Smith / Taggart

Some  of the Smith & Taggart families of  Tompkins Co., NY




First Generation



1. Joshua Smith.


Joshua married Keziah Pelton.


They had one child:

     2     i.     Obadiah (1765-1827)



Second Generation



2. Obadiah Smith. Born on 9 Nov 1765 in MaidenHead, Hunterdon Co. NJ. Obadiah died in 1827, he was 61.


Obadiah married Elizabeth Town.


They had the following children:

     3     i.     Clement H. (1809-1887)

          ii.     Nancy. Born on 14 Aug 1793. Nancy died on 2 Sep 1865, she was 72. Buried in Grove Cem., Trumansburg, NY.


         iii.     Benjamin. Born on 2 Apr 1796. Benjamin died on 3 Oct 1817, he was 21.


          iv.     Obadiah. Born on 7 Oct 1798. Obadiah died on 8 Feb 1881, he was 82. Buried in Grove Cem., Trumansburg, NY.


           v.     Annanias (Twin). Born on 15 Jul 1801 in Seneca NY. Annanias died on 30 Dec 1871, he was 70. Buried in                       Lansingville Cemetery.


                  Annanias married Anner Drake.


          vi.     Barentha. Born on 16 Jul 1801. Barentha died on 22 Nov 1869, she was 68. Buried in Grove Cemetery,                           Trumansburg, NY.


         vii.     Amandy. Born on 9 Nov 1803. Amandy died on 29 Jan 1853, she was 49.


        viii.     Robert T.. Born on 25 Jan 1806. Robert T. died on 17 Nov 1881, he was 75.


          ix.     John T.. Born on 16 Aug 1810 in Covert, NY. John T. died on 11 Mar 1865, he was 54. Buried in Grove                       Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY.




Third Generation



3. Clement H. Smith. Born on 20 May 1809 in Mass. Clement H. died on 27 Mar 1887, he was 77. Buried in Hayts Cemetery.


Clement H. married Lucy Savage, daughter of Elisha Savage. Born in 1808. Lucy died on 25 Jan 1884, she was 76.


They had the following children:

     4     i.     Clement D. (1855-1935)

          ii.     Mary.


         iii.     Alanzo F.. Born on 17 Apr 1840. Alanzo F. died on 18 Feb 1917, he was 76.


                  On 15 Feb 1863 when Alanzo F. was 22, he married Samantha King. Born in 1842. Samantha died in 1907, she                   was 65.


     5    iv.     Elizabeth

     6     v.     Julia M. (1842-1918)

          vi.     Laura A.. Born in 1844. Laura A. died in 1930, she was 86. Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Lansing, NY.


                  Laura A. first married Durerer.


                  Laura A. second married Henry Turner.


     7   vii.     Francis L. (1848-1876)

        viii.     Didinia.




Fourth Generation



4. Clement D. Smith. Born in 1855. Clement D. died in 1935, he was 80. Occupation: Painter.


Clement D. married Adah R.(Addie) Brown, daughter of Elisha A. Brown & Sarah. Born on 20 Jun 1859 in East Orange, NewJersey. Adah R.(Addie) died on 17 Jul 1928, she was 69.


They had the following children:

     8     i.     Laura (Mae) (1875-1921)

          ii.     Bernice B.. Born in 1880.


         iii.     Vida. Born in 1880.


          iv.     Avery D.. Born in 1887. Avery D. died in 1935, he was 48. Buried in Hayts Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


           v.     Louisa B..



5. Elizabeth Smith.


Elizabeth married Gabriel C. Drake.


They had the following children:

           i.     Mary L..


          ii.     Charles C..


         iii.     Sibley.


          iv.     Benjamin. Born on 13 Nov 1752.


Benjamin married Maria Chesnor.



6. Julia M. Smith. Born in 1842. Julia M. died on 29 Nov 1918, she was 76. Buried in Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY.


Julia M. married Thomas Vann. Born in 1814. Thomas died on 31 Mar 1892, he was 78.


They had one child:

           i.     Fred. Born on 8 Jul 1880.


                  Fred married Mabel Armstrong. Born in 1880.



7. Francis L. Smith. Born on 29 Jul 1848. Francis L. died on 30 Mar 1876, she was 27. Buried in Hayts Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


Francis L. married William C. Brotherton. Born in 1851. William C. died on 9 Dec 1898, he was 47.


They had one child:

           i.     George Herbert. Born in Mar 1876. George Herbert died in Mar 1876.




Fifth Generation



8. Laura (Mae) Smith. Born on 5 May 1875. Laura (Mae) died on 9 Sep 1921, she was 46. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield, NY. Occupation: Housekeeper. Religion: Protestant.


Laura (Mae) married William H Taggart, son of William H. Taggart & Margaret Hodges, in Newfield, NY. Born on 3 May 1867. William H died on 14 Nov 1947, he was 80.


They had the following children:

     9     i.     Cecil E. (1896-1947)

          ii.     Infant Son (Died as Infant). Born  bef 1896.   Infant Son died in 1896.


    10   iii.     Mabel Irene (1904-1961)

    11    iv.     Robert William (1909-?1962)



Sixth Generation



9. Cecil E. Taggart. Born in 1896. Cecil E. died on 28 Oct 1947, he was 51.


Cecil E. first married Martha Dassance, in Newfield,NY. Born in 1897 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield, NY. Martha died in Newfield, NY in 1969, she was 72.


They had the following children:

    12     i.     Howard W.

          ii.     Howard W..



Cecil E. second married Mildred A. Rae. Born in 1905. Mildred A. died in Freeville, NY on 5 Oct 1963, she was 58.


10. Mabel Irene Taggart. Born on 5 Oct 1904. Mabel Irene died on 8 Apr 1961, she was 56. Buried on 11 Apr 1961 in Woodlawn Cemetary, Newfield,NY. Occupation: Factory Worker. Religion: Methodist.


Mabel Irene first married Roy Fredrick McIntyre, son of Fredrick Orrin McIntyre & Alice Mae Miller, Taylor. Born on 6 Oct 1895 in Candor,Tioga Co.NY. Roy Fredrick died in Newfield,NY on 16 Jul 1951, he was 55.


They had the following children:

    13     i.     Ray B (1924-1987)

    14    ii.     Hazel May (1926-1994)


Mabel Irene second married Harris Arthur Sanders, son of Harry Sanders & Etta Quimby. Born on 6 May 1907 in Grafton, NH. Harris Arthur died in Lebanon, NH on 20 Sep 1996, he was 89.


11. Robert William Taggart. Born on 1 Apr 1909 in Newfield,NY. Robert William died in Newfield, NY  ? Jul 1962, he was 53. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield, NY.


Robert William first married Mary Brown, in Newfield,NY.


They had the following children:

           i.     John. Born in 1934 in Newfield, NY. John died in Newfield, NY in 1973, he was 39.


          ii.     Paul.



Robert William second married Catherine (Irene) Hedstrom, in Newfield,NY. Born in 1919 in Newfield, NY. Catherine (Irene) died in Ithaca, NY on 30 May 2005, she was 86.


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