Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to all our loved ones, who have passed beyond.
They never pass away, they just go beyond our touch.
They will be with us and remembered forever!
Do not morn their passing, be blessed they are in our memories.
Each and everyone has touched our lives in some way forever and always.
They have taught us, loved us, blessed us, given us so many things.

 Our loved ones reach out to us with their message.

"When you think of me, remember I was loved.

Turn to those who have not been so lucky as I,
and give them a place in your heart"


In Memory  Of  Our Military
In memory 
My Brother 
Rickey Lee Pippin
We miss you so much .
I love you and I am sure we will be together again someday. 
Love your sister Janet

Wilbur H. Genung
August 4, 1925 - June 6, 1994
I will miss you forever, 
but  will always remember 
your loving smile.
 You and I forever!
 I love you Dad

In Memory of our dear friend
Loren "Chick" Hardesty
who passed away
August 29th 2004

Marian C. Davenport
May 25, 1909 - July 10, 2000
What a great gal !
You taught a life time of lessons. 
And left us with so much knowledge of life.
In Memory Of 
 Our Loved Ones Who Lost Their Life on Tuesday
September 11, 2001

Please Keep Their Families
In Your Prayers

Your time was too short !
Sept. 20, 1995 - Oct. 27, 1999
Always, your fa
In Memory 
Richard Donlick

In Memory of
Billy Pace 
who left this earth 

on August 30, 1995 age 19

Scott Pace 

who left this earth 

on September 10, 1996 age 17
You touched so many

In Memory
Robert M. Nash SR.
who died May 24, 1984
Esther M. Stevens,
 his wife
who died July 10, 2004
 " Larry "
Laurence Crispell

Clara Crispell Brown
wife of James E. Brown, 
Daughter of
Ellsworth  & Laura (Armstrong) Crispell
1920 - 1973
In Memory of 
Grandpa & Grandma
Ellsworth Crispell
1883 - 1961
and his wife
Laura Armstrong
1894 - 1983
Carol Crispell White
wife of Jospeh White Sr.
Daughter of 
Ellsworth & Laura (Armstrong) Crispell
Miss you
Nellie, Tasha, Tosh
Dale Rutan
We will miss you
In Loving Memory of
Shirley M. (Souza) Reine

Sunrise: August 8, 1953
Sunset:  May 9, 2005

She was taken without any warning,
Her going left hearts filled with pain,
But though she is gone from amongst us,
In our hearts she will always remain.

May justice be served to ALL who are responsible

Raymond L. Nobles
June 27, 1919 - March 24, 2003

If you would like to add a name of your loved one,
please feel free to send me the information.

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