The Yaple Family

Early Settlers of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., New York
 Information source - Four County History - Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties - 1879
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In April of the year of 1789 three in number, related to each other by marriage, Jacob Yaple, Isaac Dumond, and Peter Hinepaw, revisited  the district previously exployed and selected four hundred acres on lot No. 94, then in the county of Montogomery, of which the west line of Tioga Street in the village of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.
Upon that part which was in the valley were several "Indian clearings," being small patches from which the hazel and thorn bushes had been removed, and which had been cultivated  after the manner of the Indians.
It appears that for many years after the first settlement it was the custom for the whole neighborhood, extending servral miles around, to avail themselves of these clearings on the Flat.  Here they planted corn principally, thinking that it could not be raised upon the higher ground.  "Each would build a crib upon the hill-side, into which, after it had matured, the crop was gathered.  There were as many as twenty-five of these cribs standing here at the same time."
The settlers having planted their corn in these places, left it in the care of John Yaple, a younger brother of Jacob Yaple, and returned to bring their families, with whom they came back in September.  They brought also a few articles of household furniture, farming utensils, and a number of hogs, sheep, cattle, and horses.
The three families numbered twenty persons; Jacob Yaple, his wife and three children (Philip, Mary, and Peter, and John Yaple, the brother, who was then twenty-four years of age); Isaac Dumond, his wife and three children (Peter, Abram, and Jenny), and John Dumond, his wife, then lately married; Peter Hinepaw, his wife and five children (whose names are unknown - the eldest of whom was about twelve years of age).
A month was consumed in their Journey to Owego, where there was a small settlement, and nineteen days from thence to Ithaca.  The route pursued and the difficulties necessary to be overcome account for their slow progress.  Between Owego and the head of Cayuga Lake was but a well-beaten Indian trail, along which they way had to be cleared through the forest.
They arrived at their new home, and at once set to work to provide apporpriate shelters for the several families.  Three log cabins were soon errected; the first on the north side of the Cascadillia Creek, near where later stood the flouring mill of Howard C. Williams and was occupied by the family of Mr. Hinepaw.  The country about was to a considerable extent infested with rattlesnakes; and the story is told that some thirty were killed on the spot occupied by this cabin on the day of its completion.  On entering it at night, several were found on the floor, which were also killed.  A large fire was then made, and one person was detailed to watch during the night.  In the morning the den was discovered near by, which was then broken up, and a vast number of the dangerous reptiles killed.
The cabins for the Yaple and Dumond families were put up near the spot later the residence of Adam S. Cowdry, on East State Sreet.  No trace of any of these three cabins now remain (1879).
Henry Yaple father of the Pioneers, Jacob  and Henry, and his wife, whose maiden name was Susannah Cisco (per landmarks of Tompkins Co.). Their children were all born in what is now Lebanon Co., PA.   Note: Yaple also spelled Jebel.  [See notes below]
Jacob Yaple – [see notes below] born March 7, 1760, who had married Maria Dumond, a sister of Isaac and John Dumond, brought three children, Philip, Mary, and Peter. Subsequently were born here six others, - Henry, Catharine, David, Betsey, Rachel, and Sarah.
Jacob Yaple  was buried in Kings Cemetery, on Quarry Road, Ithaca, NY.   A marker on his grave states the following:
                Jacob Yaple 1760 - 1817 -  Pioneer and Revolutionary Soldier who in
                1789 with his wife Maria Dumond came by Canoe from Kingston, NY to Owego, NY.
                Then through the wilderness to Ithaca.  Erected by his descendants 1930.
Notes: In Kings Cemetery another headstone for Jacob has the following: In Memory of Jacob Yaple who died Jan. 5, 1817 ae 56 years, 2 months.
Maria wife of Jacob Yaple, born March 7, 1760 died July 1827

Philip Yaple, the oldest, born Jan. 26, 1782, married, and had several children, of whom Horace, Peter, and William were living in the Town of Caroline.  Philip died in 1814. No grave has been located for Philip, only old records in history that claim he was buried on the old homestead, which we believe was in Danby at that time.   He married Mary (Earsley), daughter of Francis & Maria (Johnson) Earsley, Mary d. April 25, 1861 age 82 yrs., 8 mo., 25 dys., she is buried in Garrett Mandeville Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., more of there children are buried there also and in Central Chapel Cemetery, in the town of Caroline.

