)
He married Dec. 13, 1899 to Ina Luella Mix born Aug. 1, 1883, they married in Dryden, NY
1860 Dryden Census: Samuel Stevens age 37; Mary age 34; Ada age 8; Avery age 7; Horace age 3; Lowewell age 2:  1870 Dryden, Stevens, Samuel age 46; Addie age 20; Avery D. age 17; Horace age 15; Oscar age 11: 1880 Samuel Stevens age 66; Ada age 27; Horace age 23; Oscar age 21.  1930 Dryden, Stevens, Horace age 73, widowed, father in law, is living with Henry Price age 29; Alice age 26.  1900 Dryden, Horace and Ina are married, no children yet; Osacr his brother is living with him with wife Edna, and Sam Stevens their father is also living with them, census states he was born April 1824.
Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY:
STEVENS, Horace		(d. Dryden) 	Lot 7-43	bur. Jan 3 1939 ae 83
STEVENS, Ina,wife of Horace (d. Etna) Lot 7-43 bur. Dec 10 1918 ae 35
STEVENS, Oscar L. (d. Dryden) Lot 7-43 bur. Aug 30 1936
STEVENS, Edna, wife of Oscar Lot 7-43 (no dates) [b. abt. 1879]
         d. William Maynard, could be the one buried in Caroline Center Cemetery.
              Maynard,  William, son of Thomas & Mary  d. Sept. 10, 1860 ae 31y 26d

2. William Maynard - born  Hawkhurst or Sandhurst, England, born, November 7, 1798,
descent is English, number of  brothers and sisters, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, emigrated to
America 1859, farmer, politics, Republican,religion, Episcopalian.
Complexion, Light; color of hair, Brown; color of eyes Blue; health, good;
date of death January 23, 1866; disease, Kidney trouble; place of death, Caroline Center;
age 67 yrs.  Place of interment, Caroline Center, NY.
Date of marriage, ? Married Caroline Barden;
born Goudhurst, England, born: June 28, 1807,
father's name  George Barden,
Mother's name Elizabeth (_______),
number of brothers and sisters, Step brother, George. Emigrated 1859;
Occupation, Housekeeper; relegion, episcopalian; Stature, short; habits,
good; complexion, dark; color of hair, black;  color of eyes, black;  health, good;
date of death Sept. 5th 1872; disease, consumption of bowels;
place of death, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.;
place of intermenet, Caroline Center.

From Caroline Center Cemetery headstone inscriptions:
Maynard,        William                                         d. Jan. 21, 1866 ae 67y 2m 19d
Maynard,,       Caroline, wife of William              1806 - 1872

           a. George Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England,
          son of William Maynard and Caroline Barden
          born; February 18th 1834, emigrated June 1873,
          farmer, Episcopalian, 4 brothers, 2 sisters,
          Thomas; Edward; Frank; Fred;
          Sisters; Sophia and Elizabeth.
          George was 5 feet tall;   Weight was 160 lbs;  Good habits;  complexion was light;
          color of hair was born; color of eyes were, brown;  health was good;
          Date of death was June 24, 1916;
          Place of death,  Speedsville,  NY.,   age was 82 yrs.;
          Place of interment was Berkshire, NY.
          Married, date unknown  Harriet Fuller  born, 1835 died March 6, 1889.
          Married 1889, Dec. 19,  Mrs. Edna (Hunt) Whitemarsh
          born Dec. 24, 1866  died June 1950.

1. Elizabeth Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England on June 28th 1857or June 29, 1858 daughter of George Maynard and Harriet Fuller.   Occupation, housewife;
married June 20, 1894 to Lincoln Disbrow who died about 1920; Elizabeth died December 1901 of Cancer, Place of death was Alden Ill., she is buried at Alden Cemetery.

2. William Maynard, died young.

 3. Emma Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England, on March 1864, daughter of  George Maynard and Harriet Fuller, Emma was a housekeeper; death date,   May 29, 1888, died at Speedsville, NY., age 24 yrs., buried at Berkshire, Cemetery, NY.

