Spear Family

Tunis  A. Spear
, born before 1765 died Oct. 1827, born in Germany, places he lived, Germany, Bergen Co., New Jersey and Covert, New York.  He married Anna Whelpley, born in Conn., daughter of Amos & Abigail Scofield Whelpley.

Children: Abraham T., Barney T., Sarah, John, Henry, Jacob, Eve, Hannah, Anson Whelpley, Isaac, Charlotte, Amos.

1.  Abraham T. Spear born, his wife may have been Sarah (_____)

2.  Barney T. Spear, born 1777 in New Jersey, he died Dec. 6, 1863,
married Sarah (_________), buried in Tyrone Cemetery, Schuyler Co., NY.  Barney's will: Barney T. Spear age 78 - date of will,      Aug. 21, 1854.  Date of probate: Feb. 29, 1864, Tryone, Steuben Co., NY.  His wife Sally, son Henry, son Tunis, son John. Daughter Charity.  Exec. Son Jacob, dau. Elizabeth Reynolds, and dau. Polly House, wit I. H. Hill & Wayne Boorom, both of Tyrone.
Found buried in Tyrone Cemetery:

Speers, Barney T., d. Dec. 6, 1863, ae 86 yrs., 7 mo's 8 dys. 
Speers, Sarah, d. May 11, 1855, ae 76yrs., 21 dys., w/o Barney T. Speers,
“Dearest mother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But to God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal”

Spear tunis", d. 1873 June 29  ae 74 yrs., 8 mo., 4 dys. 

Spears, Fred M., 1873 - 1947, “father”
Spears, Gladys Marie, 1898 - 1972
Speers, Jacob, b. Apr. 23, 1831, d. Oct. 23, 1900
Spears, Leroy, 1890 - 19 (blank)

Spears, Margaret J., 1865 - 1945

3.  John Spear

4.  Henry Spear

5.  Jacob Spear

6.  Eve Spear, born ? died ?  married Henry F. Fulkerson

7.  Hannah Spear, born 1808 died 1828 near Ann Arbor, Mich.  buried Nowland Cemetery, Mich.  Married William Hatt.

8.  Anson Whelpley Spear, born August 17, 1816 at Covert, Seneca Co., NY. 
    He died March 22, 1892, at Townsendville, Seneca Co., NY.  He is buried in West Lodi Cemetery, Seneca Co., NY. 
    Married Elizabeth "Betsy" Kelly, born Aug. 18, 1817 died July 1, 1889 at Townsendville, Seneca Co., NY. 
    She was the daughter of Richard & Sarah Scofield Kelley.

a. Albert Spear, born June 30, 1840 died May 31, 1851, buried West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, New York

b. Sarah Ann Spear, born April 19, 1842, died March 17, 1888, buried in Lot 74 West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, NY.

c. Richard Spear, born June 1845 in Lodi Seneca Co., NY.  He died Jan. 24, 1929.  He married Margaret "Maggie" Cullen, they are buried in West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, NY.

d. John Kelley Spear, born abt. 1846 died Jan. 15, 1892.  He married Emma Ann McCannon.

e. Frank Spear, born abt. 1847 died Jan. 15, 1892, buried in West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, NY.

f. Rachel Spear, born June 1, 1848, in Seneca Co., NY

g. Clarrisa Spear, born abt. 1849, in Seneca Co., NY.  died Dec. 3, 1930, at Ledyard, Cayuga Co., NY.  Buried in Lot 74 W. Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, NY.

h. Mary Spear, born abt. 1850, married Dec. 7, 1870 Charles Shannon

i. Frederick "Fred"  Willis Spear born Feb. 17, 1852 died April 1, 1930.  He married Jan. 27, 1875 Harriet "Hattie" Ellis.
They had at least one son G. E. Spear.

j. Augusta Spear, born Sept. 6, 1853 died May 25, 1925.  She married August 13, 1881 Tunis A. Swick
They are buried in Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., NY in Lot 1083 2 S. W.

k. George Spear born Dec. 24, 1856 in Seneca Co., NY., he died Jan. 24, 1858 and was buried in West Lodi Cemetery,
    Lodi, NY.

l. Charlotte Spear, born 1858 died June 10, 1939, she married Ethel Ellis and is buried in West Lodi Cemetery.  They had 5 children.
    1. May Ellis, married Henry Westervelt
    2. Georgie Ellis (female) never married
    3. James Edward Ellis, married Alice Austin.  They had at least one daughter Jean
    4. Fred Ellis, married Maude Vieley
    5. Mildred Ellis, she married 1st to Harry Covert, and 2nd to Claude Neal, she died at Lakeside Nursing Home, Ithaca, NY.

m. Ella W. Spear, born ? died ? married Wm. R. Medlock on Dec. 10, 1879

9.  Isaac Spear

10. Amos Spear, born abt. 1821  died June 19, 1849.  He died single in Lodi, Seneca Co., NY.

11. Charlotte Spear


120-126  plank  $60  1855 census -
SPEAR     Tunis              50   head      b. New Jersey
          Sally              36   wife      b. New Jersey
          Sarah              22   child     b. unknown
          Betsy              21   child     b. Chatauqua Co.
          Catharine          18             b. Steuben Co.
          Andrew             13   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Salinda            11             b. Steuben Co.

135-142  log  $14
SPEARS    John               40   head      b. Steuben Co.
          Eliza A.           27   wife      b. Orange Co.
          Charity            13   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Anson              10   child     b. Steuben Co.
          George              8   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Henry               6   child     b. Steuben Co.
          John                3   child     b. Steuben Co.

138-145  log  $10
SPEAR     Henry              44   head      b. Seneca Co.
          Hannah             42   wife      b. Seneca Co.
          Julius             19   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Barney, Jr.        21   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Jonahtan           12   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Mary                8   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Sylvester           6   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Betsy               3   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Tunis               1   child     b. Steuben Co.

140-147  frame  $500
SPEAR     Jacob              32   head      b. Steuben Co.
          Melissa            22   wife      b. Orange Co.
          Franklin            1   child     b. Steuben Co.
          Barney             77   father    b. New Jersey   widow
          Wm                 15   laborer   b. Steuben Co.
          Charity            35   boarder   b. Steuben Co.

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