Note: Children:

1. Susan Yaple born Oct. 10, 1801  died Feb. 13, 1830 married Jacob Schoonmaker born abt. 1797 - Susan is buried on the Earsley Homestead in Caroline.  (Note: Jacob is buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline, with his 2nd wife and sons, Philip, John, and other children by his 2nd wife)
Their children were: Moses, Philip, Louisa, Lodema, John.
1. Moses Schoonmaker married Sarah Ann Baker
2. Philip Schoonmaker married Mary Ann Smith, who married 2nd Charles Schutt, after Philip died.
3. Louisa Schoonmaker  born 1825 married Mr. Bates
4. Lodema Schoonmaker, seems to have stayed single
5. John Schoonmaker married Mary Ann Lee, and had at least one child, Edna.
2. Jacob Yaple born Dec. 23, 1802 died May 22, 1843 married Mary (?)
Note: record found in the Earsley family records is as follows: Jacob married  Feb. 16, 1826 to Prudence Carey born Dec. 25, 1808 died March 12, 1830.  Their children were; Mary and Delos Yaple.
1. Mary Yaple born June 18, 1827 died Feb. 16, 1836
2. Delos Yaple born Nov. 10, 1828 died Oct. 28, 1903 married 1st to Elizabeth Houslander 1831-1879, he married 2nd to Orre Ann (Rich) Cross 1836-1910
3.  William Yaple born Jan. 16, 1804 died July 8, 1889 married Affa Wood born April 27, 1808  - buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline.
Note: Their children were: Sarah, John, George, William, and Roswell.
1. Sarah Yaple 1832-1899 married Mr. McWhorter
2. John James Yaple 1834-1915 married Mary Head, 1844-1929 dau. of Smith Head
3. George W. Yaple 1839-1926 married Mary E. Jordan, 1844-1916, dau. of John Jordan
4. William Franklin Yaple 1842-1922
5. Roswell Yaple 1844-1925 married Ella L. Eastman, dau. of Amos & Rachel (Lane) Eastman.
4. Peter Yaple born Feb. 6, 1807 died August 1889, he married  on Feb. 14, 1829 to Jane Hazen Schoonmaker, 1807-1830; Jane is buried in Central Chapel Cemetery, Town of Caroline.   Peter married 2nd Lydia Bush Smith 1808-1839; he married 3rd to Abbie Ward Patterson 1808-1854; children of Peter and Lydia were Charles and Phoebe Ann.
1. Charles Yaple born 1832 married Charlotte Yates, dau. of Amariah & Phebe (Reed) Yates.
2. Phoebe Ann Yaple born abt. 1838 died 1917 married Francis Earsley
5. Horace Yaple born Feb. 27,  1808  died May 25, 1890 - married Jane Angle who was born in 1810 and died 1901, daughter of John & Jane Burrows Yaple.  Record has been found where this Horace may of had a first wife named Lavina (?) with a first child by the name of Horace Yaple born abt. 1829.
Note: Earsley Family history states the first wife of Horace was Lavina Brooks and they did had a son Horace Jr.
Horace Yaple with Jane his 2nd wife and Lavina his 1st wife are buried in the Town of Caroline, Garrett Mandeville Cemetery, also known as Old Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery.
Horace Yaple 1808 - 1890
Lavina wife of Horace Yaple d. July 30, 1829 or 1839 age 18 yrs. 3 mo.
Jane wife of Horace Yaple 1810 - 1901
Note:  Children found
          1. Horace Yaple Jr.,   ( mother Lavina (Brooks) born July 22, 1829 died Nov. 10, 1898
              Married Emily Scott, born 1829 died February 8, 1901 Children by Jane Angle (Record found she was Jane Angle Dumond)
1.   Caroline Yaple, born 1831 married James Van Iderstine
2.  Lavinia Yaple born 1833 married John Van Iderstine
3.  Philip Henry Yaple born Oct. 9, 1838 married abt. 1864 to Ruth Robinson
4.  Harriet U. Yaple born 1838 married a Dennis
5.  Mary Yaple born 1843 died 1871
6.  Jacob D. Yaple born Oct. 1849 died Jan. 8, 1880
6. Urania Yaple born June 1, 1811 died July 24, 1912 married  Gilbert Smith, son of Gilbert & Cynthia (Hathaway) Smith born 1806 died 1878, he was married first to Mary Vickery.  They are buried in Caroline Grove Cemetery, Town of Caroline, NY.  Note: Children were as follows; Charles, Mary, Horace, A. Leroy, Charlotte, Susan, Jennie, Fannie.