4. Frank Maynard born at Haukhurst, England, on Oct. 13, 1868
son of George and Harriet (Fuller) Maynard.  He was a farmer, died at Speedsville, NY., on Nov. 22, 1937, at the age of 69 yrs.from heart trouble,  Place of burial was Speedsville, NY., Date of marriage,  April 21st, 1897 to: Clara Ella Boyer, born at Speedsville, Tompkins Co., NY., on June 26th 1870, she was an American, fathers name: Stephen Boyer, Mothers name, Sarah Covert, no. of   brothers and sisters, 2 brothers, 2 sisters.  Religion, Episcopalian; Death date, June 30, 1936, disease, Anemia; place ofdeath and  burial, Speedsville, NY., age 66 yrs.,
Obit. for Frank Maynard: Funeral services for Frank Maynard of Speedsville, who died   Monday morning, Nov. 22, 1937, at his home in Speedsville, will be held at 2 p.m. Friday  in St. John's  Episcopal Church in Speedsville.  The Rev. Henry P. Horton of Trumansburg will read the burial  service.  Interment will be in the Village cemetery in Speedsville.
Children: Stanley, Clifford,Arthur.
                      1.  Arthur Clyde Maynard born at Speedsville,  NY.
                           on April 6, 1899
                           son of Frank Maynard and Clara Ella Boyer.
                           Arthur was a farmer, a Democrate;
                           religion Episcopal,
                           married  June 30,  1934 to Annette Louise Atchison,
                           she was born Dec. 27, 1908.
                           Arthur Maynard died Aug. 7, 1981
                           buried in Speedsville Cemetery.
                           Arthur Edward; Robert Clyde; Clara Mary; &
                           Elizabeth May.

                      2.  Clifford Maynard born Jan. 3, 1902,
                           son of Frank and Clara Ella (Boyer) Maynard,
                           married  June 22, 1940 to
                                 Berta Pearl Peters (widow, once divorced)
                           Divorced Clifford,  Aug. 4,   1941, in Fla.
                           Clifford died Nov. 16, 1995 at Lakeside Nursing
                           Home, age 93 yrs., old, buried in Speedsville,

                      3.  Stanley Maynard  b. 1905 d. Jan. 1, 1909, 3 yrs.,
                           6 mo. Speedsville Cemetery.

          b. Thomas Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England, on March 4, 1834, son of William Maynard
          and Caroline Barden, no. of brothers 4, no. of sisters 2.
          Occupation, farmer; religion, espiscopalian; Stature was tall; habits were good; complexion
          was light; color of hair was light brown; color of eyes were blue; health was good;  date of
          death was 1853; desease, drowned; place of death, Tubb's Lake, England, age 16 yrs.  Place
          of interment, Hawkhurst, England.

          c. Edward Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England on September 15, 1839, son of William
          Maynard and Caroline Barden.  Number of brothers 4, number of sisters, 2.  Emigrated in
          1859.  Occupation, Farmer; Date of marriage 1863 to Louisa Perry born 1839 died March
          28th 1916; daughter of Joseph Perry and Lovina (______) Stature, short; good habits;
          complexion, dark; color of hair, dark-black; color of eyes, black; health, delicate;
          date of death June 24th 1927; disease - shock; place of death, Central Chapel; age 88 yrs.;
          Place of interment, Central Chapel, NY.

  * 1. Charles B. Maynard born at Caroline Center, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY, on May 4, 1875, son of  Edward Maynard and Louise Perry. Died at Caroline Center on March 26, 1920 at age about 46 yrs., He signed up with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in Toronto, Ontario on 22 July 1916 at age 42 and served in France.  He was discharged on April 8, 1919 do to demobilization.
His death on March 26 1920 was due directly to his war service. He served with 1st Construction Battalion: Canadian Labour Pool. The cause of his death is listed as "mitral disease" He is buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co.,  NY.
Married 1899 to Minnie Foster.  They had one child that died young.
Obit. for Charles B. Maynard: Caroline Center, March 31, The Funeral of Charles Maynard who died March 26, was held from the home of Howard Best of Central Chapel.
Rev.  Charles Bogardus of Brookton officiated. The casket was draped with the Stars and Stripes and British Flag.  Mr. Maynard having served in a Canadian regiment. Eight soldiers and sailors from the American Legion Post in Ithaca attended the services and conducted the military service at the grave, the bugler was one of the eight survivors of the "Princess Pat" Regiment. The pallbearers were Town of Caroline exsoldiers. Interment was at Central Chapel.  Mr. Maynard leaves his father,
Edward Maynard, over 80 years old; a brother Joseph Maynard of Caroline Center and a sister, Mrs. Elias B. Mericle of Peekskill.

On September 5, 2001 a grey granite Canadian Military grave marker was placed on the unmarked grave of Charles B. Maynard.  This marker was purchased by the Commonwealth War Commission,  Canadian  Agency, located in Ottawa,  Ontario.
On September 15, 2001 a dedication ceremony was held at his grave with Military Honors.  After 81 years his unmarked grave is now showing a proud soldier's grave.

