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Moses Jones


Researched and Submitted by Georgia S. Whitson
August 18, 2001


Moses Jones died 28 August 1813 in Tompkins County, NY (probable brother of Mary and Tabitha Jones)
With additional notes on Moses and Anna Barpo

Much has been written about Mary and Tabitha Jones.  Mary married Francis King and Tabitha married James Banfield.  Online sources have material on both branches of this family.  This article is to support my theory that Moses Jones is the brother to Mary and Tabitha.

I have worked with other researchers on both Tabitha Banfield's and Mary King's lines and wish to acknowledge their support and encouragement.  Thanks both to Roger Howland and Susan Austin (who kept her sense of humor and remained a romantic).

While researching the Jones Girls in New Jersey, I became fascinated with the NJ Militia List of 1793 for Wantage Township, Sussex County.  On page 297 one can find James Banfield, Francis King, William Jones and Moses Jones.  Almost everyone in the last half of the second column on that page is related to the Jones family in one way or another.  I became very interested in Moses Jones.
Both Tabitha and Mary named one of their sons Moses.

On the Seneca County 1810 census list for Ulysses (which became part of Tompkins County in 1817) found on the same page are Benjamin Quick (who married Hannah Joons/Jones), Francis King and his son John, Moses Jones and Edward Banfield (son of James and Tabitha).  It appears that many of the same men and their families found on page 297 in the NJ Militia List are found on the same page in the 1810 Federal Census.

Moses Jones can be found on the New York Pensioner's List of 1835 as follows:
County: Tompkins Co.
Name: Moses Jones
Rank: Private
Description of service: 23rd regiment infantry
Time of decease: August 28, 1813
Names of the heirs: Anna, Jacob, Mary, Tabathy, and Peter Jones
Annual Allowance: 48 00
Sums Received: 240 00
When placed on the pension roll: March 16, 1819
Commencement of pension: February 17, 1815
Ending of pension: February 17, 1820

Moses has minor children at the time of his death whose names are reflective of naming patterns in his sisters' families. On record in the Tompkins County Courthouse are records of letters of administration granted to Edward Banfield in the estates of Moses Jones and John Jones.  They are dated 11th day of August, 1818. I returned to New Jersey in search of Moses and found the following church records:

Found in the New Jersey Genealogical Magazine, Vol 18, No. 1 are the Records of the Presbyterian Church at New Providence, New Jersey, Kept by Rev. Jonathan Elmer, 1763-1793.  These records include the following entries: 1765, Jones, Tabitha, daughter of Agnus, June 9 and Moses, John and Betty Jones, children of John Jones on 5 September 1773.

Clove Dutch Reformed Church of Clove Valley, Wantage, Sussex County, NJ, published in NYG&B Publication Volume VIII: Clove Dutch Reformed Church Records, of Clove Valley, Wantage, N.J. (1928) provides the following:

Francis King and Mary Joans; Jacob, b. Feb 9, 1786.
Francis King and Mary Jones; Moses, b. May 25, 1790.
Francis King and Mary Jones; Solomon, b. May 23, 1792
Francis King and Mary Janes; Catharine Walker, b. Feb. 4, 1795
Francis King and Mary Jones; Agnes, b. March 17, 178?

As well as the following:

Moses Young and Elizabeth VanSickle; John, b. Oct. 17. 1792;
new column: John Jones
Moses Jones and Bethsy Vn Sickel; Sary, b. Nov. 2, 1795
Moses Jones and Elizabeth Van Sickle; Cornelius, b. Jan. 25, 1797.
Moses Jones and Elizabeth VanSickle; Anny, b. Jan. 6, 1799.

The History of the First Baptist Church of Wantage, Sussex, New Jersey, Revised by Rev. Geo. F. Love in 1874 and by Rev. James Bristow in 1903 has lists of church members.  Found in the lists for 1783 and 1797 is James Banfield.

The New Jersey records, including Tax Rateables for Sussex County, the Militia List of 1793 and church records, all establish these families as living in the same community and being closely connected one with the other.

It seemed likely to me that if Moses had minor children at the time of his death, there might be guardianship papers to be found.  Again, the Tompkins County Courthouse provided me with the proof I was looking for.  Guardianship had been granted to William Roe, Jr. for: Anna, Jacob, Mary and Peter Jones on 11th day of August 1818.  In the guardianship file is a deposition from Tabathy Jones (signed by mark) attesting to the children's ages.  She gives the following information:

Anna Jones as nineteen years of age the sixth day of July last ( b. 6 July 1799)
Jacob Jones was sixteen years of age the 19th February last (b. 19 February 1802)
Mary Jones was fourteen years of age on the first of June last (b. 1 June 1804)
Tabathy Jones was twelve years of age the 4th of March last (b. 4 March 1806)
Peter Jones was nine years of age the second of November last (b. 2 November 1808)

I could now put together a family group for Moses:

Moses Jones married Elizabeth Van Sickle before October 17, 1792 in Sussex County, NJ.
They had the following children (it is supposition that all children were the children of Elizabeth; I have no record of her death):
John, Sary, Cornelius, Anny, Jacob, Mary, Tabathy, and Peter.  There are no children born after 1808 and Moses is deceased by 1813.