1. Charles Smith 1837-1928 married Eliza Seamon
2. Mary Smith 1839-1937 married Samuel Murray
3. Horace Smith 1841-1864
4. A. Leroy Smith 1845-1883 married Hannah Spur
5. Charlotte Smith 1847- married Eugene VanPelt
6. Susan Smith 1848 - married 1st George Krum 2nd Lansing VanPelt
7. Jennie Smith 1854-1899
8. Fannie 1854-1937 married Frank J. Boice
7. Mary Yaple born Aug. 26, 1813 married Jacob Robinson.
Mary Yaple, the second, born July 23, 1787, became the wife of Peter Bois. (Boice)  In an early day they removed to the West, where Mrs. Bois, surviving her husband, lived a long time with her son, Mr. Burling Bois, at Castalia, Erie Co., Ohio.
Note: Peter Boice was born abt. 1785 the son of Burling Boice.
Peter Yaple, the third, born March 18, 1789, made his home in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY. He married Charity Beers for his first wife, and a widow Denton (Patience Quigg) for his second, and left Jacob, who lived on the old homestead, near the Ithaca line, and was a thrifty farmer; and Elbert, born March 15, 1818, who lived at Barton, Tioga Co., NY, and was also a farmer in good circumstances.
Note: Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Peter Yaple died Nov. 18, 1862; Charity Beers his wife was born May 14, 1788 died Sept. 14, 1827, she was the daughter of Joel & Phebe (Osborn) Beers;  Patience (Quigg) Denton his 2nd wife was born March 27, 1788 died June 18, 1846.  Also found in Kings Cemetery is a burial for Harriet Yaple, dau. of Peter & Patience Yaple, born June 2, 1832 died Sept. 18, 1846. Children - Jacob Yaple born May 25, 1822; Pheobe Ann Yaple born 1837.   May be more children?  Pheobe Ann Yaple was born after the death of Charity, so she would be the daughter of Peter and Patience.  Another child was found born to Peter and Charity, Elbert Yaple born March 15th, 1818 who married Elsie Stewart.
Henry Yaple was born Aug. 25, 1791, and was the first male child born in the town. He was twice married, by his first wife, who was Sally Dykeman, having five children, of whom Eliza long resided in Ithaca, the wife of Mr. Caleb Earl, and Perry, at Ripon, Cal., and was the owner of 800 acres of the rich wheat-land of that State. By his second wife, who was Mary B. Burgess, he had one child, a daughter. With slight exceptions, he continued to reside in Danby, NY, until his death, which occurred August 21, 1863. He died full of years, and honored by all that knew him. A man of positive character and unvarying integrity, he was esteemed accordingly. His portrait may be seen among the historic collections of Cornell University.
Catharine Yaple, was born at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY., December 24, 1792, and married Thomas Baker. They resided for a few years in Danby, NY, and then removed to Illinois, where she died.  (Note:  she died Aug. 25, 1849)
David Yaple, was born September 20, 1795, the year his parents removed to Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.   He married Susannah Blakesley, and continued to reside in that town until a few years before his death, when he removed to Iowa, to reside with his son. He died about 1877.  ( Note: another researcher states her name was Rosanna and not Susannah -  David died March 25, 1876 in Iowa)
Elizabeth Yaple, was born November 5, 1797, at Danby, Tompkins Co., NY. She married Asa Upson, and there after resided in Steuben Co., NY, until her death, which occurred in the spring of 1878.
Rachel Yaple, was born May 7, 1799. She married Miles Hammond, and lived at Davenport, Iowa. A considerable increase in the value of her farm insured her an abundance of world’s goods.  Note: Miles was the son of George Hammond, Miles died in 1876.