2. Joseph Maynard born at Caroline Center, NY., on April 11, 1871, son of Edward  Maynard and Louisa Perry; died Feb. 14, 1938 in Solon, NY., age 67 yrs., old. buried, Central Chapel.  Married Cora Personius on Dec. 22, 1894,  In Speedsville, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY.  Cora was born Sept. 27, 1877. daughter of David & Caroline Finch Personius.

3. Carrie Maynard born at Caroline Center, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co.,
NY,  born 1868, daughter of Edward Maynard and Louisa Perry.
Education,  was common school; occupation was housewife;
she married Elias Maricle, born May 15, 1864 died July 8, 1937, from Kidney
trouble, place of death Crugers, NY., age 69 yrs.,
place of interment, Croton on Hudson, NY;
1892 census for Caroline shows Elias as 29 yrs.,  a farmer,
 wife Carrie, age 23, with a son Horace M. age 2 yrs. old.

              1. Lawrence Malcolm Maricle born Sept. 16, 1902
                 son of Elias and Carrie (Maynard)Maricle.
                 Married Nov. 22, 1923  Edna Mae Anderson
                 daughter  of  I. C. Anderson.

              2. Florence Maricle born 1889
                 daughter of Elias and Carrie (Maynard) Maricle.
                 died March 11, 1914, from Cancer of the liver.
                 Died at Crugers,  NY., age 25 yrs.
                 Married 1909 Carl Schuber, a daugher Gladys Christine
                 born Jan. 12, 1912.

          d. Elizabeth Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England on March 20th 1841, daughter of
          William and Elizabeth (Barden) Maynard,
          number of brothers 4, number of sisters 1.
          Color of hair, Light; date of death March 12, 1843; disease, Measles; place of death,
          Hawkhurst, England; age 2 yrs.; Place of interment, Hawkhurst, England.

          e. William Maynard son of William Maynard and Caroline Barden date of death 1845;
          Disease, drowned; Place of death, Hawkhurst,  England; age 2 yrs.; Place of Interment,
          Hawkhurst, England.

          f. Fred Maynard  born at Hawkhurst, England on August 31, 1845,  son of William
          Maynard and Caroline Barden.  Disease, spasms; place of death Hawkhurst, England;
          Age 5 weeks; Place of interment, Hawkhurst, England.

          g. Sophia Maynard born at Hawkhurst, England, on May 23, 1848, daughter of William
          and Caroline (Barden) Maynard, 4 brothers, 1 sister.  Emigrated 1859;
          Occupation, housekeeper; Religion, Episcopalian;  Complexion, Dark; color of hair, black;
          Color of eyes, brown; health, good; date of death May 2, 1933; Place of death, Glen Murry,
          Owego, NY; age 85 yrs.; Place of Interment, Richford, Tioga Co., NY.
            Married July 8th 1875 to John Cross born at Wappenham, England, on August, 6, 1811, son
          of William and Mary Turner Cross,
          number of brothers  1( George),
          number sisters, 1, (Mary  Elizabeth)  Emigrated 1834.
          Occupation, Farmer; Religion, Episcopalian;
          Stature, 5ft 10 & 1 half inches; weight, 180 lbs; Habit,
          Temperate; complexion, Light; color of hair, Light; color of  eyes, Blue;
          health, good; date of death April 10, 1903; disease, old age; Place of death,
          Speedsville, NY., age 91 yrs., 8 mos., 4 days; Place of interment, Speedsville, NY.
          Inscriptions from Speedsville Cemetery.
          George CROSS   "10 mths, son"
          John CROSS  1811-1903     "Born in Wappenham Northamptonshire, Eng"
          Sophia Maynard married 2nd November 23, 1905 Henry W. Blackman 1845-1917;
          A headstone for Sophia Blackman is in Evergreen Cemetery, Berkshire,
          with no death date.
          Henry William Blackman is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Berkshire,
          Tioga Co., NY.
          Sophia Maynard married 3rd Dec. 17, 1919 W. C. Pierce born Oct. 11, 1850, died ?
          Wedding annoucement: The many friends of W. C. Pierce were surprised to learn on
          Wednesday that he was married off that day at Brookton, by the Rev. Miller of the Baptist
          Church to Mrs. Sohia Blackman of Speedsville.  Mr. and Mrs. Pierce will receive the
          congradulations of many friends.

Information on the following family came from a family book owned by Annette Maynard.
Thank you Annette for sharing your family records.
Other research was done by JanMarie from obits., cemetery records, marriage records, and census records.

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