I wondered who William Roe, Jr. was and why he would have been granted guardianship instead of Edward Banfield, who was a cousin and closely connected.  I searched the Tompkins County website and found the work of Carl Beam.  I quickly found that William Roe, Jr. was married to Sarah Jones.  Her birthdate was 1795.  It was the same year as the daughter of Moses and Elizabeth who was baptised at the Clove Valley DRC.  I searched further and found that William's brother Gamaliel married Sarah Bates (*see Barpo notes).
They had a son Phillips Roe who married Mary Jones, b. in NJ and given as May 20, 1804.  This date was close enough to make me believe that Phillips married his uncle's ward.  There are other Jones connections in the Roe family, but I have not connected them to Moses.  I have not found spouses for any of the other children.  There is a Peter Jones found in Candor, married to Sarah, whose father was born in NJ and whose birth date according to the census is one year off from Moses' son.
I haven't eliminated him.  I just don't have any proof.  Cornelius disappears after the 1820 census for Dryden,
Tompkins County.  I haven't yet found Jacob.  It is possible that the other administration papers for John Jones signed for at the same time as those for Moses, were concerning the estate of his son John and that is why I haven't found him either.

with additional notes regarding Moses Barpo:

Moses, John and Betty Jones were baptized at the New Providence Church on  5 September 1773. They were all baptized at the same time and were the children of John Jones.

Tabitha was baptized on 9 June 1765.  Only her mother Agnes is named.

Mary's application for pension names her father John Jones.  The pension file (provided through the courtesy of Roger Howland) establishes that Moses Barpo is cousin to Mary.

Moses, Tabitha and Mary all have children named John.  Moses  and Mary name their first born sons John.  It is the custom in the Dutch church to name the first born son after the husband's father.  John Jones appears as witness at the baptism for John s/o Moses and Elizabeth Van Sickle.  Other names appear in all three lines:  Peter, Anny, Jacob.  Moses names his daughters Tabitha and Mary after his sisters.

In the guardianship file, Tabathy Banfield attests to the ages of the children.  She gives the birth dates.  She had to be closely connected to the family to be able to provide the dates.  She is Edward Banfield's mother (the administrator to Moses "estate").

I believe that the above facts and documents found indicate that Moses Jones was the brother of Tabitha Jones Banfield and thus also brother to Mary Jones wife of Francis King.

While pursuing this family riddle, I also became interested in Moses Barpo.  Roger Howland first brought him to my attention and indicated that he was a cousin to Mary Jones.  I began to search for him.  He was very difficult to locate.  The only published fact I could locate was also through the Tompkins County GenWeb Site.  I found the following:

Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York
by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher

"BRUCE, Mathias D... In 1847, he moved to the town of Danby and bought the farm known as the Moses BARPO farm of fifty-six acres..."

If Moses Barpo owned land, there had to be deeds.  Back to the Courthouse I go.  There are lots of deeds, not just in Tompkins, but in Tioga also.  One deed in Tioga has Francis King grantor and Moses Barpo grantee.  That was most interesting.  But the best find of all, was a deed from the HEIRS of Moses Barpo to the above mentioned Mathias.  The heirs named were:  Julius
Puffer, Experience Puffer, Moses Puffer, Benjamin Puffer, Enos Puffer, Mary Ann Puffer, Isaac Bates, Betsy Bates, Jacob Bates and Rufus Bates.

I went walking in Kings Cemetery where I knew Ann Barpo, Moses' wife was buried.  Buried immediately next to her is Sally Puffer, wife of William and immediately next to her is Julius Puffer, her son.  Julius had married Experience Truesdell, daughter of John.  John is named as an executor to Julius' will.  I find Experience in 1850 living with William Puffer.

I found the graves of Jacob Bates' first two wives, one of whom was Laura and the mother of the Barpo heir, Rufus.  Jacob outlived his son Rufus, married a third time and died a well respected man in Ithaca in 1887. I have not as yet established the relationships of the named heirs to Moses and Anna Barpo and would welcome any input anyone would care to give.    I suspect that Sally Puffer, wife of William and mother of Julius (and also Enos, Moses and Benjamin) was the daughter of Moses and Anna.  I haven't sorted out the Bates family.  Perhaps Betsy Bates, wife of Isaac, is also a daughter.  Or perhaps Laura, Jacob's first wife?  Jacob names an unmarried sister in his will, Sarah Ann.  Sarah Ann is not named in the deeds as an heir to Moses Barpo.
It has been my hope for the longest time to establish Moses Barpo's family and hopefully follow it backward to John Jones to solve the mystery of the Jones Girls...and now Moses too.

If anyone can add to any of this information please email
Georgia S. Whitson

Thank you Georgia for sharing your research with us.

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