Sarah Yaple, was born October 6, 1801. She married John H. Stephens, and resided at Hornellsville, NY. She was vigorous, and told of much spirit the story of her horseback journeys to Ithaca many years ago.  (Note: they married April 14, 1819, in Steuben Co., NY., John was born Feb. 16, 1799.  Sarah died Oct. 27, 1881, in Hornell, Steuben Co., NY)
Besides these were John Yaple, born in 1786, who died in infancy, and Nellie Yaple, born in 1806, who died when two years old.
Mr. Yaple, the father of this goodly family, died June 5, 1817, at the age of fifty-six.
John Yaple, (See notes below), who had come to the new home a single man, afterward married Rachel De Pue, * by whom he had four children: Susannah, Samuel, Jacob, and John.
Susannah Yaple, born at Ithaca in 1794, married William Dawson, and died, leaving two children, - Jane and Eliza.
Samuel Yaple, born in Danby, NY, November 29, 1796, was the first white male child born in that town. He married Maria Thompson, who was born in Berkeley Co., Va., in 1801. Samuel died July 17, 1875, leaving three children.
Henry, Alfred, William Ross.
Henry Yaple, born Oct. 28, 1827, married Margaret Haynes, and had four children.Alfred, born July 16, 1830, lived in Cincinnati, and had for a considerable time held the position of Judge of the Superior Court of the State of Ohio. To him we are indebted for much concerning this family history.William Ross married Elizabeth McDonald, and had three children. He and his brother Henry both resided at Adelphi, Ross Co., Ohio.
Jacob Yaple, born in 1799, married Adaline Bordman. Three children survived them.
John Yaple, born April 5, 1801, married Laura Morse, by whom he had fourteen children. It is believed that John and his wife were living at Hallsville, Ross, Co., Ohio (1879). Mrs. Yaple, it is said, never reached a hundred pounds in weight, and yet was able to present the world with the following formidable muster-roll of children, aside from three who died in infancy: Seth, Miles, Allen, Mary, Jacob, Samuel, John, Aaron De Pue, Rachel, Maria, and William.   Allen was killed at the battle of Gettysburg.
John Yaple Sr., died in 1846, at the age of eighty-one.
* Rachel De Pue (or Du Puy) was born at Wyoming, Pa.  Her father settled there, and for many years was magistrate, by appointment from the crown of Great Britain. The De Monds and the Du Pues were French Huguenots, - the Yaples Dutch Calvinists. The De Monds and Du Pues were refugees in Holland, from France. Hence the marriage unions between them and the Yaples. – Letter of Judge Alfred Yaple.    Rachel was the daughter of Aaron & Jemima (Stroud) DePue.
Note: Mr. Peter Hinepaw  was the husband to Catherine Dumond,  a sister to Isaac Dumond, and Maria Dumond who married Jacob Yaple.  See Peter Hinepaw and family.

 Information source - Four County History - Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties - 1879
Notes: Corrections sent in by one of my viewers (name unknown -

Additional information on the Yaple Family.

1. Jacob Yaple's birth name was Johann Jacob  Yaple, his brother John's birth name was Johannes Yaple.  

2. The father of these Pioneers was Phillipp Henrich Jappel (with umlaut over the a) americanized to Philip Henry Yaple.  
He was born in Dudweiler, Saarland, 11 May 1725.  He was not born in Holland.
 His 2nd wife was Susannah Veaqueau, not Cisco.  
She was born in Alsace-Loranine not Holland.  Philip Henry Yaple's first wife was Maria Barbara Hold.

3. The Yaple's were not Calvinists they were Lutheran both in the Saarland and in America.
For Futheer info, see The Yaple Family in America by Doris Yaple Geist and Roland W. Yaple Sr.

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